LDM – Chapter 131

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The Village’s Name and the Saintess’ Time Limit


As work for winter, I decided to help out with Gozoh’s iron golem hunting. It was a scary place since there’s a demon that’s become a threat, but the guild’s purchasing price is at a premium because of it. Well, it’s fine since there’s something I want to hear.
In the middle of helping defeat iron golems, I asked Gozoh something.

“By the way, what happened with the village’s name, Gozoh?”
“Huh? … Ah, sorry. I-I said I’d think about it, but I didn’t.”

This guy forgot.

“I see. Is it because I’m a figurehead village chief? That’s cruel.”
“… Aah, on that subject, you were a figurehead?”
“Right right, Gozoh+Roppu’s Love Love Village huh. Man, sounds like a great name~”
“H-hey, no! I definitely…. thought about the name. Golen!”

You just happened to see a golem just now, oi.
But Golen Village huh. Well, it’s not bad. The feeling it has from making a pun on [Golem] that represents our dungeon and inn is good… Is golem spoken as golem in this other world’s language too? The skill name is [Create Golem], so the possibility should be high.

“Is there any meaning?”
“… It’s close to being a village of golems.”
“It does fit, well, that’s good I guess.”
“Eh!? Y-you seriously aren’t going to give it more thought!?”
“Nah, it’s a wonderful name that Gozoh thought about for a long time, I shouldn’t need to think about it on top of that… Let’s gather the villagers into the bar and make it a grand announcement. We’ll have you announce the name’s meaning to everyone.”
“Sorry! I thought it up just now, forgive me!”
“Hahaha, thought so.”

Gozoh and I laughed with each other.

“But I did decide on Golen. It leaves a good impression.”

Like that, the no-named village became Golen Village.
It’s a much better name than Gozoh+Roppu’s Love Love Village.

“So it’s been snowing now, is our winter storage doing alright?”
“Yeah, we’re alright on that front. Rather, thanks to you letting the village’s people use your inn’s onsen free of charge, we don’t need many magic stones to use as fuel or for heating magic tools. We have lots left. There’s even a lot of extra old flour in the warehouse. The taste’s a bit worse for wear, but there’s nothing wrong with at all. I mean, with having Sia’s and Pavuera’s markets go through us, it looks like the merchants are planning on using this village as a way station even through this winter.”

In other words, our supplies are perfect. Even if in the rare chance that we run out, we can import. I wonder if he used the hundred gold I gave him to set that up?
They’ll be using the cave’s toll system, so then we’ll be getting a welcome income even without doing anything. Is this the thrill of investment…? Ah, did he say that he’d give more gold back if it went well?

“Gozoh… merchants are amazing.”
“Really. But you’re also a big shot, being able to take out such a huge amount like it’s nothing.”

I haven’t been able to think of a hundred gold coins as being much money recently after seeing the saintess practically shed it though…
If he’s able to get extra gold back, maybe I’ll try investing two hundred into him next time?




Several days later. A response letter appeared to have arrived from the Holy Kingdom.
It’s contents… an order for her to return.

[… Return? I haven’t done anything yet though!?]  
[It says something about taking responsibility… not gently, either.]  
[Responsibility? For what?]  

It also looks like the letter Rokuko wrote arrived safely as well.
One addressed to Rokuko had also arrived.
Its contents: [We do not intend to wage war, that would be undesirable and is not something we wish to happen. The saintess had done that without permission. Please give our regards to the emperor.]  
With that as an excuse: [The saintess will return home.]  
It’s great they didn’t suddenly say something like they’d go to war with us. I can’t take responsibility for that.

[I don’t understand. To summon us back as fast as possible… it seems they won’t be providing additional funding.]  
[Guh, I should have been more sparing with the cake then…! But I couldn’t resist the temptation! I was told there were only eight slices left of that luxurious thing, I don’t regret it at all!]  

Yep, it was that cake. Once she had one, she had to purchase all eight of the slices at ten gold each for a total of eighty gold for the whole cake. She didn’t hesitate even though she’s running out of money; sweets are incredible.
Using fresh eggs and ample amounts of sugar with a generous amount of rich milk and superior wheat flower, it was a luxuriously made cake. Moreover, it also made use of the [Cooking] skill’s correction. Being able to eat it in such a small mountain village, it was probably still cheap at ten gold a slice.
The saintess put it in her [Storage] after buying it, so it won’t go bad either.
In addition, even though we can make as many cakes for as much ingredients we have, there weren’t any others made so it wasn’t a lie saying that was the last one.

[According to the letter, three more days should be our limit even after pushing it…]  
[In that case, there is no choice but for me to capture the dungeon, is there? I feel sorry to Village Chief-sama, but it should be alright to get approval for it after the act. So that I may repay Village Chief-sama’s kindness for providing me with these valuable goods, it’s time for me to take this seriously!]  

Oi, the heck are you saying, ‘It’s fine to get it afterwards’?
… Unfortunately, looks like we’ll also have to get serious.
I decided to leave watching the saintess to Rokuko and went to talk to Rin.

Rin was laying down in a snugly warm room.

“Ooi, Rin. You awake? Mind talking for a bit?”
[Nn? I’m awake. What, Kehma?]  
“It’s like this—”

I told Rin that the troublesome saintess would be coming for around three more days.
And that it would be great if Rin could keep doing its best defending.

“I’m counting on you then, Rin.”

Saying that, Rin plopped back down. I couldn’t feel its motivation, but maybe that’s just it being in hibernation mode or something?
Hibernation… man, I want to hibernate too. If possible, I’d love to sleep through spring, summer, and fall as well.


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