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69 Talent School Assault 6

While shedding light in the sky, that ridiculously huge object flies to the other side of the skies like a rocket. I just looked at that dream-like reality. Then, Chihaya-sensei ran towards me from the east gate.

「Meria-sensei. What was that…? The one who is flying up there is not…Principal, right?」

「……That is Serizawa-kun」

「Serizawa-kun? …No, rather than that…」


The large 「Variant」 in front. Although Hikawa-kun is stopping it now, as long as that is not dealt with, it won’t end…

「Where is that thing’s core…?」

「Well, that 「Variant」 is too big…so we don’t even know where the original human is」

「Finding that small core in that huge body is simply impossible……we won’t last for that long」

「Yes…If we don’t destroy its Talent Field(Core), at any rate, the Talent Leakage(Overflow) will cause the whole school……」

Hikawa-kun and that huge rock Variant. Even Chihaya-sensei doesn’t try to approach the battle over there. Our last ray of hope, Morimoto-sensei is still exchanging blows with the muscle Variant. He is not in the situation where he can do other things.

「Fufu…that means we just need to find the core, right? Lovely teachers」

A voice suddenly came from the back.
When we turned around, there’s…

「Fu……if so, then, isn’t that easy for you, Yumino-san?」

「Can you not talk to me so familiarly? Perverts are contagious. And don’t come near me」

They are Midou-kun who’s standing there while brushing up his long hair and Yumino-san who’s standing slightly far from him. Upon seeing them, Chihaya-sensei quickly said this to them.

「You guys! What are you doing here!? Evacuate now…」

「Other students have already evacuated. I am here as the Public Morals Committee Member(Guardian) that protects the school’s order. I don’t know why that pervert is here, though」

「Fufu……Even though Serizawa-kun is doing his best, how can I stay quiet without doing anything? I must take actions as his best friend」

「Then, stop your usual perverted conducts……Chihaya-sensei, is the small ball like a green pea the core?」

「Don’t tell me you can 「see it」 even from this distance…? At least, that’s not something a Level 1 【Seeker】 can do…」

「Yes, I can 「see」 the enemy’s inside, the position of the human body, and the future movement of several seconds from here if I concentrate」

「Such ability, it’s already……No, I understand. If I know where it is, then, I can shoot it. Please tell me the position」

「Yes, but the core is moving inside the body. It is not staying on a certain spot」

I felt a shudder upon hearing that.

「Moving inside……!? That means……!!!」

That means the person inside has completely vanished. It indicates that the existence has been turned inside out. The progress of the state is too fast. No, judging from the vast Talent Information volume given to that, you can say that it is natural. Anyway, at this rate, the Overflow will start. If it becomes like this, even Motomiya-sensei and Yukimichi-sensei can do nothing about it.

「There is no time! Destroy the core quick…!!!」

I shouted instinctively.

「Well then, let’s go, Yumino-san」
「Listen, don’t talk to me. I will go even without you saying」

Just like that, the students start running as if it is something trivial.

「Hey, you guys!! Wait!!」

Chihaya-sensei chased after them. I just stood around dumbfoundedly without being able to stop them.

「Aah~, they go already~? What should we do, Yomo-chan?」
「……Can still make it……give me, materials?」

「O~K~! 『Attach Clay』!」

And carefree voices can be heard again from the entrance of the school building.
Just like that, when I turned around, there’s a tall female student and a small female student. Beside them, there are dozens of huge dolls of clay being made.


The small girl muttered and the clay giants started running towards the rock giant all at once.

「O~shi, go. Well, I guess they are good enough to be bullet shield?」
「……Using it only for shield. No. ……They can return blow」

The dolls surround Midou-kun, Yumino-san and Chihaya-sensei as if protecting them, and knock down the large rocks shot by the rock giant one by one.

「Oh~. Somehow, they’re moving like Street Fighter」
「……I played that a lot」

In front of me, the dolls move ridiculously, and knock down the storm of rocks one by one. Such ridiculous scene unfolds. And when I realized it, they reached close to the rock giant.




At that time, Hikawa Takeru was flustered. The first pinch in his life.

No matter how many times I cut and freeze the giant, it won’t stop. Even when I froze the giant with a very low temperature, it won’t stop. My own attacks are not working at all.
If I cut the arm, the attack can be stopped. For a few seconds. The giant will regenerate immediately and resume attacking. The moment when I thought that it was fun had already passed. The time when Serizawa Atsushi was with me, I felt very good. And I thought that if it’s the two of us, we can manage it somehow. But after he left, it’s only pain. My gradually depleting stamina. The unweakened enemy’s attacks. Rather than that, the quickening regeneration speed and conduct of the enemy. I got flustered, and the ice sword broke.

He, for the first time in life, felt emotion. That’s fear. The moment of unavoidable death. He knows that it’s approaching him steadily. And the moment he imagined himself being crushed by a large rock…his body stiffen.

The approaching large rock aiming at himself. A direct hit course.
But the start of evading it, is delayed. The creation of the sword to cut the rock won’t make it in time. A rare and mediocre mistake. Ah, I missed the timing to dodge it. I will be crushed…by this.

「Chihaya-sensei!!! That!」

Just when I thought that there was a voice, something flies from my back at a high speed. It breaks the large rock in front of me…
The next moment, I feel something that can’t be seen, embracing me.

「Fu……You did well on your own, Hikawa-kun」

Just like that, his body separated from the rock giant.




We dodged the rain of rocks and approached the giant. Finally, a shooting range.
The clay dolls that protected us, smash the flying rocks one by one. Using the rubbles scattered around, Chihaya-sensei shoots down the approaching rocks one by one. Hikawa-kun cuts the giant close range to delay its attack.
During that time, I wait and see.
I brought out the laser rifle(directed-energy weapon), but there’s only one bullet(battery). I can only shoot it once. While dodging the flying rocks, I find the opening. One second is enough. If you let me concentrate for that much…I hope so, but that moment won’t come. It’s not even one minute yet since coming close to the giant. But still, I think I have been dodging for quite a long time.

The incoming rain of rocks again. At that time, I can see the scene of a few seconds later. 5 meters to the safety zone. Too long. In order to make it in time, I need to throw away my weapon and run to there. But if I lose this…as much as I hesitate, my legs stiffen. But still, I couldn’t see the future of myself being crushed by rocks. Because…

My body is being embraced by something that’s hard to be seen.

「Hey, don’t touch me」
「Well, don’t say that. It’s only until we defeat that thing」

Saying that, the pervert passes through the rock bullets while embracing me.
Although he is standing still right now, the incoming rocks won’t come towards us. The opponent can’t see us now. I know that.

Just like that, I prepare the laser rifle that I was carrying on my shoulder. I still can’t see the future of being crushed by rock.

「Fufu……how many more of those you hide in the school?」
「I want you to stop your peeping hobby. I will sue you for privacy violation, you know? That’s why, perverts are……」

「Hikawa-kun and Chihaya-sensei are doing their best now. So let’s finish it quickly」
「I don’t need you to tell me that…」

Just like that, I take aim at the small green pea-like orb inside the rock giant, and pull the trigger.

Immediately after that, there’s a smell of burnt metal.


A 5 centimeters hole opened at the center of the huge rock giant in front.
I can slightly see the sky from the hole…

The rock giant lost its power and crumbled down to the ground.


DATA: Guardian (Teihen High School Public Morals Committee)
A special body of students established based on the Teihen High School’s principal’s suggestion. Normally, the principal who never once get involved with the domestic affair, proposed this system with the pretext of 「protecting the school’s order」, but based on the principal’s proposal, the order means 「In this world, the strong is the top (order)」. Thus, the school has a carnage rule called 「Strength = Order」. Becoming one of the reasons of how rough the school is. Certain privilege (use of various equipment in school, armed permission) will be given according to the power hierarchy, but to that extent, they carry the role as 「Guardian」 to protect the other students during emergencies. (Kirisaki (Mohawk)-senpai is also fighting somewhere)
Currently, Yumino Miharu who caught sight of Kirisaki (Mohawk)-senpai’s case, is aiming to be the top (Public Morals Committee Chairman) in order to reform it.

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