LDM – Chapter 10

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The Bandit Bought Slaves


Two days after the bandits lost five newcomers, the bandit’s boss lead some newcomers in with him.
A whopping eighteen people… Since the seven new guys were reduced by five, that with the other eight it became ten in total. So with these new guys, twenty-eight, a 2.8x increase in one go. Where’s he getting them from… as I thought that, I noticed two were attacking adventurers that had been tied up to be used as sacrifices. Well, even with that, that’s still twenty-six. Isn’t this already the scale of a small village?

“Oh, other than those two sacrifices they’re all slaves.”
“How do know that? … Ah, the collars? Well, two sacrifices… okay, guess I’ll add two rooms in the back. As you’d expect, it’s a priority to make sure they fit so we can get the DP…”

Looking from above, I added a room shaped like a square in the upper right side.
Rather, is it okay for slaves to be sold to bandits in this world?

“I’d heard that humans who commit crimes are turned into criminal slaves, but…”
“So the bandits are buying returned criminals eh? That’s a draining basket…”

Well, they were obviously non-combatants…there were women, or rather little girls.
In this world, there’s no reason to look filthy since there’s life magic.
… Yep, their eyes were full of malice and they were nearly nude. Heck, wasn’t the slave the boss had obviously in the single digit age range? So they bought a child with eyes like a dead fish like that. Will he raise her as his daughter? Oi, she even has dog ears… wait, oi.

She     is     a     sex     slave.

You lolicon! Coming here with this R18 development! Well, it was only men till now…
Stripping the scant rags off of her, he used the magic Cleanup while suspiciously stroking her body with his hands. He stuck his face onto her with a dirty sound, pushing her down onto the bed… ah, yep. Cut.
She has eyes like a dead fish. Perfectly a Doll-san.

“Wooow… wooooow, amazing…. I didn’t know humans could still have reproductive behaviors with such a small body, wo-… I-is Kehma aiming for me!?”
“No, I don’t like forcing people. To begin with, someone small like you isn’t in my strike zone! I’m not a lolicon!”
“B-but you evaluate feet right? Mine, as well as that human slave’s.”
“Her bare feet are all tattered, even though they have such a good shape, it’s a waste. Damn, I’d like to at least have her wear some socks.”

… If possible, knee socks would be good. White knee socks, black knee socks. Maybe not knee socks, but a collar and stockings to match that important part of a dog, the dog ears? … Oi, erase the filthy bandits that are on the screen.

“I get the feeling it’ll be ten minutes at most…”
“Don’t pay them any attention. Well, I’m going to go lay down… The DP we got from the sacrifices this time was pretty good.”




What’s so good about being a bandit…
I can’t enter a town normally, and shopping costs even more with a middleman.
Though I talk to the peddlers to not break our cover, they take advantage and raise the prices.
We have to do amateur repairs on our weapons ourselves since we can’t even go to a blacksmith, so we just use crushing weapons. Thinking about my weapon breaking while I’m using it sends shivers down my spine.
Gold. Our lives are consumed by gaining it. Though I say that, it’s better than risking your life as a mercenary.

However, strength can steal anything.
Though the income isn’t stable, the returns are huge.
Moreover, in my time as a mercenary I heard it was possible to join something called the Hidden Guild.
Don’t attack wagons that had the Hidden Guild’s mark, that was the rule. But there many merits.
You could get anything so long as you had the money… well, it was expensive though.
One thing is the brothel… though it was nothing but a tent in the slum, it had women.
Since bandits obviously couldn’t enter the town, we can’t go to normal brothels. But sexual desire builds up. Adventurers are nothing but men, and women adventurers only succeed since they gather attention and are hard to attack. Therefore, we can’t help but get the assistance of the Hidden Guild’s prostitutes.

Even a bandit’s boss has to come to the Hidden Guild’s brothel for that.
Though they didn’t have satisfactory women, we could only gaze at the feet of the average high-quality downtown brothel with the price.
Still, you can’t buy a good woman without the money for it.
… It’s just better to buy one. With that thought, the bandit’s boss bought the cheapest woman.

A demi-human child that wasn’t even in the two-digit age range came out. Not even human. The Hidden Guild’s cheapest prostitute didn’t have clothes and only had a slave collar.
Not even trained, it didn’t know what to do by itself.
Though if this one’s ears and tail were cut off it would look closer to a human, even that wasn’t done. Most likely, it would have been a bother to pay for a demi-human slave to be treated by recovery magic, or maybe just for someone’s eccentrics. If you didn’t use recovery magic, she would be in danger of dying… are corpses preferable?
But it was too small to begin with. It was ridiculous for her to call herself a prostitute like that.
Though the fruit was immature, a woman was a woman. Grasping its delicate arm that seemed like it would break from contact, I took her.
The feeling wasn’t bad. Rather, the young and smooth skin was reminiscent of the luxury brothel’s prostitute that I was taken to by a senior in my times as a mercenary. It was arousing.

After the act, the bandit’s boss decided to begin buying crime slaves.
The Hidden Guild dealt with slaves of all kinds. Dying slaves were cheap, healthy slaves were expensive.
Killing adventurers reduces the number of newcomers I have, so it’ll be better to get crime slaves that have experience killing. That’s what the bandit’s boss was thinking.
Sooner or later my underlings will also need sex slaves… though sex slaves are more expensive than crime slaves, it can’t be helped since they’re luxury items. Let’s buy some if there’s a bit of left over funds.
The bandit’s boss lined up the slaves he’d bought. The demi-human child he bought in the brothel was lined up as well. Though he felt the money previously spent in the brothel before buying this would be wasted, since they were cheap, he decided to buy them. They were also priced dirt cheap. Or rather, they were almost for free, a bonus for taking other slaves as well. He’d wondered if they were about to be disposed of, their prices were cheaper than ten pieces of tough black bread.
He comfortably caressed the child slave that was almost free of charge… remembering the reminiscent feel of the high class prostitute, the bandit’s boss felt that he’d profited.
As long as it became yours, you didn’t need to worry about a penalty price for breaking or ripping it up. It was your responsibility to widen unusable holes and cut off the tail and ears.

“… Should I wait to cut off its ears and tail till it grows up a bit? It’d be a waste for it to die after going through so much trouble. I want the original at least.”

Carrying the sluggish demi-human child that walked slowly, the bandit’s boss headed toward the [Ordinary Cave].
On the way, we attacked a pair of adventurers we noticed from behind, capturing them alive.
That was good. With this we might have another room to put the slaves in.

“I’m so lucky!”

Kuku, the bandit’s boss laughed.


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  1. Seregosa says:

    Hmm… yeah, as usual natives in the world the mc comes to doesn’t properly appreciate animal girls. Thinking about mutilating her ears/tail, such a waste. This author is also pretty free with his language/story compared to other japanese authors that doesn’t dare describe stuff like that in more detail.

    I’ve lost my morals when readibg after reading WMW(and many other novels), Leylin are way worse compared to this, although not in a sexual nature. This is pretty tame, but I understand that some people get turned off and loses the will to read this after the underaged rape scene and graphic descriptions, it’s unusual and hard to swallow for the casual reader, after all 😛 I just found it to be pretty realistic/reasonable, even if I prefer the girls that will join the mc’s “team” to remain untainted by others(seems obvious that she will somehow end up under the mc, just a feeling).

  2. bigb says:

    ehhhhh. not gonna lie, this chapter leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth…

    • Ziru says:


      The series more than rewards those who stick through this haha

    • Dark says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s meant to leave a bad taste in your mouth. The author doesn’t handwave it or condone it. It’s a bad thing that happens.

      Also, this isn’t directed at bigb, but I notice a number of reviewers saying Kehma’s scum for not jumping in to save the day here.

      So for those people let me just point out –

      The cave has nearly thirty armed bandits in it.

      How well do you think it would work out, really, if he jumped out of the core and yelled ‘fight me bro!’ ?

  3. beyondgodmaou says:

    Oh MC, don’t be a bullshit (seeing you treat the humans being brought whether evil or not as just DP) and try to save this slave, you already let the chance slip by a while back.

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