Legend Chapter 239

Here’s Chapter 239,

A late Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year in advance.
This is the last chapter of 2019, another year has gone by, quite quickly as well.

Back on the topic of the chapter though, even evil has standards, and some bandits don’t meet the standards.
An additional note on Louise’s speech, she drags out the final syllable of the last word in every sentence. I haven’t thought of a good way to show this so I’ve just tagged ~ on to the end of each of her sentences for now.
I also forgot to add an illustration for chapter 237, so that has been added back in now.

Lastly, I had been planning to release a Christmas chapter for Legend, but that never ended up happening because of other other series I’ve been working on. Two chapters a day for the past week really takes its toll on me. The good news is that I am 28 chapters through out of 30 chapters + 3 side stories, so I’m still on track to finish it before the end of the year. After it’s all translated, I’ll probably spend a day or two editing everything and will provide more information about what series I’ve actually been working on next week.

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  1. Mattaj says:

    the link is not working

  2. gohankuten says:

    Chapter link redirects back to this page so we can’t see the chapter.

    • SilentNumber says:

      Oh…my bad, I seemed to have scheduled the post to appear at 7am instead of 7pm, sorry about that.
      Links should be working now.

  3. Magstzerp says:

    What kind of sick joke is this?

    • SilentNumber says:

      Sorry about that, I accidentally scheduled the post to 7am instead of 7pm, so it came out 12 hours earlier than it was was supposed to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    fix the link

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