Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku Chapter 20

New chapter. nothing much to say about kens. Here’s the Chapter 20 On another note, since I’m being the lazy procrastinating potato I am and since people have been asking, I have not abandoned KnM but I’m not stopping anyone from picking it up for TLing either. I don’t own … Continue reading

DKC chapter 158 Christmas continues

Half way through the Christmas chapters now chapter 158 is the seventh…brought to you by June. Yep will post the edited version soon (probably with the next chapter). I always like having a second opinion then I can shift the blame on someone else 😉  Staff shuffling here should end … Continue reading

Destruction Flag Otome Light Novel’s Second Volume Donation Drive and more of imperfectluck’s translation updates!

update: Donation drive met, thanks Kirindas! Hi all, if anyone was wondering why there haven’t been updates to Demon King Reincarnation and the like from imperfectluck, I’d like to apologize for slacking off on the updates. I literally spoke to him the first time in months last night. First,