LDM – Chapter 177

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Third Dungeon Battle: Onset of War

(Attackers’ Point of View)


# Team Dragon King’s PoV #

[Hahaha, everyone’s pretty motivated eh? Well then, let’s start… In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… 3-Team Dungeon Battle, START!]  

Together with [Father] saying start, two gates opened up in the designated room. Core 650 (Giant Snake), Core 651 (Giant Frog), and Core 652 (Giant Slug) decided on going on the offense right away.

“Noooow, go, Bite Snakes!”
“Gekokoko, I’ll leave the first wave to you, 650!”
“I’m the most agile after aaaaall~”

Snakes rushed into the gates as soon as it opened.
To be precise, the gate appeared in a room packed to the brim with snakes beforehand. The plan was to make it so that invaders wouldn’t be able to rush in, stopping their starting dash.

“This is the strategy we learned from 5-sama!”
“Gue gue, getting to summon so many monsters, this is the stuff we can do with so much DP!”
“There’s no way we’d lose with this many monsteeeers!”

Manipulating the snakes to overflow into the enemy dungeons, 650 decided to deal with the enemy forces in the rooms first. Team Sovereign’s dungeon had Golems, with Team Demon King’s dungeon being packed full of Skeletons.
They were probably the enemies’ main forces. If they just had that number of them, neither the Skeletons nor Golems were a match for the Bite Snakes’ agilitiy. That’s what 650 and the others decided.

“Aaaahahaha! My cute snakes are the best!”

The snakes defeated the skeletons by coiling around their bones, breaking them. The golems were defeated by being slowly bit away at. However, their enemies were formidable and would fight back against the snakes, smashing them, crushing them underfoot, as well as cutting them into pieces with the weapons they held.
They weren’t losing forces at a 1:1 ratio, so they would win with their current number of forces. Even so, they were sustaining losses.
Well, they were giving their opponents even larger losses, so it was alright. At any rate, they didn’t take much DP and had plenty to use.

—Then again, the DP their opponents could use was the same—

The current battle was proceeding smoothly, so 650 and the others didn’t think about it too deeply. They could continue on with their current momentum since it was going so well, and Core 5 wasn’t going out of his way to say anything either.

… And then it happened.

The door to Team Sovereign’s gate room bursted open and a vast amount of water surged in.
Their gate room, which was protected from being invaded by being packed with monsters, was filled with water. The snakes that were inside it got pushed back into the passageway.

“W-wh-what the hell!? H-h-ho—stop! W-what should we do!?”
“Wha…!? Damn, that 89 used such a cowardly trick!”
“Do you know what’s happening, Dungeon Core No. 5-samaaaaa!?”

Core 651 (Giant Frog) asked Core 5.

“They flooded it! It’s a strategy of washing away enemies by using a mass of water, deal with the water!”
“D-deal with it!? What should we do!?”
“Calm down, 650! Snakes can swim in water. Quickly, stop the enemies that flooded in and finish them off! 651, 652, collect the other water that flowed into the dungeon where you can and cast it out of the dungeon! In places with no enemies, it’s just ordinary water, so you can still deal with it, hurry! This trick will end once the water they have stored runs out, it’s a disposable strategy! Even if they can do it a second time, we can use the time until they collect enough water!”

The junior cores all moved in accordance with Core 5’s comments. The water came flowing in with a staggering momentum, followed by enemies, enemies, and more enemies.
Clay golems—ones that were already turned into wreckage—that had wooden boxes on their backs came pouring in, crashing into the walls along with several snakes.
Some stuff with enemy reactions came out from inside the boxes when they broke.

“H-hey, the heck are those!? Fish—eh, fish? FISH!?”
“651, you too—calm down! Use the frogs to eat the fish! We can’t collect any water with enemies in it! Dammit, damn that 89! GAAAAA! If this were my battle, I’d use my Dragon Breath to instantly evaporate all of this water!!”

If it were Core 5’s dungeon, it’d all be evaporated along with the enemies in the water by the Dragons that filled his dungeon.
However, this battle between their juniors was limited to 500,000 DP, an exceedingly small amount (for Core 5). For him, a battle that you couldn’t even have a single Dragon simply couldn’t be considered a fight. With 500,000 DP, they could only just barely summon a Lesser Dragon, a ‘failure’ that was barely better than a normal animal.

“Dungeon Core No. 5-samaaaa! Water, there’s too much water! Nothing woooorkiiiiing!”
“It’s alright, keep it up! If you don’t get rid of the water, the dungeon will get filled with it!”

Core 652 did his best to collect the water as Core 5 instructed him to, draining it outside the dungeon.
However, most of the floor had already been submerged in water. The water finally reached the second floor, washing away not only the enemy’s fish into it, but the Skeletons and Golems as well.
… Draining water is pretty hard.




# Team Demon King’s PoV #

[Hahaha, everyone’s pretty motivated eh? Well then, let’s start… In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… 3-Team Dungeon Battle, START!]  

Together with [Father]’s final word there, two gates opened up in the previously specified room.
Snakes overflowed from one of them. The other gate was ominously silent.
She’d leave the snakes to the Skeletons.

“Bone-domos. Advance, trample them!”

Passing down her orders to the Skeletons, Core 666 watched how the situation played out.
She wasn’t yet able to break into Team Dragon King’s gate, but it was likely just a matter of time. Team Sovereign’s room had Golems.
During the battle, some of the snakes continued attacking the Skeletons despite having the chance to move further inside from the gate room.
Core 650 and the others were likely manipulating them and not thinking about anything like that. They were incompetent. Going farther inside if a chance to do so arose was the very role of an advance party.
… Even so, Team Sovereign still hadn’t invaded. They might be scheming something.

Just as she starting thinking that she was looking forward to it, water came pouring in from Team Sovereign’s gate. A flood. No, a giant flood.
Golems and snakes washed into the dungeon… The Skeleton enclosure was quickly broken through, the enemies entering the dungeon.

“Haha, good one, 695! Now this is why you’re a suitable rival for me!”

Seeing her own dungeon be ravished by the water, Core 666 laughed in delight.
It was time for her to get serious, too.

… She first replenished her Skeleton troops with [Summon Skeleton].
Core 666 sang the chant in a way like she was enjoying herself.


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