LDM – Chapter 217

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Sleeping With the Little Girl


That was probably an attack by the Succubus.

“Seriously, what a timely attack. Rather, that brothel thing’s got to be the Succubus’ plot. What’s she up to?”

When I woke up, I stroked Meat, who was laying next to me as my hug pillow.
Her dog tail was sticking out of the futon.
It was wagging.
… Yep, I’m healed.
By the way, there’s that little girl with pink hair sleeping on the other side of Meat. She’s not nude nor was she wearing that micro bikini, but she’s pretty close to it. She’s outside of the futon.

“… A trespasser? Meat didn’t notice her, so she’s pretty skilled eh?”

I did make sure to lock the door, so was it some sort of ability…?
For now, I used the map to check out the girl who was drooling happily as she slept.
She gives 20 DP per day. Equivalent to an ordinary person… that’s actually a pretty large amount given that she’s a little girl. She might be a Succubus though.

Come to think of it, there was that slave collar you could buy with DP huh. It was 5,000 DP.
… Do you just have to put it on for it to work? Or did you need contract magic…?




The young pink-haired girl started to wake up inside the futon I’d put her in.

“… Fuaaaaah, funyah… That was a good rest~”
“Oh, morning. Want some breakfast?”
“Yeah, itadakimasu~”

I held out a sandwich I’d prepared for her, so she took it with both hands and started to munch on it.
She has some good eating manners.

“… Huh? I don’t know this room?”
“You finally noticed? Was the sandwich good?”
“Mumu, who are you!? A kidnapper!? …—uwaaah! The Village Chiiiief!?”
“Ha ha ha, good morning, mademoiselle. Did you know? Trespassing is a crime. Ah, you better not try and run away if you don’t want to die~”
“Pii!? Die!?”

I gestured towards my own neck, clapping against it.
Seeing as how she went to touch her own neck, it looks like she realized there was something on it.
She finally realized she had a collar on.

“W-what did you do?”
“I just gave you a collar. Right, Meat?”
“Yes, Goshujin-sama.”

Meat suddenly appeared next to me, touching her own collar in pride.
There was a slave collar on Meat’s neck. Seeing it, the young girl’s face paled.

“P—… pervert—!? What are you going to do to me!?”
“Ha ha ha, by the way, I built this room so that it’s sound proof. Understand why?”
“Why…? N-no way—”

Yeah, it’s so that I can sleep quietly at night.
Ah, by the way, the collar on the young girl’s neck is just a normal dog collar (10 DP).
I couldn’t actually use a slave collar without being able to use the contract magic, so there wasn’t much meaning to getting one and decided to go with a bluff.

“So, why did you sneak into my room? Petty Thief-san.”
“Thief? Huhun, I don’t steal! I was just looking into the rumors about Village Chief-sama! So I’m innocent, please release me!”
“Then give me back the sandwich.”
“… I’ll clean dishes, I’ll scrub the floors, anything, just please leave me my chastity!”

To be worried about her chastity… is this girl not a Succubus?
Meat leaned over against me like she was snuggling. I gently stroked her head.
Seeing that, the pink-haired girl became increasingly panicked for some reason.

“Just my chastity! That alone! I decided to have my first time with the person I love! Ah, were you wanting me to vomit? So your goal was my vomit! So you’re someone that gets excited by a little girl’s vomit! You just pant at the thought of a little girl’s fragrant stomach juices all over chewed up food, don’t you!? Or maybe you wanted to see me cry!? Both!? Was it BOTH!?”

The pink-haired little girl started to stick her hand into her mouth after she said that. Yeah, uhh, stop?
But really, this girl’s pretty knowledgeable about some weird preferences. Maybe she’s a Succubus after all?

“You don’t need to vomit. Can I hear your name?”
“Eh—m-my name’s Michiru. Even if you eat me, I don’t taste good!”
“Hmph. So what kind of rumors have you heard about me?”
“… T-that you’re a little girl lover that goes after children…!”

I see. So they believed in the rumors and sent a little girl…? What a poor information network.

“Your goal?”
“… Umm, well… to seize Village Chief-sama’s weakness…”
“… O-Onee-sama, umm… I don’t know. She just said to find some weakness. Please let me go. I’ll cry if you don’t let me go!”

So that Onee-sama person is the mastermind?
I got closer to the pink-haired girl—Michiru. With a start, she started trembling.
I quietly undid her collar.

“I’ll let you go.”

Bewildered, Michiru looked between my face and the collar. She touched her neck, making sure there wasn’t a collar on her neck stuff.

“… Hu, it looks like you’ve already fallen for my charms! As expected of me!”
“Oh, sure. I might end up pouncing on you if you don’t run away right now even.”
“Pii!? T-thanks for the sandwich and sorry for the intrusiooon!”

Opening the window, Michiru escaped in a panic. Ah, she tripped.

“… Goshujin-sama.”
“Hmm? What’s up, Meat?”
“Was she… your preference?”
“No. She seemed a bit simple, so I let her back out to sea.”

I put a mark on her with the map, so I’ll know where she is if she’s inside the dungeon’s territory… nn? She left the village, huh? Well, I’ll find out the moment she comes back.

“… Goshujin-sama, if feels like you’re kind towards young girls. Me included.”
“I can’t deny that… children are treasures, and besides, that girl’s sleeping face was great.”
“Sleeping… face?”

Pinching and rubbing her face, Meat kept mumbling to herself.

“Sleeping face…”
“Your sleeping face is cute too. It heals me.”

When I said that and patted her head, her tail wagged.
And then I heard a knock at the door.

“Kehma. I just saw a young girl I’ve never seen before coming from your window?”

Now then, time for the troublesome explanations. I’ll end up a child-abducting pervert at this rate.
… Was that her goal?

No way.


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