LDM – Chapter 224

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Ah, I wound up defeating Suira instantly.
But this feeling really is comfortable… ah!? Why am I using a move that takes her arm!?
Why didn’t I choose one that holds her legs!? I’m such an idiot!

“Wh—at, just…”
“I tripped you then held you in an arm bar… it’s just a technique for one on one combat.”
“Kuh, l-let go of me.”

Suira asked me to release her, so I did.
Fufufu, now I can use a technique that lets me hold her legs. Suira, what a thoughtful woman you are.

“So then, what next?”
“… Tch, for everyone’s sake, I can’t lose here…!”
“So you have to defeat me? Pfft, sure, why not. I give up.”
“… Nn?”

There’s not really any meaning behind winning or losing here anyway.
So don’t we just call it my loss? Hmm? Suira’s looking at me strangely. She said that she couldn’t afford to lose, so why isn’t she happy about winning?
Hmmm… a woman’s heart is mysterious.

“Please spin in a circle and wave your hand.”
“Sure. Like this?”

I don’t really get it, but if Suira wants me to, why not?
I spun around and waved as Suira told me to.

“He… got charmed…?”
“Please wait, Onee-sama. I just checked that earlier. He might still be acting.”
“Then, umm… then could you sign the contract from a moment ago?

Those upturned eyes are unfair! C’mon, now I just have to sign it!

“Got it… This good?”

I signed the document that Suira held out to me once again. By the way, although I can’t write the characters of this world’s language even though I can read them, I’m now able to write a few words a bit shoddily with the glove-type golem I made with Rokuko’s collaboration. My name’s one of the words.
Suira looked at the document I’d passed back to her and checked to see if I really signed it. Hmm? She looks like a deer stuck staring at headlights. Her face looks great like that too.

“… We did it?”
“A-amazing, Onee-sama! You even charmed a man of a different preference!”
“No, that’s not it, Michiru. This man… doesn’t appear to be a lolicon.”

Ah, come to think of it, they were mistaking me for a lolicon, weren’t they? Seriously, I’m having to deny it all the time. Who’s spreading rumors like that?
It’s the fault of that rumor that Suira had such a strange misunderstanding about me… I’ll have to figure out who’s doing it and shut them down next time.

“… Village Chief, tell me a secret that you can’t tell anyone.”
“Hmm? A secret that no one can know… like what you two are?”
“Correct. Oh, please ignore that thing about Michiru.”
“Got it. So a secret I can’t tell anyone huh?”

A secret I can’t tell anyone huh, that’s pretty hard. If it were a big secret it’d have to be the dungeon, but I can talk to Rokuko and the others about it and they all know about my earth mage Narikin mast.
In other words, it has to be a secret I can’t even talk to Rokuko about… do I have something like that? Hmm, I have to think of something so that I can tell Suira about it…

“In truth… I still don’t really know the meaning of the word ‘partner’, but recently, my partner, Rokuko, has been casually getting into my personal space. It’s a bit scary…”

Yep, that’s a secret I can’t even talk to Rokuko about. Now it’s a secret I share with Suira.

“… Are you head over heels for her?” [1]
“Fufu, so you’re asking that? It’s alright, Suira is the only one in my heart.”
“That makes me so happy. Is there nothing else then? A fetish you can’t tell anyone perhaps?”
“Hmm, a fetish I can’t tell anyone about. That’s hard…”
“Are you a lolicon?”

I am a foot fetishist, but it’s not like I’m hiding it. Rather, I’m pretty open about it. I even tell Rokuko I am whenever it comes up. And it feels like Meat knows something about it since she occasionally ‘forgets’ her socks in my room.
So as for something I can’t tell anyone… hmm, it really is hard. It doesn’t feel like I’ve had much of a libido since becoming a Dungeon Master in the first place?
But! If Suira is asking for it, a man must answer!

“Ah, right. Recently, I’ve felt a bit nice when I turn into a little girl.”
“… You like cross dressing?”
“Something like that? I mean, it’s a bit fun to be cute.”
“Hmm, that truly is a weakness…”

Weakness? I don’t really know if that is one, but Suira seems to be happy so it’s all good.
It might be fun to transform into Suira and make out with her.

“I’ve also been thinking that female bonding might be good recently.”
“Really? Then how about next time I turn you into a girl and tease you? It would be a sensation you can’t taste in reality.”
“That’d be awesome. I’ll look forward to it.”

I can actually use [Super Transformation] to become a girl in reality too, but a proper man wouldn’t resist a woman’s advances, probably? I think. Definitely. Maybe.

“So then, what do you hate?”
“My sleep being obstructed. If someone does that for something that has no reason related to me, I’ll… recognize them as an enemy and crush them. Anyone who disturbs my sleep is an enemy.”

This question was an easy one. Fufufu, but I wouldn’t mind if you woke me up yeah? Being able to hear Suira’s voice would be plenty enough of a reason… maybe it’d be just barely enough? No, that’s actually difficult. I’d have to think about it even if it were Suira.

“… What have you done to people that did?”
“I think I had the dungeon eat them? Those are some good memories.”

Yep, those bandits were great nourishment. Well, that’s the feeling I got when I asked Rokuko about it.
… Huh? Suira, did you just pull a bit away?

“Ah, sorry. Did I scare you?”
“N-no. It’s nothing, I’m alright.”
“If so, okay.”
“… Onee-sama. Isn’t this person dangerous? He’s killed people?”
“This about it from another angle, Michiru. This will be a weakness.”

It’s not like I really did it myself, but well, she can turn my dungeon into a weakness? Yep, as expected of Suira. There’s nothing I can add to that either.

“… Well, this much should be enough. So then, Village Chief-san, go back to your room and forget everything about us until we meet again. That we were here is a secret as well… but you will agree to having signed this contract.”
“Got it. I’ll head back to my room then.”
“That’s a good boy. I’ll give you a reward.”

When Suira said that, she brought her face close to mine—
—and, gently meeting my lips with hers, nimbly inserted her tongue.
Her soft and sweet tongue made it feel like my hips were going to give out… I somehow endured it.
My heart’s beating like a drum in my chest. I’m sure that my face is beat red too.

“…—puah. M-my… legs aren’t working.”
“Puah. Oh? How cute… For you to get like this from a simple kiss, you’re unexpectedly innocent aren’t you?”
“P-please don’t look so much. It’s embarrassing.”
“Oh…? Haven’t you done something horrible to your Partner-san? Huhu.”
“What? Rokuko has nothing to do with it…”

After that, I walked back to the inn.
Then, as she told me to, I forgot about Suira and Michiru.


  • The original line says “noroke kashira?”, where “noroke” is like up playing/speaking fondly about your significant other. Basically, “Are you gushing about your love life right now?” I don’t think that has the same feeling as the raw, though, so I altered the line a bit. Further input from anyone familiar with it would be appreciated. Return


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