LDM – Chapter 218

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I explained what happened to Rokuko.

“I see, so in other words, Kehma tied up a little girl with a rope and put a collar on her.”
“Yep, my reputation is bad.”

She should’ve understood what happened, but… why did she kick me in her little girl form? That hurts. At least be in your bigger form.

“Rather, in that case, wouldn’t it be alright if we summoned a Succubus of our own? Didn’t you say that you were going to summon one after getting that info from Setsuna? What happened to that?”
“… Oh, I forgot that I was going to do it afterwards. Yeah, we could summon a Succubus with our current DP. Let’s do it right now.”

And so I checked the catalog… Hmm? 30,000 DP? That’s way cheaper than it used to be. Is it that? Because there’s a lot of people related to Succubi nearby?

“Well, alright. Let’s try summoning one. It might even be a good employee for our inn…”
“I have expectations for it too. Maybe we could put it in a butler outfit like Chloe?”

With that, I decided to move to the Master Room and summon a Succubus.
Consuming 30,000 DP, I saw the magic formation expand for the first time in quite a while.
Once it got to around one meter in diameter, a single woman appeared—or not?

“… Huh?”
“Did it fail?”

When I took a closer look, a ring had fallen to the ground.

“What’s this ring? It wasn’t here a moment ago right?”
“Ah, wait, Kehma. That’s a Succubus.”
“… Eh? You say what now?”

A Succubus? This is a ring. It has a transparent magic stone on it like some jewel though.
What’s going on?
When I picked up the ring—

[Master. Nice to meet you.]  
“Hm? … Oh, it has a voice. This is the Succubus’ voice?”
“Looks like it. Hey, let me see it.”

I let Rokuko see it and looked at the catalog.
It said [Succubus (30,000 DP) *No Body].
When I took a closer look, I saw it written in red letters. I’d completely overlooked it.

“… It’s unfortunate, but I guess she can’t be an employee? What should we do? I was looking forward to Succubus legs though…”
“Kehma? Seiza in my room later, okay?”

Eh? Why?
But really, what’s with the no body thing? What should I do now?

“Umm… what can you do? Without a body, that is.”
[I have no body, so I can possess people through their dreams.]  
“Hou, you can possess people? So, do you have to keep the possession up forever?”
[No, it can be released at any time. The ring is more or less my true body, so it will end if it is separated from them.]  
“Heeh… Then could you possess me as well?”
[Yes! … Ah, sorry. Master’s magical power and dream power is beyond strong, so I would not be able to without Master’s complete cooperation.]  

What’s dream power? And Rokuko’s over there mumbling, “A Kehma… Succubus!? I never thought of that!”
Wouldn’t I be an Incubus since I’m a man?

“Rather, does it matter if it’s a man or not?”
[Yes. But men will become otokonoko.] [1]
“… Sorry, could you run that by me again?”
[A man will become an otokonoko when I possess them. For example, as Master’s magical power and dream power is so strong, I would temporarily become a peerless beauty upon possessing you. To the level of being a Super Succubus that would be assaulted by walking anywhere, even causing any provided bodyguard to turn on us. The strongest.]  

… Could that truly be considered the strongest?
Let’s decline trying out the possession on me for now.

“So, Rokuko, you take it.”
“… Un? I already have a ring though? The one you gave me as a present.”
“No, I want you to be possessed.”
[Rokuko-sama… oooh! Such a wonderful magical power, dream power, and your libido… guheheh—ah.]  

Yep, that ring’s magic stone is shining ominously. As expected of a Succubus’ Ring, it’s nothing but shady.
… It’ll probably be better to pass on having Rokuko put that on. It’d be troublesome if that did something to a Dungeon Core’s body.

“Alright, cancel that. Let’s try giving it to someone else.”
“Mu. Oh well then.”
[Eeh!? But if I possess her she’ll definitely get a super suggestive ecchi outfit!? Master, don’t you want to see Rokuko-sama wearing a super suggestive ecchi outfit?]  
“No thanks, I’m good.”
[So you’re already in such a close relationship that you’ve seen every nook and cranny of each other? I understand, I was rude.]  

I kind of wanted to throw the ring away, but I kept myself in check.
Who would be best to try giving the ring to? Rokuko and I decided to try calling all of our subordinates over.

The first ones we called were the three monster girls.

“How about these ones?”
[Let’s see, the silver-haired vampire appears to be the most suitable. However, it seems to me as though she is under a curse… the other two are about the same. The feeling is subtle. Do either of you two have sexual desire?]  

Looks like her trait of having zero attack power is no good for being possessed by a Succubus either. And it looks like the presence or lack thereof is a parameter for the compatibility… There’s Kinue-san, a Silky that exists to clean, and Nerune, an Apprentice Witch that indulges in her research. Yep, they’re definitely lacking in sexual desire.

“Master. Vampires and Succubi are similar in that they are both residents of the night, humanoid, and prey on humans, but! Vampires and Succubi are absolutely different existences, that’s why!!”
“I understand. I just wanted to see your aptitudes.”
[Could I try to posses one for now?]  
“… Yeah, but who?”
“Me~, pick me~. Could you posses me~?”

The one who offered was Nerune. Hoh? That’s unexpected.
When I handed Nerune the ring, she immediately put it onto her right hand’s middle finger.


A wind engulfed Nerune followed by her clothes changing into a slutty researcher’s robe over a tiny swimsuit.
While on the subject, it also feels like her chest got bigger. And above all, her legs are attracting my eyes.

“Heeh~. My clothes changed~. Is this some magic that changes equipment the moment it’s invoked~?”

Nerune looked over herself while touching her body. Her touching her smooth body with those smooth motions was pointlessly erotic.

“My boobs got bigger too~. It used body remodeling-type magic too~…? Fufufu, I’ll have more to learn than I thought~”
“Hmph, then, Succubus, can you manipulate Nerune now?”
[Aah, sorry. Could I release the possession? I feel sick. Release!]  

You feel sick? Oi.
The Succubus ended the possession before I could even say yes or no. Nerune’s appearance and her clothes returned to their usual style. A country girl-style that doesn’t show much skin, a normal cute girl.

[… Phew! I did my best, how was I!?]  
“What, there’s a time limit?”
[Nerune-senpai thinks at a dangerously high speed in her head. And, umm, there’s that. She probably doesn’t have any sexual desire at all, she just desires her research…]  

So Nerune was the type that looks calm but is actually thinking about a ton of stuff in her head huh…?
Kinue-san looks like her head is only filled with cooking recipes and methods to clean, so it’s dubious as to whether or not she has any sexual desire either.
Because of that, I decided to give up trying to have her possess the three girls.


  • I wasn’t sure about if I should localize ‘otokonoko’ or not, but I decided to leave it as-is for now. Think professional cross dressing. It also apparently has a wiki page in English, so yeah.  Return


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