LDM – Omake 3

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Third Omake

It’s Christmas


Christmas–that is, something entirely irrelevant to other worlds, having nothing to do with them. A religious event.
So in other words, those that know about it can arbitrarily do whatever they want. It could even be a religious event for the ‘other world’.

“Heeh, so Christmas is for celebrating the birth of an amazing person?”
“Yeah, you can get gifts in exchange for socks.”
“Feasts… meat… chicken… can’t wait.”
“Crosses? Those aren’t really weak spots for vampires… eh? Holy objects? Ah, those are weak spots. They don’t affect me though.”
“Oh, I should prepare one of those Christmas trees.”
“Another world’s religious event…? Are there any magical nuances to it as well?”

And like that, I taught everyone various things about Christmas.
Hmm? There was something strange mixed in there? Hahaha. What’re you saying, I am Christmas! Nothing I do is weird.
Because of that, Christmas is a way for me to obtain the fated victory socks.
I can already see the ending.
I greet the day, the 24th day of the 12th month in this other world.

“Kehma-san, Merry Christmas! Ah, is Blackdog-san doing well?”

… Ah. I completely forgot about the hero (Wataru).
He always comes to pay his debt around the fifteenth. I thought he was a bit slow, but so this is what he was thinking…!

“… Huh? H-huh? That thing there, could it be… a Christmas tree? S-so… Kehma-san was a Japanese person after all…”
“I was told about it. By my father.”
“A-ah, yeah. Well, it’s great that there’s someone else to talk about Christmas stuff with here!”


“Blackdog-san, do you know about Santa Claus!?”
“… Goshujin-sama taught me.”

Asked a question by Wataru, Meat responded curtly.
Oi, don’t say too much. My Santa is set to exchange presents for socks. I’ll sew your mouth up if you say it.

“He’s a holy man that invades the homes of good children, putting presents into their socks!”
“? Nn…?”

Oookay keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk any more.

“Was Blackdog-san a good child? If so, Santa might give you a present too!”
“… Good, child? I see…”
“Oi, you hero. Come here for a sec.”

I called Wataru over to the corner of the dining room.

“What’s up Kehma-san? You want me to spread the event around as a Japanese?”
“Could you not say so much? I haven’t arranged anything like that here.”
“… It’s alright. I’ll be Santa today. I prepared a present she’d be delighted to have after all!”

Yeah, I prepared something as well. Something to trade for their socks!

“Incidentally, I prepared things for Rokuko-san, Nerune-san, Rei-san, and Kinue-san as well. Ah, I even brought something for Kehma-san! It’s something useful for adventure as well as daily life, a cup magic tool that you can get one glass of water from per day. Here you go.”

He handed me a paper-wrapped package tied up with wrapping string… O-oh, thanks. It’s not like I can say that I don’t need it though.

“I put lace ribbons and things like that on the others. Fufufu, Kehma-san, please help me with placing the presents!”
“The gifts I prepared seem to be getting overshadowed huh… well, it was a lot of effort. I’ll take charge and place them.”
“… Mu. It’s unfortunate that I can’t do it myself, but sneaking into a girl’s bedroom would be a bit… Thanks.”

Good, now the damage will be kept to a minimum.




That night.
When I went into Meat’s room to put her presents there, she jumped out from hiding in the door’s blindspot and pinned me down.

“Santa, even if Goshujin-sama isn’t a [Good Child], please give him a present too!”

… Yep, that makes me happy.
But what’s so bad about a dungeon master ripping off a hero?
Ah, I’d be surprised if I got something though.


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