7. Debut Meeting

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7. Debut Meeting

Father came bursting in just as I was drinking from Julia-kaasan’s breasts.

Somehow it felt as though a husband had finished work earlier than planned and was returning to where his wife was having an affair, but if you think about it, there’s nothing to be guilty of.


Julia-kaasan’s face suddenly brightens, and she turns around to her husband.
That was not to say that she was making a completely submissive face, but it gave the impression of a pet that had awaited its owner’s return home.
Or rather, this person even attaches ‘kun’ to her husband’s name.

“It seems Sonora-to (ソノラート) finally calmed down as well, so I took a little holiday and came back.”

I didn’t know what Sonora-to refered to, but there was something more important.

This person, was 39 years old…… right?

I can only see him as a handsome guy with long, silky blond hair in his mid-twenties. Let’s use [Appraisal] once again.
Thanks to the newly acquired [Mana Control], I can now cast [Appraisal] without Julia-kaasan noticing.

《Alfred Chrebl (Viscount | Santamana Kingdom Third Army Commander |《Castle Destroyer》)
Age 39
Half Elf

Level 39
HP 91/91
MP 79/79

• Master class
[Leadership] 4
[Spearmanship] 4

• General
[Command] 7
[Sword Skills] 5
[Bow Skills] 3
[Spear Skills] 9 (MAX)
[Unarmed Combat Skills] 3
[Dagger Skills] 1
[Horse Riding Skills] 5
[Water Magic] 3
[Wind Magic] 4
[Earth Magic] 4 》



Now that you mention it, the tip of his ear tapers a little.
And that might also be why he appears younger than his actual age.

My mother, Steph and I are clearly human, so was the race not appearing in the [Appraisals] so far because I didn’t have the idea of investigating our races from the start?
And I was harbouring doubts about my father’s youthful appearance when I used [Appraisal] this time so this information appeared…… I guess.
In other words, I shouldn’t believe that information can be obtained as long I use [Appraisal] mindlessly.
Yeah, I learned a good thing.

Putting that aside, it seems my father’s status is quite something.
He has over 9 times as much HP as a level 1 adult male.
And his MP isn’t at the level of ordinary people either. It is 2 higher than mine.

In regards to the spear, the general skill [Spear Skills] has reached the counter stop, and he’s even acquired the master class higher tier skill [Spearmanship].
He seems to be poor at magic for a half-elf, but I’m using Julia-kaasan as a reference so this might still be within their capacity.
Even in the 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』, it is written that elves have a large mana pool by nature and are also proficient in using magic.

What concerns me more are the [Command] and [Leadership] skills, the “Santamana Kingdom Third Army Commander” title, and the 《Castle Destroyer》 nickname.

I already knew about the latter two from the [Appraisal] results on myself.
I thought for sure that he would be a more soldier-like, proud-looking middle-aged man with a good physique, but the real Alfred-tousan is a man of delicate features and appears younger than his real age, just like an elf. There’s no out-of-place feeling even when he stands alongside the child-faced Julia-kaasan. They appear to be a well-matched young couple.

Although this handsome elf is apparently the elite “Santamana Kingdom Third Army Commander”, I can’t imagine it at all.
However, the level of his [Command] is high, though it hasn’t reached the counter stop, and he even possesses the master class higher tier skill [Leadership]. Furthermore, [Leadership]’s level is also raised to a decent level.
In other words, he has been working in a field that requires [Command] and [Leadership] for a considerable length of time.

Let’s use [Appraisal] on [Command] and [Leadership].

《[Command] : A skill for commanding a low to mid-scale unit. Provides an offset when commanding a group with Skill Level × 20 people.》
《[Leadership] : A skill for commanding troops over a thousand. Provides an offset when commanding a group with Skill Level × 1000 people.》

In short, Father can receive a skill correction when commanding/leading an army with a maximum of 4000 people.
He could probably lead a slightly larger group somehow if he isn’t counting on the skill correction.
Assuming there are around 4000 people in the Third Army, ‘Santamana Kingdom’ has 3 divisions and thus 12,000 soldiers employed at the least. That in itself seems like a large kingdom.

Now then, it seems to be the first meeting for the other side as well, and Dad takes me from Julia-kaasan, who has finished breastfeeding, and nervously embraces me in his arms.


“There, there, it’s Papa. I’m sorry for not coming to see you for so long.”

Seeing that I wasn’t afraid, Alfred-papa throws me high up in excitement.
But for me, who was an adult inside, being thrown up high was somewhat scary.
This… I won’t be able to enjoy it because I’m not an infant who doesn’t know that ‘it will hurt if I fall’.
This weightless feeling when I separate from Papa’s arms, and the OMG feeling at the moment when my rising changes to sinking, it was sort of like a rollercoaster ride.


I ended up letting out a stiff cry.
My apologies, Papa. I’m not a cute child.

A while after our first meeting, Father seemed to recall something.

“Come to think of it, I received a letter saying that he could use magic but…… you were joking, right?”

As expected, his reaction was like that.
Julia-kaasan pouts in rebuttal.

“It’s true. Even I wouldn’t write such a joke to my husband at the frontlines.”

“B-but, hasn’t only 6 months passed? Even David, who was the earliest, was 5 years old.   And that too caused quite an uproar. Ed can’t even talk yet.”

Papa had a point.
Or rather, apparently David-niisan (B, C, D, so he’s the third brother) used magic at age 5. Is he a genius?

However, at this rate Julia-kaasan might be doubted.
Perhaps I should make my debut?


Crying out, I attract the attention of the two.
And then, writing ♭ in the air, I elevate one of the building blocks on the bed.
My skill level had raised so this much was within the scope of effects.

The building block gently floats up into the air.
Adding just a little force, it bumps into the forehead of Alfred-tousan, who was watching dumbfoundedly.

“Ow! You!”

“It’s because you were doubting Edgar-kun.”

“Even so, he really can use it……”

Dad went beyond surprise and into bafflement.

――I was actually quite hesitant about whether I should show my abilities or hide them from my parents.
I suppose this is the point where plans diverge even in reincarnation webnovels?
I also wavered, but in the end I decided to show them to some extent.

Naturally, the reason was because I wanted to be able to learn with my parents’ authorisation instead of practicing magic in secret.

I mastered [Telekinesis Magic] as such, but the essential attribute magic is still unmanageable.
It might be difficult while my body is small but even so, I want to master it someday.
At that time, it would be difficult to practice while hiding it from my parents with this infant body.

Besides, Julia-kaasan is a mage with a nickname, and Alfred-tousan is a half elf.
If I can have them lend a hand when I learn magic, it would be the greatest reassurance.

Their temperament was gentle, and I could tell that they really loved children even without them doing anything.

――These two people won’t become a drawback for me.

Today, I held that belief so I decided to let them know about me possessing a special power, though I I did moderate it to some extent.

Now then, since that was what I decided, it’s time to let them witness it.

I again wrote a few ♭ in the air, raising the other building blocks scattered on the bed into the air.
12 in all.
Although I didn’t use [Letterless Invocation], using [Telekinesis Magic] and the level 4 [Simultaneous Invocation] was a befitting feat.


While still in the arms of my surprised Papa, I extend my stubby arms towards the sky with my palms facing towards the ceiling and wave them about.
Moving together with those actions (to be accurate, it’s ‘made to move’), the building blocks whirl around in the air in turn, drawing a large arc and returning to the top of my palm on the opposite hand.
That’s right, I was juggling with [Telekinesis Magic].

“S-, [Simultaneous Invocation]……!?”

“T-the precision of [Telekinesis Magic] is also extraordinary.”

Both husband and wife gave a good reaction.

In that case, I’ll add a little more.

While continuing to juggle the building blocks, I smack the returning blocks with my left hand while repelling them with an emphasis
Of course, it’s repelled with [Telekinesis Magic].

Just like that, I cause the building blocks flying in the juggling wheel to be suspended in a suitable place in the air.
The same number as I was juggling – in other words, I repeated it for a total of 12 times.

As a result, there are now 12 building blocks hanging in midair.

“This is a…… horse?”

“Babu.” (Correct.)

Alfred-tousan saw through it correctly.
That was, the horse depicted with the building blocks.
For each of the legs, I combined two long and narrow building blocks, and gave it an impression of running in plains.

Casting a backwards glance at the two who were so surprised that their jaws almost dropped, I shift the building blocks to form a different picture.

“I-is this a flower by any chance?”


“This is….. a castle?”


“I’ve got it! It’s a doggy?”


“A steeple, maybe?”


The correct answer was Tokyo Tower.

Now then, the real questions start here.

Wearing a pointed hat, a person carrying a broom-like rod.

“Hm, is this… a mage?”


That’s good. It was understood.
I suppose the mages in this world also wear pointy hats.

Then, the next one.

A cone-shape protrudes from the mage’s hand.

“Is he using magic perhaps?”


Mama got it right.
With this, Julia-kaasan and Alfred-tousan are tied in points.
This final question is worth the most points!

――I move the cone from the mage’s hand to my own palm.

“”You want to use magic!””




I want to award this well-coordinated pair with a couple’s trip to Hawaii.

If I manage to deal with the slasher somehow, I’ll think about it too.

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