Legend Chapter 116

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Rei and Set continued stripping materials from the monsters they had fought in the dungeon and absorbing their magic stones. So far, they had only upgraded two skills, Rei’s Flying Slash to Lv.2 and Set’s Water Ball to Lv.2.

And the next thing that Rei took out of the Misty Ring was……

「The Ogre, is it. According to Elena, this one is bigger than others, but it’s probably not a rare species.」

The body of the Ogre, close to 5m in height, lay before Rei and Set. Originally, it was over 5m in height, but it was a head slightly shorter as it had been cut off by the Death Scythe. It might also look smaller because it was now lying on the ground rather than standing up when Rei had fought it.

「As expected, it’s hard to strip materials off a monster this big, but there’s no other choice.」

Giving a sigh, he first cut off its right ear, which was its proof of subjugation, before looking up Ogres in his book.

「If I’m not mistaken, the proof of subjugation was definitely the right ear. ……Mm, there’s no problems there. With regards to materials that can be stripped, its skin can be used to make armour. Oh, its chest muscles can be used as a material in alchemy. ……Set?」

I want to eat that, Set seemed to say as he lowered his head in disappointment. Rei smiled as he saw that.

「I see, then should we keep the Ogre meat instead of selling it?」

Set gave a joyful cry at Rei’s words. Anyhow, Rei wasn’t troubled about money as he had just received two Light Gold coins as a reward for escorting Elena, there was no need to sell the materials.

After seeing Set’s happy expression, Rei continued reading through his book.

「Ah, its fingernails can be used in medicine. No problems with that.」

Muttering, he took the nails off the Ogre’s left and right hands before storing them.

「Then there’s its internal organs. ……No, before that, I should skin it. According to the book, it is a good material for making armour.」

It took Rei about 30 minutes to skin the Ogre.

Indeed, after stripping materials like this so many times, he had become better at it. There was no awkwardness like the first time he tried stripping materials from the Water Bear as he smoothly skinned the Ogre. In addition, Elk’s teachings from when they attacked the Orc settlement had also been a great help.

「Well, so, the internal organs……the liver is used in medicine, the lungs are used in alchemy. Oh, and the bones can be used in smithing. ……Bones, haa. No, everything is an experience so it would be good to strip them out.」

He thought of the troublesome task of removing the flesh and bones from an Ogre almost 5m in height……

「Should I forget about it for now? If I store it into the Misty Ring, it won’t rot.」

He came to a decision.

「I’ve taken most of the materials I could, so the last thing is the magic stone.」

He removed the magic stone from its heart. As expected of the large Ogre, it’s magic stone was also quite big.

「……Well then. Who will absorb this magic stone. Right now, both Set and the Death Scythe have upgraded one skill each.」

Set nodded in agreement. While looking at Set, Rei checked what monsters remained in the Misty Ring.

「The Spriggan and Emerald Wolves are left. Because there are quite a few Emerald Wolves, there’s no need to reserve those. In that case, we just have to dive the Ogre’s and the Spriggan’s. ……What will you do?」

Set tilted his head at Rei’s question. Set and the Death Scythe, there was no guarantee that either of them could learn a skill even if they absorbed the magic stone, so Set didn’t seem to care. Rei came to a decision with his intuition.

「Then, the Death Scythe will get the Ogre’s magic stone and set will get the Spriggan’s magic stone?」

Of course, Set seemed to say as he gave a cry. Seeing that, Rei threw the Ogre’s magic stone into the air before slashing it with the Death Scythe.

The magic stone was cut in two and vanished like mist……

【Death Scythe has acquired the skill 『Power Slash Lv.1』】

An announcement sounded in his mind.

「Power Slash? Judging from its name, it doesn’t sound like a long distance skill like Flying Slash……now then, what does it do?」

Rei approached a tree growing nearby with a smile.

And raising the Death Scythe……

「Power Slash!」

At the same time he activated the skill, he swung the Death Scythe!


The sweeping blade, cutting right through the tree with barely any resistance. ……Yes. Without any magic power poured into the blade.

As a result, Rei turned to look at the tree he had just cut with a surprised expression.

Looking at it, it was more accurate to say that he had cleaved through it that sliced through it.

「As expected, it’s a skill to increase the power of an attack. However, rather than cleanly cutting through it, it just pushes through with brute strength, like its name says. ……This skill seems useful.」

Rei nodded in satisfaction. In any case, the skills that the Death Scythe had acquired were Corrosion, which wasn’t effective if the opponent didn’t have any metal equipment, Flying Slash for long range attacks and Magic Shield for defense. To Rei, the skill Power Slash, which increased the power of a melee attack, was something he really wanted.

「With this, I have some expectations for Set absorbing the Spriggan’s magic stone.」

Rushed along by Set, Rei postponed further dismantling the flesh and bones of the Ogre and stored it into the Misty Ring. He then took out the corpse of the Spriggan. It was about 6m tall, taller than the Ogre. In addition, unlike the Ogre, who had its head cut off, the Spriggan had only had it’s left hand cut off, so its size stood out more.

「Umm……Spriggan, Spriggan……」

Rei searched through the book while muttering……

「It isn’t in here.」

Maybe it was too rare a monster, there was no information on Spriggans in the book.

「Ahh, I can’t careless dismantle it. First of all, I should go buy a more advanced book on stripping materials ……should I just skin it for now?」

Giving a sigh, he used a knife to skin the Spriggan. Regardless of its size, the procedure of skinning it was not much different from the Ogre he had skinned earlier. After skinning the Spriggan in 30 minutes, he left the internal organs that might be useful materials and removed the magic stone from its heart.

「Now then, A Spriggan’s magic stone, what skills could be learnt, I wonder. It could be the skill that the Spriggan used to change its size.」

Rei imagined the figure of a 4m long Set in his mind.

Indeed, if Set was twice as big as he was now, with a Griffon’s original strength, the increase in strength would be overwhelming. But considering Rei would be able to let others see Set like that, he was rather troubled.

「In the end, we have to try. Set.」

Set skillfully caught the magic stone that Rei threw in his beak and swallowed it straight away. And……

【Set has acquired the Skill 『Size Transformation Lv.1』】

An announcement sounded in his mind.

「As expected it seems. Set, try using Size Transformation now.」

Set nodded at Rei’s words and gave a loud cry. And the next moment.


In front of Rei, Set had clearly changed in size. That is to say, Set’s size was significantly different from before. However, he had shrunk from 2m in length to 1m in length. In other words, he had shrunk to half size.


Set himself didn’t seem to understand what had happened and tilted his head as he suddenly felt that the things around him had become bigger.

Rei thought about why that had happened as he looked at Set.

(Shrinking, is it? I really thought he would get bigger……this is an unexpected result. But why shrink……no, wait. Seriously, the skill Set obtained from the magic stone of the Spriggan really allowed him to change his size. In other words, it is definitely a characteristic of the Spriggan. In other words, I thought the smaller form was the Spriggan’s true form, in actuality, the bigger body is its true form. Because of that, using Size Transformation made him shrink……something like that?)

Rei roughly guessed why Set had shrunk after using Size Transformation and gave a sigh as he stroked the head of Set, who was getting anxious.


Because Set had shrunk, even his cries had become cuter. Rei unintentionally smiled as he spoke.

「Don’t worry about it. It’s just a bit confusing. ……If you think about it carefully, it’s convenient if you can shrink. When you have to hide from enemies or stealthily sneak up on someone……well, 1m in size would still be a bit difficult.」

It’s okay, Set seemed to say as he gave a loud cry.

「Okay, you can turn back to normal now.」

Set gave a short cry and turned back into a 2m long Griffon in the next moment.

「Ah, that was truly unexpected. But as I said earlier, don’t mind that you can only shrink, it has its uses. ……However, don’t use it in a place where there are a lot of other people or adventurers.」
「Now then. The last monster. The rank C monster, Emerald Wolf. I think you can also acquire skills from it as it’s a monster with quite a high rank.」

Muttering, He first took out a corpse of an Emerald Wolf from the Misty Ring. Like the emerald in its name, its fangs were a deep green, it almost looked like its fangs were made of emerald.

But of course, its fangs were not made of emerald. The general theory was that fangs looked like that because the Emerald Wolves circulated magic power through them.

「According to the book……first of all is the fangs. It can be used as a catalyst in alchemy, or used by a blacksmith to make weapons and armour. It can also be used as a material by pharmacists. Next is its fur. It seems there is a high demand for it in armour and clothing stores. Then there are the internal organs……its liver, tongue and eyes can be used as materials. Then there’s the heart……is that right?」

According to the book, it said that the heart could also be purchased as materials, but only if the magic stone was left embedded inside.

「Well, because I have quite a few Emerald Wolves, I could leave a few hearts.」

First of all, he cut off the tentacles, which were the proofs of subjugation. He then skinned it before taking out the internal organs that could be sold as materials, storing the liver into a container, before storing them into the Misty Ring. After that, he cut into the head to remove the fangs from the root so that they wouldn’t break. At the same time, he cut off the tongue and took out the eyes, which were a dark green, like the fangs. He put them into a container, like the he did with the liver, and stored them into the Misty Ring.

In addition, the meat of the rank C Emerald Wolf could be purchased for quite a bit of money as it contained a lot of magical power. However, Rei rarely sold monster meat because it could be kept as food for Set.

He might have sold it if he didn’t have the Misty RIing though as the meat would go bad. However, if he stored it into the Misty Ring, it would always be fresh and he could sell it at any time.

「Now then. Do you want to go first Set」

Set, who was listening to Rei, raised his head as Rei threw the Emerald Wolf’s magic stone over. Catching it in his beak as usual, Set swallowed it……

【Set has acquired the skill 『Tornado Lv.1』】

An announcement sounded in Rei and Set’s minds.

「Torndao, is it. No, they certainly used wind based magic, so it’s not impossible. Set, try using it.」

After Set gave a cry, the next moment, a tornado about a meter in height formed a short distance away.

「……What to say, it looks quite shabby.」
「Ah, no. I’m not blaming you Set. It’s only Lv.1……no, wait? A tornado. Hmm, this may be quite useful.」

What’s wrong? Set seemed to say as he tilted his head. Rei smiled as he stroked Set’s head.

「We will try something after the Death Scythe absorbs a magic stone as well. Perhaps this Tornado is a good skill.」

Saying that to Set, he took out another Emerald Wolf from the Misty Ring and quickly processed it like the previous one. Tossing the magic stone into the air and cutting it with the Death Scythe……

【Death Scythe has acquired the skill 『Wind Hand Lv.1』】

The announcement echoed in his mind.
『Water Ball Lv.2』 『Fire Breath Lv.2』 『Wind Arrow Lv.1』 『King’s Awe Lv.1』 『Poison Claw Lv.1』 『Size Transformation Lv.1』 new 『Tornado Lv.1』new

【Death Scythe】
『Corrosion Lv.1』 『Flying Slash Lv.2』 『Magic Shield Lv.1』 『Power Slash Lv.1』 new 『Wind Hand Lv.1』 new

Power Slash: Power of the attack will increase. However, it is not a swift attack, but rather, a heavy strike.

Size Transformation: Allows shrinking below original size. At Lv. 1, Set can shrink to 1m in length.

Tornado: Creates a tornado. The size of the tornado depends on level. At Lv. 1, the tornado is about 1m tall.

Wind Hand: A colourless and clear tentacle made of wind magic extends from the Death Scythe. It is possible to interact with objects with the tip of the wind tentacle.

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