DKC chapter 74 and a visit from our Overlord Sayath

Chapter 74 is our final regular release of the week, brought to you by June and Brian…As I stretched out to get some tan, a thunderous earth-shattering noise knocked me off my lounge chair. With the howling winds roaring in my ear, I looked up to see the enormous silhouette … Continue reading

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (Manga) Chapter 6

Yo, OverTheRanbow here! Here’s Chapter 6. Enjoy~ I’m really sorry that this took so long. I had pushed it aside for a long time because of school and translating other stuff. Good news, it’s finally here! Bad news, seems like the next RAW isn’t coming out anytime soon (December edition it says…) … Continue reading

DKC chapter 73 and lots of surprises for me

As mentioned before alyschu managed the impossible and send her pet squirrel (no idea how she managed to train one) to secretly deliver chapter 73. Unfortunately she was dragged away by ATG after being discovered… While her pet squirrel was around our DKC main page was updated with the official … Continue reading