Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku Chapter 11

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Just felt like telling that this novel was previously known by the title – He Seems to Insist that He’s not a Hero! Well figures considering he says that more than once every damn chapter XD!

Fox Waifu Ch 35 & 36

Hey guys, this is James. So I finished translating ch 35 and 36 of Fox Waifu.

I have also joined the ATG translation team and have finished the next 3 upcoming chapters. Just needing edits. Hopefully they’ll be out soon.

In the meantime, some news about myself if you guys are interested in.

1) Laptop still dead, tried to use Ubuntu and it worked for a bit until it managed to not be able to find my graphics card and stuck in loading screen. Seems like my radeon 6770m died but I luckily still have intel 3000 to fall back on for my laptop. Problem is HP uses shitty locked bios so I have to figure out how to get custom bios without bricking my laptop so that I can turn off 6770m and then my laptop should be good for typing and all, just not games.

2) I brought tickets for Epica (my favorite band’s) concert at Chicago three months ago, received an email today that said they’re canceling. Went online, found out that singer’s father is in the hospital so they canceled 4 tours… NOOooooooo….

3) Still no idea about my keyed car’s issue. Also debating if I should just get vinyl wrap with amount of money that I could potentially get to fix the car to wrap the car instead…