LDM – Chapter 139

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The black wolf and the saintess walked together in the dungeon. They were attacked by golems several times on the way, but the saintess would either stop them herself rather easily or the black wolf would prevent all attacks against her. Either way, the saintess cleaned them up in the end.

The golems weren’t just the multi-armed variations that wielded bows, but the spiked shell tortoise-like golems rushed her as well… The saintess took care of them like the other golems, she wasn’t having any problems.

But there weren’t just golems; there were traps as well.
The saintess got caught in a pitfall trap, but the black wolf saved her by holding her in its mouth. Swords occasionally burst out of door that the black wolf attempted to open.
Incidentally, the wolf stayed calm despite being struck by multiple swords.
The saintess asked it it would like [Healing] used on it, but it simply responded with: [I’m not injured, nor tired, so why?]  
… It looked like it had been pierced all the way through though.

Meanwhile, the entire floor was made visible through [Mapping]… Soon there wouldn’t be any ways to go. It was a last resort measure, but it was about time that they’d have to try breaking a wall.
They found a golem sitting defenseless in front of a wall. It looked like an ordinary golem… however, this golem was the most variated species the saintess had ever seen.

[Gururu, garu, gow.]  
[Mu? … Gururu, goooarga, gururu.]  

The golem spoke with wolf words.
It wasn’t like it was just randomly barking, it was definitely talking with the black wolf. In any case, the saintess had no idea what was being said.
After talking with growl-like sounds for a while, the wolf faced the saintess.

[Garuru, gururuu?]  
[Ah, human, right. Mmm, what is, your name?]  
“Ah, um, yes, it’s Alka.”

Asked by the black wolf, the saintess answered obediently.

[Let me, introduce. Your senpai, Euma. Euma, your junior, Alka. Get along.]  
“Eh? Senpai?”
[… I’m Euma. Your senpai as a follower. If possible, I’d love if you could hurry and leave.]  

It used human speech. With a strange quality of voice, it unmistakably had just introduced itself. She felt that it somewhat resembled the village chief’s voice.

“You’re… a golem, right?”
[Did you not expect a golem to talk? You’ve been talking with Rin, so I don’t think it should be too much of a surprise.]  
[My, name. Call me boss, Ke—… Euma.]  

So the black wolf’s name was Rin?
The saintess engraved that name into her mind.

[Oi, Alka. It’d be a favor to your senpai, could you leave?]  
“I can’t do that. I… only have until today.”
[That so? Unfortunate… Oi, boss. I’m going to be defeating this one after this, please don’t get in the way.]  

Slowly, Golem Euma stood up with its back still against the wall.

“Wait, what do you mean?”
[It’s like this. You’re an adventurer that came to capture this dungeon, and I’m… a dungeon monster, different from boss. Isn’t it obvious?]  

Suspiciously human-like Euma shrugged its shoulders as it responded. Even though it was a golem. However, dungeon monsters would fight to defend the dungeon. It was something natural.

“Monsters with intelligence are not bound to dungeons, there have been studies that show that they survive even if the dungeon core is destroyed. Euma-san, wouldn’t that path be more convenient?”
[No, it wouldn’t. I strive to protect the dungeon core after all.]  

Was it a boss, then? But was it alright to allow a boss to leave the boss room and wander around?

[You might have noticed already, but you have to kill me to leave this floor—moreover, I will battle using my subordinates… Rin, could you please not interfere? Honestly, you’ve already gotten in the way of the arrows and traps.]  
[Hmph, of course. Euma, and Alka, are weak. So, I’ll defend, both of you. After all, I am, your boss!]  

Apparently, Euma didn’t understand what Rin meant either. It looked just as puzzled as the saintess was.

[… Then, please don’t stop me from repulsing Alka.]  
[Refused. I’ll defend.]  
[… Then will you stop going any deeper than this?]  
[Hmm? No. I promised, after all.]  

Giving up trying to communicate with Rin, Euma turned directly to the saintess.

[Even if you go, it’s useless. What you’re looking for isn’t beyond here. I put it away.]  

“… That’s a lie, isn’t it?”

The saintess muttered.

[… A lie? What’s your basis? I don’t lie.]  
“My [Eyes of Truth] can tell when people are lying. Right now, you’re bright red you know?”
[That so… then, what’ll you do?]  

The saintess swung her battle hammer, but it was blocked with a black tail.
Euma didn’t budge an inch. What it that confident in itself, or did it simply know that Rin would stop it?

[… Rin, don’t interfere.]  
[Interfere? Why.]  
[The conversation’s gone off track for a while now. Oi, Alka. If you don’t kill me, I won’t let you advance.]  
“Boss? Since this is the case, is it alright?”
[Can’t be, helped. If it’s between, fellow followers, can’t be helped. Euma, eating you.]  

Immediately following that, Euma got eaten by Rin… What happened to protecting it?

“That’s… protecting?”
[It’s all right, Euma can revive, over and over, too.]  

With a crumble, the wall that was behind Euma’s back was broken.
Beyond it was the path onward.


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