LDM – Chapter 191

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[Well then, it’s reward time~]  

Yeah, I heard you a second ago.

[First of all is the extra prize. As a reward for doing your best, this is concerning your names. Haku Raverio, Rokuko Dungeon Core. I officially recognize these names to the limits of my authority.]  
“Ah! Really, Otou-sama!?”
“Amazing, the name I got from Kehma was officially recognized!”

I don’t really understand what’s so good about it, but the two Dungeon Cores were overjoyed.
Rather, Rokuko’s surname is Dungeon Core… ah, right, come to think of it, I called her with that name a while back huh? [1]

“Rokuko, you’re Haku-san’s younger sister, so wouldn’t Rokuko Raverio be better?”
“Huh? Really?”
“Besides, if you said your name was Dungeon Core your identity would be exposed immediately… so, would it be alright to adjust it?”
[Hmm, I think using [Dungeon Core] as a common family name for my children is good though. Well… un, as Kehma-kun wishes, let’s adjust it. 695, would you like to receive Kehma-kun’s family name and become Rokuko Masuda?]  

Why’s it my family name now!?
When I looked at Rokuko, her face was beat red. Is she feeling sick? I placed my hands to her cheeks to check.
Why’s your face loosening? Oi.
A grin on his face, [Father] kept talking.

[I’m not good at thinking up new names. That’s why numbers are an amazing invention, you only have to increase the count.]  
“I think her having the same ‘Raverio’ as Haku-san would be good though…”
[Haku has ‘Raverio’ because she married Lyon-kun though? Wouldn’t it then be natural for Rokuko, who is Kehma-kun’s partner, to introduce herself with the same family name as you?]  
“Tou-sama, i-in other words, y-you mean… K-Kehma and I… married!?”

I glanced toward Haku-san… Hmm? What’s that gesture…? Her thumb moved along her neck, stabbing downward at the end… ah, right. [Die].

“Wait, Rokuko. I’d like to keep our relationship pure for now.”
“? A pure relationship? Are there impure relationships? Kehma’s here so it being a bit dirty’s alright!”

Rokuko smiled tenderly.
The sudden turn made my chest throb.

“Right, Goshujin-sama’s [Cleanup] is special.”
“See! Meat gets it! Kehma can shoo away any filth in one shot!”

Rokuko completely affirmed Meat’s statement.
Ah, so that’s what she meant. I’m a bit relieved.
Aah, I must have arrhythmia. Super arrhythmia~, I should lie down~. I must be worn out from being so busy with stuff for the Dungeon Battle~.

“Umm, rather then suddenly getting married, how about making a pun off of dungeons… ‘labyrinth’—a word that means labyrinth in my world’s language. How about we twist that further into a family name of ‘Labriheart’? Ah, ‘heart’ means heart.” [2]
[A labyrinth’s heart huh? Sounds good. Would you mind allowing me to use that for my children’s common family name?]  
“I don’t mind.”
[Alright, then it’ll be Haku Raverio and Rokuko Labriheart. Under my authority, I again officially recognize these two names. Also, I allow my children to freely use Labriheart for their family name.]  

Somehow, this [Father] really did find thinking up [New Names] to be troublesome. He adopted it at the drop of a hat.

[… However, Kehma-kun. I heard that presenting a ring to someone is meaningful where you come from? Why would it be [Suddenly] after so long since that?]  
“Mmm, that was just the extra prize, don’t you still have prizes to give?”
[Oh, right. Well then, two for both Haku and Rokuko.]  

Good. I dodged the bullet.

[For Haku, a magic sword I made. As well as… ah, I guess it’d be better to keep it a secret from Kehma-kun and them? I’ll send you the other one later.]  
“Thank you for your consideration, Otou-sama. I accept your gift gratefully.”

… A magic sword made by [Father] huh. Wouldn’t that be a magic sword strong enough to wreck the planet? Also, what’s with that secret prize? I want to know what it is…

[For Rokuko… Yep. I’ll give you one of the godly beddings, a godly comforter. Ah, Kehma-kun, remember that this is for Rokuko.]  

Seriously? Godly beddings. Moreover, that ‘one of’… So that means there are other kinds?
… Now I have to collect them all.

[Make sure to read the instructions before using it, there are various things you’ll need to know. The next prize is for Kehma-kun. I give you this.]  

A white gem about as big as a basketball fell down in front of me.

“A Dummy Core?”
[No. Although it isn’t numbered and has nothing inside it, it is a genuine core. Go ahead and break it.]  

… Huh?

[You’re a Hero while also being a Dungeon Master, didn’t you want to see what’d happen if you destroyed a core? Ah, do you need a weapon?]  

… Ah, of course I’d be found out. Of cooourse~
With another bang, a sword fell down in front of me while I was thinking.
It was a plain sword that lacked any decoration, a sword made entirely of metal, even its hilt.
Yeah. It’s just a simple sword made fully out of metal. It’s just that that ‘metal’ was orichalcum.
Bargain bin orichalcum! How many ingots did it take to make this thing?

[That’s a freebie. I’m feeling pretty good today, so have fun with that. It’s not a magic sword or anything so don’t worry yeah? It’s just normal orichalcum shaped into a sword. Use it however you want.]  
“Could I melt it down into wires?”
[Sure. Do whatever with it.]  

Looks like me being able to process it however I want with [Create Golem] was exposed too.
I held the orichalcum sword… yep, it’s lighter than it looks. It’s one of orichalcum’s characteristics. After going this far, there’s no way I couldn’t destroy the Dungeon Core that was shining white just in front of me.
I swung at the mysterious Dungeon Core with the orichalcum sword.

The response was lighter than I’d expected. So sharp!
The Dungeon Core was sliced in half from my simple slash. I felt a warm wind break out from the cracked core.

[So, feel anything? You get a skill?]  
“No, I don’t really feel any—ah.”

I felt something like electricity run down my spine. This is it. It’s similar to the sensation from when you use a skill scroll. Information planted itself directly in my brain.
Aah, yep, there it is. I’m learning something. It’s like it’s telling me to not open another application during the installation—that sort of feeling.
I stopped moving for a while and waited for it to finish.
Once the installation finished, I heard a mechanical voice that felt like I’d heard it somewhere before echo in my head.

[[Super Transformation Lv 3] has been acquired.] [3]

… And it suddenly went to Lv 3 for some reason, the heck?


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  • Things in ‘single quotes’ are written in katakana and aren’t being translated by Translation Function-san. Also note that ‘Labriheart’ is stated phonetically as ‘Labyrisuheart’. Assuming the author’s intention was to make a single, shorter word than the mouth-filling ‘Labyrinth Heart’, I chose to further shorten it into something that sounds less awkward in English. Return
  • Author-sama mentions that Super Transformation is very Kamen Rider-ish at the end of the chapter. As a result, I went with the popular way of translating the ability for Kamen Rider. Return


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