LDM – Chapter 198

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A Promise Forgotten


While deciding on whether or not I’d continue using Meat as a hug pillow in the future, I decided to be very Japanese-like and postpone the problem for later, maintaining the current status quo for now. First, I’ll return to my dungeon—wait, before that, let’s stroll about the Imperial Capital a bit since it’s a special opportunity.
Although it’ll only take an instant to return through the gate that can only be used one more time that [Father] made, the next time I come, I’ll use [Deployment] to soar straight to the dungeon we made this time and then take half of a day to all-out dash to here in a Carriage Golem. If I used a normal carriage, it’d take a full day.
… However, if I didn’t have that derived dungeon, it’d take weeks to get here through a regular carriage service. Compared to that, it’d gotten very easy to drop in.

By the way, I heard that you normally can’t establish derived dungeons so far away from your original, but this time was a special case. Otherwise, Haku-san probably would have made a dungeon near Tsuia Mountain.




Well, I brought Meat and Ichika over to the Adventurer Guild’s Headquarters.
Rokuko was having a tea party with Haku-san in the palace. Such elegance.
I didn’t look at the kinds of commissions that pop up here in the Imperial Capital, so I decided to go give them a look. The last time I came, I just met with Misha after all.
There might be good commissions since this is the Imperial Capital though… is what I thought, but there weren’t many good ones at all, they were mostly just for thinning out dungeons.

“It’s probably cause of the mornin’ rush. Stuff like deliveries, work assistance, or anythin’ with good pay would obviously get taken yeah?”
“I guess so. The other people here would be wanting the good commissions after all.”
“Yeah~. There’s the famous sayin’: [An adventurer isn’t just themselves].”

That said, I don’t really want to come here during the morning rush just to see the commissions. Maybe I should give up checking them out… ah, what about the high ranking commissions?
Most of what’s left on the bulletin board are C-Rank stuff. Some C-Rank commissions and any B-Rank commission or higher are known as high ranking commissions and aren’t put on the bulletin board. There’s no choice but to hear about them directly from the counter, limited by things like rank and past achievements.
I’m more or less a B-Rank now, maybe I could do a general check? A big place like this should have lots of high ranking commissions too, but there probably aren’t any that could be finished up within a day. Even high ranking commissions would be quickly taken up by other adventurers if the pay’s good.
Well, let’s go see what’s there.
—It happened as I started to head over to the counter.

“Huh, aren’t you Kehma-san? Why’re you in a place like this?”
“Hmm? Who is it?”

When I turned to the voice, I saw a pair of adventurers.
Who? No, really. Who?

“I’m Uzoh! Kehma-san saved my life!”
“I’m Muzoh! I promised to find a magic sword for you!”
“… Oooh. Right… that happened.”
“We’ve never forgotten the saving grace Kehma-san bestowed on us that day! Right Muzoh!?”
“But saving people like us has to be a common occurrence for Kehma-san, it can’t be helped that he’d forget yeah, Uzoh?”

I only met you guys one time and it was a year ago~
The Uzoh Muzoh brothers. They’re the C-Rank combo adventurers whose lives I saved in the dungeon since they were the first guests for our inn, [Dancing Doll’s Pavilion]. If I recall, they brought in a ton of DP for us through the test room?

“By the way, why’s Kehma-san in the Imperial Capital? Did you move away from Sia?”
“I was just doing a commission. Just finished it up, so I’ll be heading back to Golen Village soon.”
“Golen Village? Was there a village with that name nearby…?”
“Ah, you didn’t hear? The place where that inn is turned into a village. One thing lead to another, and it’s now named Golen Village.”
“I see.”

The reason I haven’t been using its name that often is because even I tend to forget its name.

“By the way, I’m the Village Chief.”
“That’s amazing, or should I say horrible…? Right, Muzoh?”
“If it’s Kehma-san, he should manage somehow, Uzoh.”

What’s with that evaluation? It’s better than getting told they feel sorry for me, but I’d be troubled if they over evaluate me too much.

“… Which reminds me, it’s be about a year since then.”
“Ah—umm, Kehma-san. There is something that we have to apologize for.”
“We said that we’d get a hold of a magic sword and give it to you within a year, but, uhh…”

Uzoh and Muzoh were lost for words. Is it that? That they were embarrassed about being unable to get a magic sword within a year even though they said they would?

“What, the magic sword? Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind even if I have to wait another year.”

When I said that, Uzoh and Muzoh hurriedly shook their heads.

“No, we got one! But it’s…”
“It’s a magic sword that has a demerit… it’s a bit inappropriate to give to someone that saved our lives.”
“A demerit? What kind of magic sword is it?”
“It’s a magic sword that causes things to go to sleep. It’d be great if it just did that to enemies, but it causes everything nearby to feel drowsy, even the wielder.”
“Rather, as the closest thing to the magic sword, the person holding it will be the first one to get tired. We thought about having someone buy it, but don’t know what kind of price to ask for because of the effect…”

A magic sword that makes things tired…?
If it’s true, that’s an amazing effect.

“Alright, show me it. Quick, take it out, quick!”
“Eh? I mean, sure, I don’t really mind…”

Uzoh took a sheathed magic sword out from his bag. It was a dagger in a simple scabbard. If I had to say what ornamentation it had, there was a dark-type magic stone in the center of the hilt. The magic stone was about as big as a plastic bottle’s lid and was so black that it seemed to be sucking light into it.

“Hmm… how do you use it?”
“If you unsheathe it, it’ll spread drowsiness about according to the magical power you put into it.”
“Could I unsheathe it just a bit?”
“Just a bit, it’d be a bother to others.”

I tried pulling the magic sword out of its scabbard… O-oh… aaah, that’s the good stuff.
… This is wonderful. I want to give in to the drowsiness and let this sword take me away.

“Kehma-san, sorry, please stop. I’m already tired.”

Hearing Uzoh’s sleepy voice, I put the magic sword away.
This is a good sword. The best sword. No swords are better than this sword. This will take my sleep to another level.

“Can I have this?”
“… Nn, sorry, Kehma-san. I’m half asleep here, it just sounded like you said you wanted the magic sword.”
“Yeah, I’d be great with taking this magic sword.”
“Y-you seriously said that?”
“Kehma-san, we should be able to buy some other magic sword if we sold that one and used our savings. Why would you want that one?”

The heck are Uzoh and Muzoh saying?

“I’ve never seen such an amazing magic sword. I’m alright with this. No… I’m super good with this!”

Oi, why’re you guys looking at me with tears in your eyes? Don’t look at me like you’re looking at something pitiful. Isn’t it alright? It’s not like I’m going to use it to fight.

“What’s this magic sword’s name?”
“It doesn’t have one. A magic sword’s name is decided by its first user after all. If Kehma-san really means to use it, you should give it one.”

I see.
Let’s think up a name for it.
… REM sleep. Hmm, REM Blade? Nah, if I recall correctly, REM is for eyeball movements, that’s not too good. Is there a good name that has to do with sleep? Oh, right.

“Let’s call it Siesta. Siesta Sword. A Sleepsword.”
“Hahaha, Sleepsword huh? The name sounds a bit lackluster, but doesn’t that fit the sword itself? Right, Uzoh?”
“Yeah, Sleepsword Siesta. He has a good sense huh, Muzoh?”

Sleepsword Siesta. Looks like I ended up with the best magic sword in the world.
However, even if they were just paying back their loan, after getting such an amazing sword from them, I have to balance it out. I removed the scabbard with a blade golem in it from my side and handed it to the Uzoh Muzoh brothers.

“It’s a bit used, but here. Take it.”
“Kehma-dono, this is…”
“This is the same magic sword from when you guys were trapped in the [Avarice Trap]. I haven’t given it any sort of name, so feel free to give it one.”

I haven’t given it a name nor have I used it much, so it’s almost brand new.
I felt it’d be fine to give them this one since I was thinking about making a new blade golem out of orichalcum for myself, not to mention that I have Sleepsword Siesta now too.

“Nn, wait. One isn’t enough for the two of you huh… here’s another.”

With that, I fetched a spare blade golem from my [Storage] and pretended that it came from my bag. It’s a knife type that I’d made as a spare for Meat, but since the Uzoh Muzoh brothers are a swordsman and scout combination, it’ll work out. I’ll make a new one for Meat too.

“A-are you sure?”
“Yeah, think of it as my appreciation for keeping your promise.”
“Then I’ll gratefully accept it…!”

It’s free to make anyway.
And so, the Uzoh Muzoh brothers left the guild with their heads still bobbing up and down in a bow. Looks like they’ll be heading out for a commission, such hard workers.

“Goshujin-sama, wouldn’t it’ve been better to give ’em some random thing?”
“It’s alright. For Sleepsword Siesta, it was worth it.”
“… Well, if Goshujin-sama says it’s ‘kay, it’s ‘kay…”

Hmm? I just realized it, but isn’t its effect coupled with [Blackout Resistance] quite strong in a fight?
… Maybe I should give them A-Rank meals next time they come to our inn.


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