LDM – Chapter 171

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1,000 DP Machine Gun Gacha (x150)


The hundred fifty machine gun back-to-back 1,000 DP gacha finished.
For its results, ten monsters, with one hundred and forty skill scrolls and potions, as well as miscellaneous goods and armor.
In conclusion, we made a killing. I knew we would the moment that Rokuko started spinning them though.

Let’s start with the monsters.

For fails: a flying squid, two marlin tuna, five sharks. For successes: a baby diamond shell turtle and an ammoknight.

… Why are all of the things coming from the gacha water-type? Is it taking the location into account or is it thanks to Rokuko’s luck? There was no where to store the sharks and stuff so it was a great help that we’re so close to the sea. Where are they now? They’re running free in the sea. It’d cause a huge commotion if there were people on the beach!
Ah, the flying squid is a mysterious existence that can soar through the air as though it were swimming underwater. I don’t know if it’s good for both water and air, but it’s cool.

And then there’s the turtle.

“Oh? This is… a jeweled turtle? A diamond type one, at that. It is still an infant, but even that would cost 50,000 DP to purchase you know?”
“… How long does it take to grow up, and to what size?”

It’s about the size of those green turtles you can buy at festivals… even at that size, there’s a super clear diamond on its back.
It looks like it’d be worth quite the sum of money.

“They grow somewhere in the vicinity of one centimeter per year. Oh, come to think of it, jeweled turtle farms are a convenient way to earn DP. It takes around five years to recoup your investment, becoming pure profit after that. I recommend it for dungeon cores that don’t use human farms… The method will get worse if it gets too popular, so don’t tell anyone.”
“Ah, of course.”

Five years of waiting huh. You’d have to be pretty patient and you wouldn’t even able to do it as a dungeon with low income because of their 50,000 DP starting cost.
… Well, thinking about it as an investment, it might be a good idea to get a few of them now. Our current income’s enough and it should be a guaranteed return…

“… Oh right, I was wondering, was Rokuko-chan’s ring made by raising a jeweled turtle? By making an orichalcum ring first, then putting it on a ruby type’s back. After growing for about a year, it might turn into an orichalcum ring encased in ruby? Then making it… by filing it down afterwards… perhaps. But still, you would need to pay careful attention so that no other impurities would make their way in, hmm… alright, let’s use this method to have a dwarf start slowly making a ring that matches Rokuko-chan’s…”

Haku-san started muttering as she thought about something, so let’s check out the remaining rare result, the ammoknight.

Well, it’s official name as a monster is something like ammonite knight.
First off, its size. Its shell is about the size of a coffee table. The shell has a whirlpool pattern and isn’t soft on the eyes at all.
As for what’s inside the shell… there’re a lot of tentacles moving about like a nautilus. It’s pretty disgusting if you look up close. It glides around in the water with them. Its defense is pretty high, so this guy’s pretty useful.
And for the knight… eh, it’s knight. It uses a sword and shield. It moves around underwater like a knight does on land. A pretty strong person. It’ll get weaker when it goes onto land, but it’s not as though it becomes completely immobile.

By the way, why were there so many things with tentacles this time? Sure, the tentacle slime and manga octopus can have them, but even the flying squid has them. [1]
… Ah, maybe Rokuko’s desire for Tentacles/Goblins influenced it!?
No way, right?

Ah, the rest aren’t monsters, but this is everything.


– 28x Recovery Potion
– 35x Upper Class Recovery Potion
– 12x Mana Potion
– 14x Upper Class Mana Potion
– 4x Status Recovery Potion
– 1x Berserk Potion
– 1x Elixir


– 3x Scroll of Slash
– 10x Scroll of Ice Bolt
– 4x Scroll of Lightning
– 1x Scroll of Grow Weed
– 1x Scroll of Create Golem
– 1x Scroll of Summon Gargoyle
– 1x Scroll of Storage
– 13x Scroll of Healing
– 1x Scroll of Area Heal


– 1x Turtle Scrub Brush
– 1x Submersible Motor (Plastic Model Use)
– 4x Orichalcum Coin
– 1x School Swimsuit (Old Type: Deep Blue)
– 1x Bikini Armor
– 1x Fisher Shirt [2]

One hundred and forty in total.

… Why are there more [Upper Class Recovery Potions] than [Low Class Recovery Potions]? Moreover, is [Elixir] what I think it is? A full heal? It’s some sort of ointment, heeeh~
For scrolls, thirteen [Scroll of Healing] appeared… they’re worth 100,000 DP each. The superior [Scroll of Area Heal] came out too. There’s even a [Scroll of Summon Gargoyle]. Seriously, too crazy.
As for the miscellaneous items, I don’t get why we got stuff like submersible motor or the orichalcum coin. We have a motor with no battery now. And really, why did the old school swimsuit, bikini armor and fisher shirt come out? 1,000 DP gacha, are you trying to dress Rokuko up?

By the way, [Elixir] costs 300,000 DP each, [Scroll of Area Heal] costs 250,000 DP each. Just buying those two from the catalog would’ve cost us practically all of the DP we had to use this time. Even the [Orichalcum Coin] is 100,000 DP each. We have four.
… We got upwards of 2,000,000 DP in value from 150,000 DP. That’s not on the level of ‘positive earnings’! That’s a cheat, a cheat! That’s over 1000% in revenue!
If asked how much is going to be useful for this Dungeon Battle, I’d say not much—not. [Scroll of Summon Gargoyle] is awesome.
It looks like [Grow Weed] just takes magical power to grow weeds, but I could probably make it grow trees. I’d use it when I go back home so that Haku-san wouldn’t see. I would just be [Carrying Over] timber, so it’s alright.
I could even use the [Berserk Potion] on an enemy so they’d kill each other.

Furthermore, according to Haku-san, seeing the results—

“I wonder if she has a skill like Hero Wataru’s [Super Luck]…?”

I also wondered something like that.
Rokuko’s luck has to be from some sort of skill. Rather, please be from one.
Well, that Rokuko’s enjoying herself by playing with the scrub brush.

“By the way, why are you so happy about that brush?”
“Eh? It matches that one Kehma bought a while back though? Aren’t you happy?”

Well, even if they match, scrub brushes are a bit sensitive to talk about.


  • Note that Keima uses ‘manga’ here instead of ‘toon’. Intentional by the author, I think. Likely showing that Keima just nicknamed it something more ‘Japanese’. Return
  • A souvenir t-shirt fad from what I can tell. Written as [Umi Hito (lit. Sea Person -> Fisher/Diver)], read as [Uminchu]. The word is on the t-shirt and is sold in Okinawa. People taking trips there on school trips and the like would all buy one and wear them for their stay, kind of like a Hawaiian flowery t-shirt. Here’s an example of them being sold. If anyone is familiar with a more proper term for these than ‘Fisher Shirt’, please let me know! Return


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