LDM – Chapter 183

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Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 6


I caused a water current to start up in the submerged floor. Water’s just coming in from the floor above though.
If I let the water drain down from above into the drainage traps, the water will flow downward.
Is it hard for them to hold their ground underwater? The Skeletons were sliced into small pieces by the orichalcum wire like gelatin.

… Fufufu, this wire’s super effective…!

“Orichalcum thread… it’s good that you could prepare such fine thread.”
“Yeah, there’s a skilled master blacksmith at our village.”

Let’s go with that. Well, I’m the one that actually made it of course.
Taking out the four orichalcum coins that Rokuko got from the 1,000 DP gacha, I tried out making them into superfine threads like fiberglass. It was enough just making it thin enough that it started drooping. It looked like what I saw on TV before.
Using [Create Golem] to manipulate the orichalcum’s even easier than the normal way used to forge iron, I’m in full control too.
I was a bit worried about its strength since it was so thin, but it almost sliced through my fingers when I tried picking it up. Rather, it’s at the point that Iron Golem would easily get sliced up.
And that’s all despite it being thinner than a hair. Orichalcum is scary.
I was somehow able to pick it up after attaching handles to both ends of the one meter long orichalcum wire. I ended up making a crazy level wire.
(Keeping it cheap by using iron for the handles, I made it by having it adhere to the orichalcum.)

“Maybe I should have something made next time?”
“Please ask through me, that person is a little obstinate. Even if you talked to him directly, he’d just say stuff like [It can’t be made!].”
“Really? Well, keeping capable craftsmen on a leash is important. I’ll leave the ordering to Kehma-san when the time comes, then.”

Concerning the orichalcum processing, I already more or less revealed it with the ring.
Eh, well, there’s a pretty big difference in difficulty between making a ring and making a wire that’s thinner than a hair though.

“Hey Kehma, they’re at the middle part of this submerged floor right?”
“Yeah, just about.”
“So then that means it’s time for them to have a do-over? How’s it going on our enemies’ sides?”
“Let’s see what’s going on in Team Dragon King’s dungeon. Meat?”
“… First of all, we reached the seventh floor in Team Dragon King’s dungeon. It is the seventh floor, but this boss room isn’t a miniboss, it’s the dungeon’s last boss.”

… There weren’t any decent gimmicks in their maze at all. They were all meant to be used against humanoids, so they practically didn’t affect the fish at all. Even for Team Demon King’s Black Armor, its armor’s strength was so strong that it was unhurt. The only effective trap against it was the skewer trap, but that’s normal.
I never thought that we’d make it that far so easily.
Now we only need to look forward to the dungeon boss, but the Black Armor’s super motivated and swinging its black sword around. Our turn isn’t going to show up, is it?
I mean, there’s a decent chance that it’ll turn on us if we tried interrupting the fight.
Let’s let it do whatever.

“How is it progressing in Team Demon King’s dungeon?”
“Nn, we’re at another boss-like room on the fifth floor. Feels miniboss-ish.”

There’s a big skeleton guarding the door that leads farther in.
It’s probably a boss monster they prepared to use from the start, unlike the bone fish from the second floor.
Unlike how the bone fish felt like it was prepared after seeing their dungeon get flooded, this one feels like it belongs in this dungeon.
Although this dungeon had the usual traps like spring noose traps, pitfall traps, and traps that would shoot arrows at you if you touched a wire, they were all just shabby.
I don’t know what’ll happen after this, but I won’t be careless.
More of those Black Armor monsters might appear as the dungeon boss.

“! Kehma! The Black Armor that was in Team Demon King’s dungeon entrance came to our dungeon!”

Seriously? They’re finally going to try and capture us seriously huh. Taking a look, a Black Armor was walking into our dungeon with a lot of Skeletons. It was surrounded by the Skeletons, so it looks like it’s wary of traps.

“Let’s try giving them a dose of water to chew on. Open the first floodgate.”

I added a Barrel Gargoyles while we were at it. Now then, what’ll they do?
Their response appeared immediately.
A few of the skeletons in the front were struck by the barrel, but the Black Armor cutting the Gargoyle that appeared from inside it in half with its sword. Then, they probably replenished their forces through a summon-type skill like [Summon Skeleton].
It was used a lot during that fight at Team Demon Lord’s dungeon entrance, but summon-type skills really are strong, huh. They can keep on replenishing pawns for free.
I followed their lead and used [Summon Gargoyle]. If a single Barrel Gargoyle’s no good, what about five? What about ten? Well, it probably won’t have much effect, but… Gargoyle-kuns. I’ll leave it to you.
… It feels like they’re resenting me from being used as sacrifices, so don’t come back even if you survive, kay?
Aah, if that’s the case maybe it’s easier using [Summon Skeleton] like this? They’re dead from the start after all. Ah, but there’s that scary grudge feeling huh. Which way would be better then… Hmm.

“What now? Gonna keep the water goin’?”
“No, it’s better if we keep them going only for short intervals rather than constantly flowing. The strongest thing about it is the initial punch of the water current after all. And so—take out [The Big Ball]. We’ll be using it here.”
“Finally! [The Big Ball], go!”

Rokuko manipulated the monitor in glee and and room that stored [The Big Ball]—it was placed on the ceiling—swung open.
Then, [The Big Ball]… a gigantic ball of iron, fell down the slope.
It’s something pretty common in certain adventure films.
Following the obvious combination of [Gravity + Slope + Ball], [The Big Ball] slowly rolled down the hill.

To say it another way, the ball was a huge bowling ball. The enemies? Our pins.
While on the subject, it’s made to be just barely the same size as the passage. It can’t be avoided unless you’re in a room. Even if you cut in half, its crazy momentum would stay the same!

[The Big Ball] moved slowly at first, but it gradually picked up speed. By the time it encountered that Black Armor it’d be strong enough to knock them into their next life.
What, even though it just barely fits the passage, that means there’s a little room in the corners? Those are blocked, so don’t worry. There’s no room to dodge. The remnants of those snakes are all just red spots now!

Moreover, this trap was Haku-san’s idea. She recommended it because I’d already prepared the slope, which it needed. It really is stronger than a water current.

“Fufufu, the fusion of my idea for a trap and Rokuko-chan’s dungeon… this is wonderful.”
“Gooo! [The Big Ball]! Realize my and Haku Ane-sama’s strength~!”

Its momentum at the max, the iron ball encountered the Black Armor-led group of Skeletons.


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