LDM – Omake 11

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Eleventh Omake

Nerune and Wataru


Nerune thought.
What was the secret to Hero Wataru’s strength? Because of that, following her impulses, she decided to investigate.
It was probably best to put him to sleep with some drug so that she could take her time in investigating him.
However, not having a good way of getting a hold of something like that, she decided to try and get it from Kehma.
“Master, can I get some sleeping pills~?”
“… Insomnia? Sure, not being able to sleep would suck. Ah, you don’t need to pay me any DP. Feel free to talk to Rokuko or Rei as well if you ever need anything, no need to hold back.”
She wound up getting it easily. Moreover, she didn’t even need to spend any DP.

Like that, she decided to try and have Wataru, who’d arrived just at the right time, drink the sleeping medicine.
Forcing a Hero to take sleeping pills would be a gargantuan task. She would first invite him for a drink to produce some sort of chance and think about how when the time came.
“Want to go drinking with me~?”
He wound up taking the bait easily.

The two of them headed out to get some alcohol and started a drinking contest.
But getting him to take the medicine would be difficult… so she decided that she’d throw it in his alcohol.
Once they’d partaken of a decent amount of alcohol, Nerune threw it into a cup and it dissolved. She then proceeded to hold out the cup to Wataru and speak.
“I added something good (for me) to your cup. Enjoy~”
“You did? Thanks, Nerune-san… gulp, gulp, gulp… ahh! That hit the spot… yawn.”
He drank it all in one go and yawned.
She wound up getting him to drink it easily. Moreover, it appeared to be effective.
“… Mmm, the alcohol hit me fast today… Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m drinking with a beauty like you~? Juuuust kidding… hic.”
Wataru stretched out over the serving table and fell asleep.
“Oh hoh~… is this what they call going without a hitch~?”
Neruna shouldered Wataru and took him to the inn.
She got tired from carrying his weight there, so she had one of the inn’s golems help carry Wataru to Nerune’s personal room.

Wataru was sleeping on Nerune’s bed.
“I’ll have to take care of his clothes first, they’re in the way~. I have to check closely whether or not there’s any magic-like symbols on it too~”
It was the first time she’d ever had to take off someone’s clothes, but she managed to strip him down eventually. Before the might of her desire to research, things like shame and embarassment stood no chance. Not even his underwear were left alone.
“So he has a mole there… mm, I see~”
Nerune turned Wataru about as she inspected his body. However, it didn’t appear that would be able to understand the secrets of his strength as a hero through only examining the outside of his body.
“… Should I take a blood sample~? I’d actually like to examine his bones, but…”
Following a quick rummage through her things, Nerune took out a knife. She didn’t hesitate in sliding the blade against his side, but it wouldn’t cut through. A Hero’s defensive strength wasn’t faked, after all.
When Nerune attempted to swing the blade with all the strength she could muster, the blade finally penetrated several millimeters into the side of his abdomen. Wataru only reacted with a slight twitch, but it didn’t look like he was going to wake up.
“Haah… haah… why is he so tough… I don’t think he’s human~…”
Realizing that she hadn’t prepared a glass beaker to collect his blood, she hurriedly did so. As she went to get the beaker, a small bit of blood fell onto her bed. Wasting precious research materials… sacrilege.
Moreover, since the wound had already healed itself, she had to swing the knife a second time before she could collect his blood.
“… Haah, haah… so much physical work~… uuu, just collecting his blood takes so much time… I’m getting tired, maybe I’ll get some coffee…”
With that, Nerune headed out of her room to get some coffee in the dining room.




“… This is, uhh… the inn…? It’s not my room though. Mmm…. oh! I-it’s a ceiling I don’t know! Booyah, quota achieved!”
Achieving his mysterious quota, Wataru looked around again. There were a woman’s clothes suspended on hangers. They were Nerune’s.
Now that he thought about it, he had gone out drinking with Nerune before he blacked out from alcohol.
“Wait, then that means this is Nerune’s room? … Wait, why am I naked!?”
Wataru’s clothes were scattered about the floor like they’d been thrown off of the bed in a rush.
He hurriedly looked for and put on his underwear from what was strewn about. Then, he noticed a small blood stain on the bed.
He was in a woman’s room, he was naked, and there was a bloodstain on the bed. What the f*ck did he do?
No, before that, why wasn’t Nerune, the room’s owner, in the room?
Just then, the door to the room opened.




“Ahh, I brought two cups just on case…”
When Nerune walked back into the room carrying two cups, Wataru was already awake.
It was much sooner than she expected. She originally planned on putting Wataru in his own room before he woke up, but she didn’t take the healing factor of Heroes into account.
Isn’t this bad?
It was a bit late for it, but Nerune finally thought that. She’d basically been caught investigating him red-handed. He was wearing underwear right now, but he would’ve woken up in the nude.
Moreover, there were still traces of her collecting his blood on the bed. She should’ve used Cleanup as soon as possible.
“…. Uhhh, N-Nerune… san? Your clothes are in disarray, but, uhh… why?”
“Ahh… want some coffee~?”
Handing Wataru his coffee, Nerune fixed her clothes that had fallen into disarray when she was swinging at him with the knife.
“It’s still late at night though…”
Wataru drank the coffee all at once. Oh, I should have put more sleeping pills in it, huh, Nerune thought to herself. It was already too late for that, though. Wataru was looking her way, so she averted her eyes.
… There was an awkward silence, but the one who broke it was Wataru.
“I’ll take responsibility, please marry me!”
“Ah, don’t worry about it~”
She didn’t really get what happened, but it looks like she somehow made it through.
Even though it was her fault no matter who looked at it, it appeared that that wasn’t the case for Wataru.
Nerune let out a sigh in relief.


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