GDBBM – Chapter 181-184

Here’s your extra doses of happiness! Chapter 181  brought to you by Laura Kruzman & Jariyaporn Thongbudda Chapter 182 brought to you by Nhi Nguyen & Jariyaporn Thongbudda Chapter 183 brought to you by Jariyaporn Thongbudda Chapter 184 brought to you by Jariyaporn Thongbudda *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap* Let’s cheer for … Continue reading

DKC chapter 700, 701 sponsored Jonathan G

Chapter 700 and Chapter 701 brought to you by TWIP, June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by Lord Jonathan G and the gift chapter (3 out of 3 completed). Okay tomorrow switching back to my normal publish hours… One chapter will be published 8am NYC time…. two chapters will be published … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 176-180

H Everyone, sorry for the late update, here’s your bucketful of happiness! Chapter 176 regular happy dose Chapter 177 brought to you by Kuro Chapter 178 brought to you by Kuro Chapter 179 regular happy dose Chapter 180 brought to you by The Silver Shops & Jariyaporn Thongbudda~ Let’s give these awesome supporters a huge … Continue reading