LDM – Chapter 130

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A Cook


I had the silky, Kinue-san, learn the [Cooking] skill that Rokuko got from gacha.
As for the results…

“You became good at cooking?”
“Also, the time it takes to cook has become instant… Relatively.”

From what Kunue-san said, along with compensating for her cooking, it also seems to stop time for everything other than her cooking while she is cooking. So the person herself will be properly cooking, but everything around her would see it as immediate. It also doesn’t appear to work for anything other than cooking.

“… Even while boiling?”
“Yes, I can’t do anything else. I cannot do something like room cleaning while it is boiling. But if it’s something like putting away cooking utensils, I can do that.”

That’s harsh.
But really, space-time magic that’s limited by cooking?
First off, let’s prepare some ingredients and see what it’s like.
I took out a recipe and some ingredients with DP. She’ll make strawberry shortcake.
I invited Ichika and Meat over to act as food samplers. I didn’t call her, but Rokuko came too.

“It’s a skill I got you know? Wouldn’t I always want to see it?”
“Well, you would’ve come anyway even if there was’t a reason.”
“… Rather, invite me properly! Wouldn’t I feel like I was being excluded?”

Rokuko sulked. Let’s call her over as well next time.

“I’ll make it, then. First is the preparations and… done. I am finished.”
“Fast! That wasn’t even ten seconds!?”

There was a beautiful strawberry shortcake in front of us. However, it wasn’t that the cake had simply appeared all on its own. There were traces that the oven made from phoenix eggshell fragments was used as well.
It was sliced up immediately. White cream and yellow fluff, with a beautiful layer of red strawberries on top. Looks delicious.

“It really was an instant. It’s more amazing than I thought.”
“Y’know, Goshujin-sama, could ya give Kinue-san to me?”
“To Ichika? Hahaha, of course not.”
“Tch, unfortunate~”

By the way, as far as the inn is concerned, it was decided that Rei, Kinue-san, and Nerune had all three come to be Rokuko’s subordinates. They were treated as my juniors.
Ichika was my senior in the respect that she had come to the dungeon before me, but Ichika is my slave. There’s no way I could do something like giving my junior to a slave.

“… From my point of view, an hour has passed since I began preparations. I think not being able to do anything but cooking would be hard for ordinary humans? I am alright with it because I am a housework fairy, though.”
“That’s… a considerably severe limitation.”

It’d probably be a godly skill for people that love cooking. I should say it’s the ideal skill for a cook huh? They could spend however much time they want on cooking.
… It’s a good thing I didn’t use it myself. It’d be different if I could have used it on sleeping though.

“Kehma, this is amazingly delicious!”
“It’s so sweet, like it’s melting, nom nom…”

Rokuko and Meat had immediately filled their mouths with cake. A great way to eat.
I’ll eat some too. Thinking that, I looked for the cake… huh, there’s none?

“Ah, sorry. This is the last piece.”

Right then, Rokuko was stabbing the final piece of cake with her fork.

“Oi, seriously? You guys really eat fast. I wanted to eat too…”
“There’s no helping it, then. Here.”

Rokuko came at me, aiming the fork-pierced piece of cake at me.
… Everyone’s lines of sight assembled towards me. This, is is that? The ‘Aaah’ encounter?

“Hey, open your mouth.”
“… No, hand over the fork.”
“If you don’t open your mouth, I’ll eat it!”

What kind of threat is that? But I want to eat cake… Kuh. As expected, Rokuko’s gotten smart. I wonder if something happened like her leveling up?

“I got it, now that it’s come to this I have to use my last resort…”
“Un, now, submissively be thrusted.” [1]
“But I refuse! Rokoku, don’t think things will just easily go your way!”

I turned my back to Rokuko and spoke to Kinue-san.

“Kinue-san, please do it again.”
“Yes, I’ll do it n—… done.”

A second cake finished in an instant. Yep, seeing it a second time, that [Cooking] skill really is amazing.

“Meat, Ichika, we need to eat that one too! Help me!”
“Itadakimasu!” [2]
“It’s bad for Goshujin-sama, but it’s Rokuko-sama’s order~. It can’t be helped~!”

All three of them attacked the new shortcake.
However, I simply allowed them to do it. As for why…

“I’ll take the remaining ones, then.”

Rokuko’s cheeks were filled with shortcake. There were three other whole shortcakes… The answer why is simple. I ordered her to make four with my fingers. Our oven can easily cook four at a time after all.
As expected, they weren’t able to eat four more. I also couldn’t eat too much, so I wound up putting them in [Storage]. One will be a present to Rei and Nerune, who aren’t here.

I immediately isolated a piece with my fork.
Though it was true that the ingredients bought with DP were superior, Kinue-san’s skill in cooking was also really good. I missed this flavor, it’s like the cakes I had eaten before coming to this other world.

“Delicious. It wouldn’t even be outdone by the cakes sold in Japanese shops.”
“I am honored to receive your praise, master.”

Kinue-san bloomed with a smile.

“Gu, f-fine Kehma! But remember, this [Cooking] skill is something I got, in other words it’s my achievement!”
“Nom nom nom…”
“Ha~n, I ate somethin’ good, happiness. High class with plenty of sugar, too amazin’…”

Yeah, cake is a sugary luxury, huh. Let’s sell some to the saintess. I wonder what cost would be good? About ten gold for a piece?
Looking outside as I thought about it, it was snowing.

Winter, huh.

… Ah, come to think of it, what did the village’s name wind up being?
Ooi Gozoh. You sure you want to leave it as Gozoh+Roppu’s Love Love Village~?




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