LDM – Chapter 61

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One Night of the Suite: Results


“Twenty-five gold coins.”

In the morning, Haku-san took out a pouch filled with gold coins and sat it down with a thud.
… Huh?

“This is the worth of one night’s stay in the suite. Twenty-five gold coins per night per person, fifty coins for two.”

… One copper is one hundred yen. One hundred of those is a silver coin, ten thousand yen.
One hundred silver coins to make a gold coin, one million yen each.
Fifty gold coins.
Fifty million yen.

Certainly, having Rokuko act as their waiter would have increased the value a little bit, as well as induce them to enter the hot spring together, but that shouldn’t make the price fifty million yen for a night.
However, Haku-san put another thirteen gold coins on the counter.

“And this is for the meal… it was one gold… but that is too cheap. I know your situation, but with those contents you could even normally take ten gold. At the lowest you should take at least five gold for it. The difference is Rokuko-chan’s portion.”

… Five million yen for a single meal!?
[DX Kid’s Meal (10 DP)] and [Cream Soda (8 DP)] for five million yen… that’s some extreme inflation. Rather, no matter how I calculate it our net profit is over 99%…
Well, even though I want to get as much as possible, I don’t want to get something I don’t deserve.

Even though I added in the DX level to the [Kid’s Meal] for peace of mind since Haku-san was eating it, this price… If I recall correctly, Ichika also said it would be fine if it was priced at five gold, but to sell something worth a thousand yen in Japan for five million yen… it’s really bad for my heart.
I’m just a lower class citizen. Not someone that would rip you off.

“There’s no way I could accept that much…”
“Do you not trust my assessment?”
“That’s not it! It isn’t absurd either, I’ll gratefully accept it!”

Feeling enough bloodthirst that my spine felt like it was freezing, I straightened myself in a salute and agreed.
If Haku-san, who was at the top of empire, said it was twenty-five gold coins per night, then that would become the correct value even if it was unjustified. If that’s not the value beforehand, that’s what it’ll be after.

… This isn’t something to joke about. If someone doesn’t know the price of a good, the money that people pay to buy it becomes the actual value. If someone with the title [Empire’s Top] or [A-Rank Adventurer] says that’s the value, other people can only say, “Oh I see, so that was the value.” That tendency was especially strong for works of art.

Since I asked Haku-san to evaluate the price this time, it should be fine if I just say that Haku-san guarantees its worth. In other words, [Twenty-Five Gold Coins Per Night] and [Five Gold Coins Per Meal] were correct cost assessments decided by Haku-san. To make it any cheaper would be to distrust Haku-san… you could say it would be like me provoking her.

“… Since you don’t agree, I will tell you how I came to this result.”
“Ah, s-sorry…”
“For the first reason, even though you could set the prices to go along with the amount of DP used, for things like transportation costs and technological expenses… it feels as though that would omit every cost related to labor.”

For example, the cherry from that country to the far east. It was a fruit that could only be found in Wokoke, it would cost fifty silver coins to eat a single one in Sia. Because it rots quickly, the time-space magic [Storage] is needed to eat it fresh… [Storage] is more or less only held by A-Ranks, making it an A-Rank [Envoy Commission]. From what I’m told, at cheapest those are five gold for a single trip.
Looking at it that way, you need to add that into the cost of buying a cherry. That’s why they cost fifty silver each… I see.

I definitely didn’t think about it like that.
… Oh yeah, even if you could get some bread for around one hundred yen in Japan, when you take into account the transportation and labor costs, the price was only able to get down to one hundred yen after mass producing it.
Setting aside factories, thinking about a world that doesn’t even have the recipe, its value rising isn’t strange, it’s natural. In this kind of a world where there are such things as half-baked dungeons and magic, mass production technologies never developed.

… Kuh—, to think a copper was one hundred yen, was it a failure in my judgement being too simple?
My standard for converting it to yen was poor, I was calculating it with my modern Japanese experiences.
It also matched how much Ichika said the meal was worth. Ichika should have just spoken more forcibly… wait, I shouldn’t expect a slave to speak forcibly huh? It’s completely my bad huh.

“By the way, A-Rank adventurers are treated like aristocrats. They are even given actual peerage… That’s one of the reasons A-Rank adventurers’ standard payments are in [Gold Coins].”

It seems there’s a phrase for A-Rank adventurers—[Take out a gold coin despite buying an apple. Don’t want change since it’s a nuisance.] It was a phrase meant to ridicule A-Rank adventurer’s ridiculous sense of value… yep, I understand how extreme the inflation is.
… Although, there aren’t many A-Rank adventurers. From what I’ve heard there are around twenty of them even if excluding Haku-san’s group.

“But even if that’s the meal costs, you don’t have to pay for Rokuko’s portion as well—ah, no, I mean, to be able to offer you a dinner with your beloved Imouto-sama, I am extremely honored. Yes.”
“I really do want to pay her charges as her older sister as well you know? However, you can say this is Rokuko-chan’s, the owner’s, home, right? I am compromising and treating this as just a special meal fee, understand?”
“I understand, so please stop sending that bloodthirst over here, sorry—”
“Fufu, it’s fine so long as you understand… Incidentally, for Rokuko-chan’s tip, I wonder if it’s better to pass it to her directly as DP?”
“Y-yeah, that’s right. It’d be better to do that.”

By the way, both Haku-san and Chloe gave us a daily income of [0 DP]. I was hopeful since they’re both A-Rank adventurers, unfortunate.
… I guess it’s natural since Haku-san is a dungeon core, but why Chloe? I wonder if they don’t give daily DP income if they are summoned by a dungeon with DP?

“So, Rokuko-chan, say, “Ahh”?”

And so, Haku-san had Rokuko prepare herself to be given DP. It’s going to be another kiss scene… is what I thought, but Haku-san stuck her index finger into Rokuko’s mouth.

“—Nn, ku—, nnn—!”
“Trying to pull away is no good you know? … Ease your shoulders, relax… see? Let it pour in.”
“Nn—, u—nn, faaah, nnn…!”

Haku-san’s cheeks were blushing as Rokuko, who was dyed crimson up to her ears, desperately sucked on her finger… W-what the heck is this?
After a while, she pulled her finger back out of Rokuko’s mouth. Slowly pulling away from her, Rokuko’s saliva trailed between her mouth and the finger.

“… No kiss this time?”
“Yeah. Since Rokuko-chan’s made her official debut as a dungeon as well, considering that other dungeon cores could come to try and crush her, I think it’d be good to have her become accustomed to other methods of delivery than between mucous membranes… At any rate make sure you turn the tables on them alright? At times like that, she won’t have to kiss other dungeon cores.”

Haku-san smiled.
… Oh, then Rokuko’s saliva covering your finger from her licking it with her outstretched tongue is unrelated? I want to say that, but it’d be bad for my heart if I carelessly said something like that and got bathed in that bloodthirst again.



“I wonder if you know? There’s another dungeon on Tsuia Mountain. You probably won’t meet it too soon since it’s on the opposite side of the mountain though.”



“… Haku-san, you know saying something like that is a flag right?”
“A flag? The thing stuck in the [Omelet Filled with Rice] from the [Avarice Meal]? Is that what you mean?”
“No, never mind…”

The heck, why am getting this really bad feeling?


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