imperfectluck and Slave Girl

Hi all, imperfectluck is going to pick up Demotion Trip ~The Magic Girl Swordsman from the Hero’s Party Stumbled into Another World and Became a Slave, aka Slave Girl because of me. Don’t listen to anyone if they tell you that isn’t so! It all started from me whining about needing more fluffy translations, alright? It’s a new series written by the same author of Otoburi so it should be good, cute, and fluffy! We got interested in it because of the title, you see.. xD..

Oh, I guess I shouldn’t say pick up because he’s not making any promises, but he’ll translate chapter 1 and if he likes it, he’ll pick it up! If not, it’ll go into Purgatory. If anyone’s a fan of Otoburi and likes his translation of chapter 1, you must profess your love to him on his bio page!!

DKC Chapter 6 Released

Hi all, Chapter 6 of DKC is released! At my old website on wordpress, I mentioned that I would definitely translate up to chapter 6 but may or may not continue. It’s a rather long series that’s still ongoing and stuff happens as the story progresses so tell me how you feel about this series. Should I continue? Or just translate teasers on the side? Or do both?