LDM – Chapter 226

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On the Level of Taking an Arrow to the Knee


The encircling siege formation… err, well, it’s just a simple Golem wall, but as there’s a chance I’d get charmed if I met with the Succubi directly, negotiating as the Village Chief would be self-destructive.
That’s why it’s necessary for me to deal with them as a Dungeon Master, someone that can negotiate remotely through a Golem—

[Let’s see… hm? There’s just nine of you?]  
“… Yeah, just nine.”

Suira and the other Succubi came out from the shack, but there were just nine people. There should have been eleven people in total… I guess the people that aren’t here are Michiru and the human?
I looked at the nine again. All of them were wearing clothes that should be measured more as string length than by cloth yardage. The exposure amount was amazing. There weren’t any humans among them, probably. If there were, they’d be sluts.
Well, it’s more convenient without humans given the circumstances.

Still having Meat standby in the forest, I faced the person who was probably the Succubi’s leader, Suira, and addressed her.

[What, it’s not like I’m really looking for a fight. I just thought we should have a bit of a talk… You can trust me, alright? It’ll work out better for both of us that way.]  
[Alright, at least it looks like you’re understanding me.]  

Suira was just glaring at me silently, but since not trusting = fighting = war, she has no choice but to trust me if she doesn’t want to fight against a crowd of Golems that their charm doesn’t work against.
But since it’s not my intention to actually fight, I’ll move right on to what I’m here for.

[Alright ladies, how do you feel about being employed by my dungeon?]  
“Dungeon? … B-by some chance, are you… a Dungeon Core?”
[Ah, you could think of me as something like that.]  

Suira face cramped. Did she remember something unpleasant about a Dungeon Core?

“… E-excuse me. Is it for [Cave of Desires]? You’re scouting us for there?”
“Umm, if we refuse?”
[I won’t do anything if you leave. Well, I can’t say for sure if you keep loitering around nearby…]  
“… Let us talk for a few minutes.”

I visibly looked over Suira’s group.
It looked like they finished talking after a bit of time.
Suira looks displeased, I wonder how she’ll answer?

“… If you are fine with us not going under your control, we are fine with doing what you say.”
[Hoh, so you know that much? Great, that’ll speed this up. Sure, that works.]  

Really?—is what Suira’s face was saying.

[Hmm? You’ll do what you’re told right?]  
“We won’t listen if you tell us to die you know.”
[As long as you listen to our demands and don’t do too much, it’s fine. I don’t intend to ask for anything unreasonable. Sound good?]  
“We also have secrets though.”
[I’ll do some investigating, but if you’ve covered your tracks well it’s the same as you not having any. I’ll overlook any secrets that aren’t detrimental to the dungeon.]  
“… What are you planning?”
[That’s a bit excessive. You understand that having disturbances nearby is bad yeah? It’d be good if you followed that policy.]  
“Why did you bring so many Golems then?”
[I thought it’d go faster this way. I mean, it really did go quick.]  

By bringing out this many Golems, there wouldn’t be any doubts about the Dungeon Master and we’d avoid any unnecessary fighting.
And instead of a deposit, I’ll give them some normal food.

[Even if you’re all Succubi, you’re still more or less fine with normal food yeah? I brought along several days’ worth of food.]  
“… That’s a big help.”

… She looks surprised, I wonder if she was thinking I was a Dungeon Master that wouldn’t even guarantee her livelihood despite inviting them for the job?

“I’m just surprised that a Golem understands the concept of eating.”
[Ah, well, I’m a representative to the last.]  

I see, so that was it huh.
At least it looks like I won’t have to worry about finding any new employees for a while.

[By the way, you still have other comrades in hiding right? Would they be fine working for the dungeon too?]  
“… Umm, you saw through us, huh.”
[Maybe. But I’m not really complaining, you know? I just wanted to negotiate properly.]  
“Alright, I’ll trust you… But, umm, it’s hard to say, but one of us is a human.”
[Hoh, a human, is it?]  

I already knew, but I pretended that it was the first time I heard about it.

[I’d like to not meet with them if possible.]  
“… She’s… already behind the door. She’s, well, more or less heard and agrees. She won’t tell anyone about the dungeon.”
“Alright. Please instruct her about the policies… I’ll be thinking about your instructions, so please rest properly until then.]

And then, just as I tried to leave.

“… Please wait!”

I heard a voice come from the behind the door. With a bang, the door tried to open. It hit against the Succubus standing in front of the door.

“Oh, someone’s in the way? I wonder who it is. Could you please move?”
“Hya!? N-no! It’s dangerous!”
“Please stand down!”

Bang, bang.
Someone inside struck against the door over and over.
Staggering, the Succubus kept holding the door closed.

“No, this is where I must show my sincerity.”
“Why do you sound so happy then!?”
“Because, doesn’t it sound like it would definitely be amusing if I went out there!?”

What sincerity? I’m getting a bad feeling here.

[Yeah, well, cya.]  
“Alright. Leave this to me—”

I tried to escape with the Golems while that Succubus held the door closed.

“Hey!? Please don’t be rash! Please, please stand down, Leona-sama!”

Did she just say… Leo… na? I unintentionally stopped moving.
A loud noise rang out as the door was blown away, revealing a human walking out.
And that human was a woman. A woman with a black ponytail and red eyes.

“Pleased to meet you.”

The woman smiling there—was Leona.
Well now.
Could I call this a counted yakuman? [1]




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