LDM – Chapter 232

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Someone Who Really Doesn’t Want to be Involved


Leona grasped Setsuna’s fist tenderly and patted it.

“… You tampered with my body… for fun?”
“Yeah? What’s wrong with that?”
“You demon—!”

She started to throw a punch with her other hand, but before the fist could even reach her, Setsuna collapsed powerlessly.

“H—…. huh… my, strength….?”
“I just gave you a bit of my prided massage. Kay, Suira. You can eat up now~. In the Succubus way, that is.”
“Eeeh!? … I mean sure, but are you sure? They’re your grandchildren aren’t they?”
“I’m sure, go for it. Setsuna’s a delicacy, she’ll be super delicious. She’s a bit weak right now… so just knock her out and roll her over kay~?”

Leona handed the unmoving Setsuna over to the Succubus and looked at Nayuta.

“W-wait, Grandma? That means you won’t hear my request?”
“Oh, Nayuta, you have a request too? Did you want larger boobs or something? … Yep, we have a good amount (Succubi) gathered here, so I’ll exchange yours for whichever pair you like okay?”
“I don’t want that! Papa not waking up, that’s your doing isn’t it, Grandma!?”
“Nn? Ah, that? Hmm… it’s definitely something I did but I reaaally don’t remember it, so… sorry?”
“Guu… y-you…!”
“Ahahaha, Nayuta, I love your angry face so much! It’s alright, did you know that there’s a Philosopher’s Stone that can be produced by researching alchemy to the extreme? Despite its appearance, it can produce miracle cures if you use it and can cure most abnormalities. Check out this sample of a Philosopher’s Stone, see it?”

Leona took a stone that glowed with a faint red color out of her [Storage].
Guess that’s the Philosopher’s Stone she’d mentioned.

“—Give me that thing!”
“Ahahaha, sure~… [Super Alchemy]. Alright, it’s just an ordinary rock though.”

Leona changed the red stone into a gray-colored—ordinary rock, then tossed it over to Nayuta.
Even so, Nayuta caught it. She hoped to get even a tiny clue, but even after examining the stone again with her alchemy skill, it was nothing other than an everyday rock.

“… How far will you go torturing people before you’re satisfied…!?”
“I believe you’ll be able to reach the extremes of alchemy yourself, Nayuta. Even an ordinary human could make it in just a short ninety years, so you should be able to do it in give or take thirty. Well, I made my first one in three days though! Kusu kusu kusu.”

Leona laughed with an irritating laugh. Nayuta glared back at her, but it didn’t do anything.
As for Leona, she just gently stroked Nayuta’s head. Although Nayuta noticed that she was suddenly being pat, she’d already become unable to put any power into her body.

“Well then, good night to you too, Nayuta. It’s alright. You’re my adorable grand kids. I’ll leave you both with your robe and gym outfit… I’ll be taking your panties though♪”
“Kuh… you, pervert…”

Nayuta collapsed with a thud.
Like this, the face-off between Leona and the two ended in her one-sided victory.




Leona was a more ridiculous existence than I’d thought she was.
First, her brute strength. She was about to take Setsuna’s all-out attacks with ease, so it doesn’t look like we could win with our strength at all. Moreover, I couldn’t even see her move. Was she teleporting? Or maybe stopping time?
Second, her suppressive strength. I can’t say if those were really massages, but she instantly disabled both Setsuna and Nayuta, making them lose consciousness. Those two are now the Succubi’s food. They’re eating up rather mercilessly even though they’re girls, those Succubi.
And finally was her Super Alchemy. If what got talked about was true, it looks like she can even make someone have eternal youth as long as she has the materials. Moreover, she even turned the Super Rare Item known as a Philosopher’s Stone—something that costs more than 500,000,000 DP according to the Catalog—into an everyday rock… She can probably pop them out whenever she wants. Her skill is called [Super Alchemy], so it’s definitely a Hero skill. That is, it’s a cheat. A cheat, I say!

… Also, the most troubling thing of all, she has a horrid personality.
I don’t feel like I’d be able to get a wink of sleep with someone like that zoned in on me. It feels like I’m starting to understand why Haku-san said to kill her if I get the chance.


Hearing my name, when I looked over to Rokuko, she was a bit giddy and blushing.

“Oh, it looks like today’s is relatively alright, but are you alright not heading back to your room?”
“Nn, I’m ‘kay. Maybe’s it’s because we weren’t her opponent this time? Those two part-timers were… Feels like I got hit by the aftershocks though.”
“There’s aftershocks to that stuff? You shouldn’t walk around by yourself then.”
“Kehma, with you saying it it just sounds like an excuse to sleep the whole time.”

You know me well, Rokuko. As expected of my partner.

“By the way, Rokuko. What do you think of Leona?”
“Hmm? Right… if she doesn’t give us any trouble, we could get along… I think? How should I say it, it feels like she just does what she feels like.”
“And if we assume she will give us some trouble?”
“Then I’ll agree with Haku Ane-sama’s opinion, we should kill her. I think that would benefit the whole world… Kehma, what do you think?”
“I think that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at will with someone like her following me around.”
“How Kehma-like of you.”

Rokuko smiled.

“So, what do we do?”
“I wonder… maybe we should just leave her alone? I don’t want to poke a sleeping threat. There’s a saying in my hometown: you’ll scare out a snake by poking at the bush.”
“Wouldn’t telling Setsuna and Nayuta about Leona being in the dungeon count as poking her?”

Now that you mention it, I guess I already did.
… Rather, what Setsuna said was that she came after hearing that Leona was here, so maybe I wasn’t exposed? I should at least keep her from saying anything about it I guess?

“W-well, yeah. I’ll be assigning those Succubi to some suitable side jobs here before long… they’ll be worth DP just by existing here, but I don’t think I should let them have so much free time.”
“I’m looking forward kind of work you’ll give them.”

I’d never expected Leona to be such a bullcrap existence. Let’s just pray that Leona doesn’t get angry over the information leak and do something.




On the day Setsuna and Nayuta went to Leona, I was eating dinner in the dining room.
I was leisurely eating at a corner table in the dining room while thinking that it was pretty crowded today… when I suddenly heard a voice. It was asking to share the table, something common enough at times when it’s packed like this.

“Sorry~, could I sit here?”

Although there were other tables with open seats still to take, seeing as how their question sounded like they wanted to talk, I guess they wanted to sit here either because I’m the Village Chief or because they’re a friendly kid.
I didn’t really have a reason to refuse them, so I answered while lifting my head up to look at them.

“Sure. I don’t min—…!?”
“Oh? Is there something on my face?”

Like I could even care about that right now?
With her black hair pulled into a ponytail and red eyes, the woman—
—Leona sat down right across the table from me.

Oh crap, I might die.


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