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「Then, it will be 1 platinum coin and 8 gold coins for the purchase of all the materials and the submitted proofs of subjugation, please double check.」

At the counter on the first floor of the guild, Rei counted the gold and platinum coins that Lenora gave him. With regards to the monster materials that he had brought in this time, he hadn’t taken out the rare monsters he had killed, like the Spriggan. Most of the Emerald Wolves, whose materials could be sold at quite a high price, were also still in the Misty Ring as he hadn’t stripped the materials from them yet.

Satisfied with payout, Rei placed the bag of gold and platinum coins at his chest, under Dragon Robe

Seeing that, Lenora spoke up again.

「So Rei. The matter of the request I spoke of before……」
「Ah, thanks.」

That manner of conversation……how to say it, as the two of them continued to talk in a very familiar manner, Kenny, who was attending to other adventurers next to them, gave Lenora an envious glance.

At Kenny’s look, Lenora gave a small smile, thinking it served her right, before taking out several papers from under the counter.

「Yes, please write down the contents of the request. Since the guild fee is determined by the rank of the request, please take that into consideration. Regarding the rank of the request, the guild will judge that based on the contents of the request.」
「I understand. So, should I write the contents of the request here?」
「That’s right. If you can’t write, I can also do it for you……」
「There are no problems there.」
「Well then, please fill this document. Ahh, it’s no problem even if you take it away to fill it in and return it later, okay?」

It was almost noon and adventurers were starting to come in for food. Seeing people starting to come in for lunch, Lenora told that to Rei.

Although Lenora thought that it might not be so good to have to write a request in a noisy environment, Rei shook his head and filled the document where he was.

(The content of the request is to strip monster materials. The main monsters are the ones I have a lot of, like the Water Monkeys and the Emerald Wolves. There’s also the rare Spriggan. However, the Spriggan has already been skinned and its magic stone taken out. As for the number of low ranking monsters……um. Regarding rewards, regardless of the number of applicants, they will get 3 gold coins each……is that too much? I’ll pay them 1 gold coin per person. However, they might get some bonuses based on the quality of their work.

Writing the details of the request on the document, Rei passed it back to Lenora.

「Is something like this okay?」
「Um, please wait a moment.」

After reading through the document, Lenora shook her head.

「I think you should include what materials need to be stripped and penalties for stealing materials. Also, the reward may be a bit too high.」
「Is it that much?」
「Yes. If you consider that they will get a reward by stripping the materials from monsters they didn’t have to fight, then yes.」
「But, I think that it will quite hard work because there is a large amount.」

At Rei’s words, Lenora read through the application again.

「Yes……that is true. The number of Water Monkeys is certainly close to 50……」

Thinking for a few seconds, Lenora turned to Kenny, who was beside her.

「Hey, Kenny. Has there been a request to strip materials before?」

Maybe she thought that she could now get openly involved with Rei’s request, Kenny smiled as she shook her head.

「I don’t think so. Basically, most people work in parties, so the stripping of materials doesn’t take that much effort. At the very least, I don’t think I’ve seen one since I started working at the guild. And if ordinary parties do submit something like that, the corpses will already have started to rot.」
「In that case, there’s no precedent for the remuneration. ……I understand, then we will go with the amount of money that Rei-san has written in the document. What about the penalties? Although it may not be necessary if Rei-san supervises them.」
「No, I’ll add it in. I would like to do something else rather than silently watch them strip the materials from 50 Water Monkeys. ……That’s right, if they get caught stealing, I will use them as an test subject for magic experiments, I would be thankful if you could write that in.」

At the words ‘test subject for magic experiments’, Lenora raised her eyebrows slightly, while beside her, Kenny gave an interesting smile.

「Speaking of this, may I ask what kind of magic it would be?」
「Well, I haven’t thought about that yet. Now that I actually think about it……ah, if I think about the magic I’m good that, then it’s pretty much going to be fire magic.」

In reply, Rei gave a smile that didn’t lose out to Kenny’s as he spoke. Although there weren’t too many adventurers in the guild, those that heard Rei’s words and saw his smile swore to themselves that they would never steal anything from him if they ever took one of Rei’s requests. Fire magic was pretty much an offensive magic, it barely had any support magic. This was because the effect of magic was decided by the image the mage formed in their mind and fire gave the strong impression of destruction.

「Mm, mm, Rei-kun is strict with his work. That is also attractive.」

To Kenny, anything that Rei did was always taken with a positive perspective.

「Also, since I also need to strip materials from a Spriggan and Emerald Wolves, I would like to request that people who have experience in stripping materials from those monsters be given a higher priority.」
「……Yes, I understand. Please wait a moment. The bos」

Giving a quick bow, Lenora left. Kenny saw that, and seeing that there were no other adventurers waiting, started to talk with Rei.

「Hey, hey, Rei-kun. You just finished a big request, why don’t you take a break for a while? If you don’t mind, would you also like to date onee-san as well?」
「Ahh, I’m sorry, but I have the matter of the request I just put out, after taking care of that, I would like to start taking requests again.」
「So fast already, you really like to keep people waiting. ……Then, when you have some free time, go out to do some shopping with me.」

Kenny returned to her seat at the counter while winking. A few adventurers who entered the guild just after that, went to her. Rei looked at them and felt that one of them looked familiar. Maybe the other person realised who Rei was at the same time, he said some words to his party members, who had looks of surprise, before leaving them and heading over to Rei.

「Long time no see. I’ve heard a lot of gossip about you.」
「I haven’t heard as much about you though, Runo.」

Yes, the person who walked over was Runo, the rank C adventurer Rei had met when had just joined the guild.

It was the adventurer who had been working with the rank D party, Claws of the Hawk, when they had picked a fight with Rei just after Rei had arrived in the city of Gilm for the first time. He had went to the dungeon with the Claws of the Hawk where he was tasked with identifying traps using his eyes, which could see magic power. At that time, he had said that he was working solo and had only formed a temporary party with the Claws of the Hawk……it seems that the other adventurers Kenny was dealing with were now the temporary party he was working in.

「You can’t lump me together with you. I’m just one of the adventurers around here.」
「No, I’m also an adventurer though.」

Runo waved his hands with a wry smile at Rei’s unintentional retort.

「Don’t say that. In the Orc settlement, you killed the Orc King in single combat and was promoted from G rank straight to E rank because of that. Immediately after that special treatment, you took the rank up test and went right to D rank in one shot. Rumors have spread that you are the fastest adventurer to rank up in the guild in Gilm you know? In addition to that, you’re also followed by a Griffon, a rank A monster.」
「……Is that so?」

Rei didn’t care much about the rumors and replied to Runo as if it was nothing much.

「That is……no, ahh, I guess that’s why you’re so well known.」

Runo shook his head and sighed as he looked at Rei.

「So, what are you doing in the guild today? From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like you’ve come to take a request.」
「Ahh, I’m here to sell materials and submit proofs of subjugation. Aside from that, the number of monsters I have to strip materials from is quite difficult to do by myself, so I am submitting a request to the guild to help strip materials.」
「Heh? Where did you take down so many monsters?」

When Runo asked, interested in why Rei had so many monsters he had to strip materials from, Rei answered with a bitter smile.

「At a dungeon. The one that you and Goblin Drool went to.」
「……Seriously. Aren’t you going solo? No, even if you have a Griffon, did you really go down the dungeon by yourself?」
「No, I took up a nominated request. I was acting as an escort. So, the person I was escorting just told me I could do whatever I wanted with all the monsters that we took down.」
「Haa……that’s a very generous client. So, what about the dead monsters? Did you have a hard time taking that many back?」

Runo’s eyes flashed for a moment as he smelled money and he asked Rei. But Rei just showed him the Misty Ring on his right arm while sighing.

「Have you forgotten? I have an item box. All the dead monsters are stored in this bracelet. Fortunately time doesn’t flow inside this item box. Otherwise, all of them would have rotted.」
「……I see. By the way, what’s the reward for stripping materials?」
「What, are you going to take the request? No, I would be grateful if you did.」

They knew each other and thinking back to his previous meeting with him, he didn’t think that Lenora’s concerns about stealing would be a problem with Runo.

The last time they had met, Rei had easily defeated the self confident Claws of the Hawk. If he considered the consequences of earning Rei’s ire, he wouldn’t do anything stupid. However, Runo shrugged his shoulders as if without much expectation when he replied.

「Depends on the reward. And even if it was a large amount, it would be tough for just me alone.」

Giving a sigh, Rei was about to respond when Lenora came back.

「Oh, Runo-san? Ah, come to think of it, you know each other.」

Although Lenora showed a puzzled look for a moment when she saw Rei and Runo talking with each other, as expected of a guild receptionist, she immediately turned back to Rei after giving smile and a nod to Runo.

「Rei-san, about the stripping of material, it’s the first time for such a request and for such a large amount of monsters as well, I can’t decide what rank to set for it.」
「……Is the request too difficult?」
「Yes, that’s the case. If it’s just stripping materials, even H rank adventurers ca do it. And since the reward is quite considerable, if you extended the request to low ranking adventurers, you would probably see a large number of applicants……however, most of them will have had no experience in stripping materials from a rank C monster. Even so, if it were to be extended to C rank adventurers, 1 gold coin would be too cheap for them to strip the materials from so many monsters. ……I’m sorry for previously saying the reward was too much.」

Rei spoke up with a sigh as Lenora gave an apologetic bow.

「Does that meant that the guild can’t put up the request?」
「Ah, no. Of course we will accept it. However, since there is no precedent in this guild, I think that we will have to contact the other guild branches to see if there has been a similar request before submitting it……is that okay?」
「……That’s fine. Fortunately, monsters won’t rot as long as I keep them in the item box. I would like you do that then. But, if possible, please decide on the rank of the request soon.」
「Yes. ……I’m really sorry for taking up your time and effort.」
「Ah well. There’s always a first time for something. Hey, don’t mind it too much Lenora-chan.」

Maybe he didn’t like the subdued atmosphere too much, Runo said that as if he was fooling around. Lenora smiled and the three of them continued talking with each other for a bit longer.

It should be said that, as usual, Kenny seemed to be envious of Lenora.

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