Legend Chapter 224

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The 8th and last day of Baslero’s combat training. Today, as with the days before, Rei, Baslero and Set were at the guild training grounds.

「Uwa, there’s no muscle pain……I’m a little jealous of those who can use healing magic.」

For some reason, Milein, who he had practiced with yesterday, was also present at the training ground.

Of course, her aim was Set, but it was also because she was concerned about how Baslero was doing after all the moving, defending and dodging, straining his muscles like never before, which was why she was surprised to see him again at the training ground and asked how.

「Ahaha. There will be some negative impact on my growth. But because today is going to be the last day, I pressured Ashie into using a bit of healing magic.」

He knew that it would have a negative impact on his growth as a swordsman. However, Baslero requested it because it would have been impossible for him to go through the same level of training as he had yesterday with his muscle pains. Basically, there was no way Ashie could refuse Baslero’s sweet request.

「Well, that’s okay. Today, I’ll show you something interesting. This isn’t something you’ll be able to do now, but just remember that there’s such a trick.」

「……Is it, a technique?」

「Yes. Well……it might be a bit dangerous to demonstrate it on you. Rei, can you block one of my attacks?」

「I don’t mind……but won’t that be too dangerous?」

While saying that, Rei took out the iron spear from the Misty Ring that he had used to train with Baslero on the first day of training. While holding on to it, he went over to Milein.

「Okay then, what do you want me to do?」

「I’m going to attack you now, so please block it with your spear handle.」

Baslero, who was watching from the side, could understand from Milein’s tense expression that unlike her comfortable expression when training with him yesterday, what she was about to do was not going to be easy.

Set, who had been lying down, opened his eyes to look at them. However, because he knew both of them……especially Rei’s strength, he decided that there wouldn’t be any problems and closed his eyes again.

「Fuu~……here I come! Haaaaa-! Shock Wave!」

Milein closed in on Rei with her sword. Then, as soon as she came within range, she swung her sword sideways.


Rei thought to himself. No matter how he looked at it, it was just a normal attack from his flank. In particular, there was no noticeable change in the way Milein’s muscles moved as she swung her sword and Rei blocked the blade with his spear handled puzzledly. Then the next moment.


A shock struck Rei’s hand through the handle of the spear that had blocked the blade.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a powerful impact, so he didn’t let go of his spear. However, he still looked at his hands, which were feeling a bit numb, before stopping and turning to Milein, who had stopped moving.

「What was that?」

「That was one of my special techniques……I never thought you wouldn’t even drop your weapon. I’m a little depressed.」

Milein looked at her sword and then at Rei’s spear. It must have been a bit of a shock to her that one of her finishing moves had so little effect.

「Milein-san, how did you do that just now!? I’ve never seen teacher’s expression change after taking an attack.」

However, even if the attack didn’t hurt Rei, it was still true that his expression had changed involuntarily, and because of that, Baslero looked at Milein with a look of respect.

「It’s a skill to give your enemy a magic shock through their weapon. In my case, although I have magic power, it’s not enough to actually use magic, so I devised this technique……no. Well, I guess that’s Rei for you.」

She shook her head as if giving up on someething.

「Then I, can I, can I do that too!? Um……that skill just now.」

「I don’t know. I think you should be able to do it if you have at least a bit of magic power.」

「Magic power……um, magic power, is it? I’m not very confident about that.」

「Well, if you rely on this technique right now anyway, your skill won’t get better. Whatever you do, the basics come first. Ah, the basics in this case are physical strength. It looks like you’ve trained more than an ordinary kid, but it would still be difficult for you to become an adventurer.……Well, there’s no way a child of your age would be able to become one right now anyway.」

Whether she was happy to be seen with respect, Milein gave some advice to Baslero. However, what she said wasn’t wrong either, so without interrupting them, Rei went over to the sleeping Set.


Why did you decided to come over all of a sudden? Set seemed to ask as he gave a cry.

Rei asked while stroking Set’s head.

「Well, Set. I can’t feel magic power, but does Baslero have any?」


Set nodded at Rei’s words. Humans in this world more or less all had magic power. However, having it and using it were very different things. If you had a certain amount of magic power and could control it, you could use magic. Or, if you didn’t have that much, it could still be utilised in a unique technique like the Shock Wave that Milein had used just now.

「Is that so……that’s too bad, but I won’t give up. Instead, I’ll try to develop a technique like Milein-san’s when I’ve mastered the basics!」

Baslero said those words with determination. Seeing that, Milein smilled at the result she had wanted.

「Yes. It’s boring to train the basics. But, the basics are the foundations for everything……it’s the beginning. There are some idiots who don’t know the basics and pursue techniques, but those people only know fancy tricks. It would be lucky for them to reach rank D. The quality of adventurers is high in Gilm because it is located on the frontier.」

「……I see. I understand. I will do my best not to neglect the basics.」

「Yes, do your best. Even if you don’t neglect them though, your defense is still poor……」

After saying that, Milein realised something. She suddenly turned to look at Rei.

「……Hey, Rei. I haven’t really thought about it, but why am I teaching this kid so enthusiastically while you’re just silently watching?」

「If it’s about teaching the sword, isn’t it better for you to do it than me? In fact, I’ve never used a sword before.」

Speaking of Rei’s experience with a sword, the only times he had ever swung one was either when playing as a kid or with a friend from his high school kendo club. If there had been a class for kendo in his high school, it might have been a different story, but his high school taught judo rather than kendo in PE classes so he had no experience there.

「That’s not the point! In the first place, this is a request that you received! I did say that I would assist in return for a date with Set, but I’m not the main teacher!」

「Well, as for that, my excuse is……mm?」

As Rei was thinking of an excuse to tell Milein, he noticed someone run out from the back door of the guild to the training ground. With the characteristic cat ears and suppleness of a Catkin, Rei immediately knew who it was. It was the receptionist, Kenny.

「……What’s wrong?」

Whether or not she was confused about why Rei suddenly stopped talking, Milein also noticed Kenny when she looked towards Rei.

「Oh, that looks like Kenny.……She looks like she’s in a hurry, what’s going on?」

「Isn’t she a guild receptionist?.」

「That’s right. ……Well, it looks like she’s looking for someone.」

Rei looked back at Milein as he replied to her.

「She looks like a certain someone looking for Set.」

「Really? But, unlike other people, what I have for Set is pure love! Pure love does not seek rewards and only wishes to be by their side!」

Milein reached out to Set with a playful gesture while waiting for Kenny to come over from Rei’s direction.

As they conversed, Kenny ran over like a Catkin towards them, as they were the only people in the training ground.

Even though it was winter, her outfit remained the same as when she was inside the guild and she wasn’t wearing a coat.

「……What do you think happened?」

「Well. Is it a fight in the bar? Because of that, she’s looking for us……or rather, for Rei to stop them? Well, if you ask, she would tell you.」

While conversing, a the two of them felt a bad premonition in their heart. Maybe it was just the sharp intuition that was part of an adventurer’s qualities. And right now, they only had a bad feeling.

「Rei-kun, Milein, it’s urgent! A merchant caravan heading for Gilm is under attack from a flock of Icebirds, please help them!」

Kenny’s voice echoed around the training ground, but what she said was surprised Milein, Rei aside as this was his firs winter in Gilm.

「Hah-!? Hey, Kenny! Why are there merchants coming here at this time of the year!」

「I don’t know, that’s all I was told! Anyhow, the guards contacted me! But as you know, the drunks in the bar can’t really be counted on……then, I remembered that Rei-kun and Milein were at the training grounds. Either way, please! It seems to be a big flock and there are over 50 Icebirds!」

「You say that, but fighting a flock of Icebirds in this season……ah.」

Milein turned to look at Rei with an expression that could be best expressed as a grin. She asked she put a hand on the should of his Dragon Robe.

「Hey Rei. You said you were good at fire magic right?」

「Ahh. I have the greatest aptitude for fire magic.」

To be exact, he couldn’t really use much magic aside from fire magic. However, he could only say that as he was currently hiding his Death Scythe’s skills under the guise of magic.

「Then maybe it’s possible. Icebirds, as their name suggests, are an ice based monster, so they are vulnerable to fire.」

「Icebirds, I remember reading about them in a book about monsters.」

Rei said that as he recalled what he had read.

Icebirds. They were a bird shaped monster about 1m in length and were listed as rank D. However, they had a habit of grouping into flocks and attacking their prey. Because of that, when Icebirds grouped into flocks, there were ranked as rank C monsters. They only appeared in cold winter months and attached with their sharp beaks and claws. And, as its name suggested, they were good at ice based magic. However, they weren’t that difficult to deal with if there was a mage or a magic item that could release fire magic as they were weak to that. Their proof of subjugation were a 20cm long pure white tail feather. The materials that could be stripped from them were their tail feather and beaks. Their internal organs were also used as catalysts for manipulating ice magic.

「I’m sure that’s what was written in a book I read before. Then we should manage somehow if Set and I were there. Kenny, is it okay for me to go?」

「Eh? Yes, please. I’ll arrange the documents for a nominated request later, so please rescue the merchants as soon as possible.

「I understand. Then, can I fly from here?」

「You have permission. ……How long for you Milein?」

「Oh, I’m not able to head over as I am right now. I have to head back to my inn to get my armour.」

Milein said that as she was only here to assist with Baslero’s training instead of sparring today. Of course, her clothes weren’t her usual leather armour but a set of everyday clothes instead. She knew there might be some training though, so she wasn’t wearing a skirt but pants instead.

「Then, head back quickly! Rei-kun, I”ll leave it to you.」

「I understand. Set!」


Called by Rei, Set reacted immediately. Milein headed back to her inn right away, with a slightly jealous expression at Rei and Set’s innate understanding.

Seeing the current situation, Rei got on Set’s back. At the same time, he took out the Death Scythe from the Misty Ring……

「Teacher! Please take me too!」

The moment Set was about to fly up, Baslero, who had been watching on from next to Kenny, shouted out.

「Don’t be stupid. Even if I took you with me, you would just be a burden. In the first place, Icebirds are considered rank D, but when in a flock, they’re treated as rank C you know? They’re not something you can handle. Kenny, take care of him for me.」

「Ah, yes. I understand. Rei-kun, be careful as well!」

「Ah, I just told Baslero, but in a flock, Icebirds are rank C monster. And fire is their weakness. They aren’t that scary to me and Set. ……Set-!」


After answering Rei’s call, Set took a run up of a few steps before flapping his wings and climbing into the sky.

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