LDM – Chapter 260

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The Marriage Interview Discussion (Yudence’s Point of View): End


I had Kehma-dono act as Mai’s guard for the morning of the following day.
And they did return—but it looks like he found out about the spies I sent to trail them? Once again, it looks like he truly is a skilled adventurer.
Kehma-dono once again refused being her fiance. Hmm, does he have a woman already? Perhaps Kuroinu-dono’s mother?
I can’t do anything about that, but maybe there’s still another way we could tie ourselves together—

—just as I was beginning to think that, unexpectedly, Kehma-dono tested out the idea of Kuroinu-dono being Mai’s fiance.

What a great opportunity!
I trembled from such good news.
Moreover, it appears that Kehma-dono’s achievements are also considered Kuroinu-dono’s.
… I want to accept it. I seriously want to accept it right away, but I have to endure it and keep up my appearance here. I’ll see if he has some other motive first, I can accept it later.

As I thought that, Kehma-dono took out Kuroinu-dono’s Guild Card.
… It looks like he wants me to decide right away, showing me Kuroinu-dono’s own peerage like that. Should I allow myself to compromise and accept it so quickly? I wouldn’t be able to probe for more information first, though.

With that, Kehma-dono also showed me his Guild Card. It listed him as D-Rank.
When I asked him about it, it appeared as though he’d never heard of the peerage listings.
And he continued to insist that he was an ordinary D-Rank adventurer.
… In other words, him receiving White Goddess-sama’s favor is for no reason other than because of being a key person with special circumstances to him.

Furthermore, although it’s not well known to commoners, the Raverio Empire does indeed allow same-sex marriage. The law book has a single sentence on the matter: [In the case of same-sex marriages, even sisters may marry].
Therefore, same-sex marriage is allowed even within the same family to reinforce intrafamilial bonds. While heretical, it’s even possible to continue a bloodline through [Futanaru], a potion made by the Chaos God that throws one’s sex into chaos. [1]
Such expensive potions are rather rare amongst the lower class aristocracy, but it should be acquirable with my family’s power.

Or perhaps Kehma-dono’s plan is to change Kuroinu-dono’s sex…? For him to do something like registering her name as [Meat] on the aristocratic record, there must be some impossibly complex circumstances surrounding him.
If Mai were registered on the record as [Meat] and I was unable to have her name changed… even I might think about at least changing her sex. That is what we call parental love.

Kukuku, I get it, I get it, Kehma-dono! Our daughters are just too cute!

“Let’s go with your proposal and have Kuroinu-dono be the fiance.”

After that, I gave Kehma-dono information on the [Godly Pillow] as a reward for borrowing his name as a fiance.
I couldn’t give him all of the information about it, so I told him all I could with full sincerity.

“… Mai-sama… is the manager of the [Godly Pillow]…?”
“Mai’s fiance would fit the management criteria as well.”

I couldn’t say exactly who the manager of it was, but anyone should be able to figure it out with that.
I’m not sure what sort of circumstance is making him want the [Godly Pillow] so badly, but as a fellow father of cute daughters, I want to get along with Kehma-dono.



After Kehma-dono returned to his room, Mai entered the room.

“I should marry Kehma-sama, Otou-sama!”
“What’s this, now?”
“If I want to truly save the orphans, I need to hire merchants, educate the kids, and give them work. Just feeding them is no different than admiring pets!”
“H-huh? I think I get the gist of what you’re saying, but could you explain it to me just in case?

It sounds like Mai was overwhelmed by Kehma-dono’s wisdom.
Kehma-dono had given her a plan on how to help the orphanage by giving them an education, hiring them on as workers and helping them become independent.
But she said that he also said something about how it not being necessary if she was just doing it for the publicity.

Mai seems to have taken it as sarcasm, but I don’t believe that what Kehma-dono said was sarcasm, but simply something resulting from abiding to political measures.
People feel relieved when they can see that there are some more unfortunate than themselves. Although there’s also a slum outside the south gate, having an orphanage within the town would certainly fall in line that that intention.

But I’d rather not teach her about filthy things like that. I’d prefer for the people to trust in the beautiful existence that is Mai.
Well, there shouldn’t be too much of an impact even if the orphanage is improved, so maybe I should let Mai do what she wants for the experience?

“That’s a wonderful idea, it would certainly help the economy, too. You could implement it by recycling your current budget, would you like to give it a shot?”
“Yes, absolutely!”

Mai’s eyes sparkled in motivation.

“And that’s why I absolutely definitely really really have to marry Kehma-sama. Kuro-chaaa…. Kuroinu-sama carried me in her arms, so…? K-Kehma-sama has to take responsibility as her master.”
“Oh, about that… Kuroinu-dono will be taking his place as your fiance.”
“… Eh?”

Mai inclined her head to the side.

“During my conversation with Kehma-dono a moment ago, we decided that Kuroinu-dono will be your fiance.”
“… I-isn’t she a girl though!?”

Oh, I haven’t taught Mai about the same-sex marriage thing yet, have I? Maybe I postponed her education a bit too much.

“It was Kehma-dono’s recommendation. Also, you shouldn’t treat Kuroinu-dono as a woman.”
“Eh, K-Kuro-chan is a cross dresser!?”
“Huh? … W-well, yeah, something like that.”

Kehma-dono did speak as though to insist she were male, so I understand that it’s probably better to treat her as such.

“… I’ll go talk to Kehma-sama! I won’t agree to this without hearing about it directly from him!”

Saying that, Mai ran out of the room.
She’s still a child, isn’t she… I think that Kehma-dono should be able to persuade her, but let’s hope that this doesn’t cause him to get angry and break this off. It should be fine though, I’ve already given him his reward.



Later on, Kuroinu-dono escorted her to dinner. It must have gone well.
That said, my second son, Jitter, raised his voice.

“Hold up, that one’s a slave! And a girl at that! There’s no reason for someone with such an idiotic name as Meat to be Mai’s fiance!”

Crap, Jitter hasn’t been taught about same-sax marriage either? Rondeau seemed to understand it, though. Waltz just smiled wryly.
There’s no other choice than to have Kuroinu-dono show her skill, forcing him to consent.

I thought that Jitter would be able to win against Kuroinu-dono… but even as someone strong enough to toy around with Rondeau, I couldn’t see through her at all with my eyes.




The following day, having told the maid that he wouldn’t be having breakfast, Kehma-dono didn’t come for breakfast.
It was only during my work after the meal that we discovered what had occurred.

“Lord-sama. Last night, a soldier contacted me saying that a ventulier passed through the gate.”
“Hmm… wait, was it Kuroinu-dono!?”

We receive reports from the gate when aristocrats come and go through it. We would receive notifications right away for aristocrats passing through the gate outside of normal hours, but it’s not like that for when an ventulier does so.
After all, they often need to use the gate at night for adventurer purposes.


Kehma-dono’s room was vacant with just a single note placed atop the beddings they’d used.
The note had on it as follows:

[It’s hard to sleep under surveillance, so I’ll be returning to my village. You may freely use the name of Meat Kuroinu for one month. If she herself absolutely has to, contact me at Golen Village.]  

Geh! … So he realized he was being watched from the start… as expected, he’s an amazing man.
Still though, to head back without saying anything—wait, I think I heard him say something like that last night? In a sense, him using his authority as a ventulier could be his way of telling us he’s off.

At any rate, I’m allowed to use Kuroinu-dono’s name as Mai’s fiance for a month, signed in writing.
… In other words, what he was really saying…

[If you can complete the preparations within a month, I’ll allow my daughter to marry yours] …!
Phew… what wonderful love for his daughter! I can already imagine drinking alcohol next to Kehma-dono as we watch the two of them marry.

“… I’ll have to get the [Futanaru].”

But this’ll probably cause a dispute over where the two live.
… Would the normal thing to do be suggesting each of them to live away from us parents?
Hmm, well, that’ll be up to Mai and Kuroinu-dono to decide.


  • Futanaru = become a Futa. Blame Leona! Return


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