NPT C26 Part 2

No Protection Tonight


Chapter 26: Blow, Don’t Say a Word (Part 2)


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“Then, how are you going to thank me?” I couldn’t help but tease her. Liu Jie paused for a moment, and kissed me square on the cheek. Before I managed to react, she walked away. My heart felt warm and fuzzy seeing her sashay off in the distance.

I borrowed my classmate’s phone and dialed Saozi’s number, telling her that school ended early for me. She told me to wait at the gate, and I hopped on her car ten minutes later. She had changed into white washed jeans and a white top, along with a feisty ponytail. Though it was a simple outfit, it gave off an aura of youth on her smoking-hot body.

How was she a young miss at all, Saozi practically looked like a student. The sight of her tight top against her supple breasts slammed into my mind like a train, and I subconsciously peeked at her.

“Do I look nice?” Saozi asked. She had noticed my gaze, and I looked away awkwardly.

“Ah, of-of course.” My smile was a bit rigid.

“Hehe.” Saozi’s laugh was like the chime of a bell.

We got off at a busy mall outlet. Because she didn’t dress her age at all, even the shop employee thought we were a couple. They picked out a few outfits for me, saying that they looked perfect along with Saozi.

She looked extremely happy upon their words, and prepared to swipe her card. However, I caught her hand, and took out a roll of crisp, new cash. “I’ll pay.”

Saozi didn’t look too happy when she saw it. “Feng, did you ask for money from Liu Jie?!”

“Hah? No, Saozi, this is reward money from basketball. You can ask my homeroom teacher if you don’t believe me.” I shook my head. She stared in my eyes for two seconds, and nodded approvingly when she couldn’t find any traces of discrepancy. “That’s good. Remember, men who rely on women don’t deserve anything. I didn’t want to talk back during lunch since your Tangshu was present. Oh yeah, if he asks you to borrow money from Liu Jie, don’t promise him anything. Your Tangge should take care of his own mistakes, and I’m getting really tired of him having other people clean up his messes.”

“Sure, Saozi. Also, uh, there’s really nothing between me and Liu Jie, I just didn’t want to let down Tangge.” It was just the two of us, so we didn’t have to worry about anything.

“I don’t care about that, why’re you worrying?” She rolled her eyes at me.

Her clean-cut reply stung at my heart. Did Saozi really have no feelings for me? Was it just a drunken fluke?

Then, she picked out two outfits for me as well as a pair of running shoes. Except I didn’t know how to tie my own shoelaces, so Saozi kneeled down and explained how. She was as gentle as any young wife should be.

The abyss of her curves and her pale, luscious breasts were exposed in front of my eyes. A memory surfaced in my mind; when I watched pornos with her, there were occasions where the female actor used her tits to assist the guy in reaching his climax.

If I were to be in between them… wouldn’t that be wonderful? I grew more thrilled with each thought, and a certain part of my body started to react.

I was wearing loose joggers, and a “tent” was making its impression at a rapid pace. If Saozi were to see it, it would be the end of me.

I decided to try ducking into the dressing room to hide for a while, and took a step back. But she was still helping me tie my shoelaces, and she wasn’t expecting me to move. She drew a breath in surprise, and her position made her instinctively lean forward with my shift.

Then, her little head buried itself into my groin, and our posture was every bit intimate as you can imagine!

The key point was, when Saozi gasped a little, her mouth was still open, so she had directly enveloped my “buddy”. Though it was separated by fabric, the tight warmth made me smolder with intensity.

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