LDM – Chapter 170

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Rokuko’s Five Back-to-Back 10,000 DP Gacha


The second day of making the dungeon. I decided to have Rokuko spin the gacha.
Depending on what pops out, I might change the dungeon’s structure quite a bit.

“I’ll go straight for the 10,000 DP gacha then!”
“Yeah. Go for it.”

I’m thinking about having her go and use 200,000 of the 500,000 DP on spinning. First will be five 10,000 DP spins and a hundred fifty 1,000 DP spins after.

“Come to think of it, Kehma-san was summoned through the 1,000 DP gacha, wasn’t he?”
“Yeah, he was.”
“Something worth ten Kehma-sans is about to appear from the gacha, hmm?”

Haku-san smiled as she spoke.
We already went through that back with the phoenix egg!

“Gacha is very inefficient. You won’t know what will come out, so summoning from the catalog that is exact… is what the overwhelming majority of cores do. In truth, there are very little successes that come out. It is almost always better to purchase things directly with DP.”
“Oh? I heard that Haku-san had summoned a dragon from the gacha though?”
“Yes, it’s something I verified when I had an excess amount of DP. I spun the 1,000 DP gacha ten thousand times before a single infant white dragon appeared. All of the others were failures.”

You used 10,000,000 DP in one go…? That’s a 0.01% chance!

Nn? Wait a sec. For Rokuko’s luck to only give results better than the amount put in, what in the world… no, let’s not think about it.

“I trust Rokuko’s luck!”
“I was trusted…! Here I goooo…! Hah!”

A large magic formation, around ten meters in diameter, appeared.
I wonder if it’ll be the same as the time she used the 1,000 DP gacha and got the phoenix egg (Feni)? It pressed against the outside of the room that time.

“… I suddenly feel like she got a success.”

Come to think of it, when I spun the gacha, all that appeared was a super small magic formation.
Just then, the magic formation rotated and began to shrink down to around two meters in diameter—

—and transparent tentacles gushed out, we can see it all now.

“Uwaah, what’s this guy… eh, didn’t we see him a bit ago? He was about twice as big though.”
“For a tentacle slime to appear… its affinity for the dungeon is great, too. Ah, what you had seen before was a big tentacle slime, Rokuko-chan. It was the evolved form of this one.”
“Hmm, so it was a small win then?”

It was worth an equivalent of 80,000 DP. I wasn’t expecting such a big return so quickly, so I found myself smiling.
As expected of Rokuko. Alright now, let’s have her spin another 10,000 DP gacha.

“Oh? It’s small!”
“This one is a fail. Well, this is the usual result.”

Somehow, the magic formation that appeared was only a meter wide. What happened, Rokuko!?
An octopus appeared out of the formation. It has eight deformed legs and a round head. It has a headband on it for some reason. It’s like some kind of anime character.
… This is an octopus, right? It’s not a dagon, right…?

“This is a toon octopus. They are popular as friendly pets due to how cute they look, but they are weak as monsters.”
“Mumu, really?”

They are 500 DP in the catalog, but it looks like they’re sometimes sold for a few silver?
… Maybe I should sell it through one of Haku-san’s connections?

“Ah, but they are able to use a smokescreen underwater. They are able to cause total darkness with a temporary smokescreen that lasts  several seconds. Moreover, they won’t die from some fatal attacks and are even able to take quite a beating. Even if they suffer a major injury, they tend to heal completely within around a week’s time.”

The heck, is that some sort of gag compensation? Is it really a toon?
The octopus is defective in that it has no attack… it’ll get along well with Rei.

And now it was time to spin the next 10,000 DP gacha.
Rokuko’s legendary luck triggered again as another large magic formation appeared.

“Another success… Rokuko-chan, you really are lucky, aren’t you?”
“Fufu Haku Ane-sama, of course! Nooow, what’ll come out?”

This time, the magic formation shrank to around one meter. Then, with a bang, a barrel appeared.
… A barrel…? The heck’s this?

“… That isn’t a monster. It is an item.”

Come to think of it, we got that [Cooking] skill scroll before huh.

“An item? What kind?”
“It is alcohol. This is an extremely aged vintage wine… It is too much for you, I’ll keep charge of it for now.”

Haku-san cheerfully put away the barrel into her [Storage]. Umm, excuse me… that came from my DP too though? … Well, it’s all good.

The fourth time. A particularly huge magic formation appeared. Another success huh?
Woah, isn’t this one almost fifteen meters wide?

“Oh, this one’s pretty amazing.”
“… A jackpot? This is the first time I’ve seen one.”

After Haku-san said that, once the magic formation shrank down to being super small, an orb about the size of a palm flew out.

“… This is some sort of skill orb. They are like scrolls, but you won’t be able to know what skill they have until they are used… Well, we know which the ones we usually have are since we buy they with DP through the catalog.”
“Heeeh. There’s stuff like that? Kehma, try using it.”
“Why me? I won’t be in the front lines even if it’s a battle skill or something. You sure?”
“Ah, don’t worry. Unlike scrolls, skill orbs can be used several times.”

When I looked at the DP Catalog and didn’t see any skill orbs, Haku-san said that it is because I haven’t purchased many skill scrolls. It’s true, I haven’t used many.
By the way, the DP cost of an orb is one hundred times the cost of the original scroll. Even so, they’ll break after about ten times, so they are extremely inefficient items when it comes to DP. That’s why no one uses it, it doesn’t appear much in society either.

At any rate, I decided to try using it.
It’s used the same way as a scroll, so I put some of my magical power into it.
It was a skill that we got from a jackpot success, so I had some expectations for it.
In response to my magical power pouring into it, the orb started shining brightly as a magical formation entered into my head.

“Uoh, t-this is… what an unusable skill!”
“What kind of skill is it?”

The skill that I learned… was [Blackout Resistance Lv9].
It’s effect… the ability to resist effects from skills that cause lack of consciousness and medicine and the like. It’s possible to not lose consciousness even in an environment that one would otherwise faint from… Moreover, [Sleeping] is included in the category of [Blacking Out]. MOREOVER moreover, they’d be fine even after a month of not sleeping.

“Mmm, Dungeon Cores don’t need something like that!”
“Oh, but it is a fairly useful skill for adventurers and Dungeon Masters. Not blacking out means that they could continue working without losing their senses. As a Dungeon Master, not sleeping in the middle of a Dungeon Battle decreases how often they are inactive… Kehma-san, now you can continue working without needing to sleep.”
“Please, please spare me…”

Additionally, it’s a passive skill. It is always on.
Is this punishment for working too much and not sleeping lately? Oh God of Sleep, please have mercy on me!

“Kehma, look, look! I did the last 10,000 DP gacha spin, it was a fail but [Super Strong Sleeping Pills] came out! It’s an incense type!”
“Ooh… but I can tell by intuition… it won’t work on me anymore…!”

Excuse me, God of Sleep? Are you teasing this pitiful lamb!?
This lost lamb will have to count sheep over and over from now on!

“Kehma, can’t you turn Blackout Resistance on and off?”
“Ah, I can… I’m saved… Thank you Rokuko. You saved me!”
“Oh? That’s good. There are many passive skills that cannot be turned off.”

Thank goodness. Let’s worship the God of Sleep. I don’t know if it exists though.
Seriously, such a dangerous skill is going to be restricted to OFF! It’s a matter of life and death here.


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