Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 10

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Volume 1 Chapter 3 – Trying to Save the World 10/12)

The inn was partially destroyed.
It just barely managed to avoid collapsing, but it had lost enough of the wall that it wouldn’t be strange if the second floor fell down at any moment.
And then, in the area, fragments of the wall and pillars were scattered about and a great number of people were shedding blood and collapsed.
They were corpses.
There were also corpses of soldiers.
There weren’t wounds due to swords or arrows, but they were all wounds of being crushed.
There was also the figures of some that wore the robe of the Magician’s Guild.
Several of the Adventurers were also collapsed.
They probably put their lives on the line and tried to protect the people of the town.
「……How awful.」
Shera’s voice was trembling.
Certainly, this much of a disaster didn’t happen in the game.

「So that guy did this……」

Diablo found the strange-looking Demonic Being, and glared at him.
Alongside a wall, Rem and Celes were cornered.
Rem was down on one knee, and breathing with her shoulders.
Blood was flowing down from her forehead.
Celes looked like she was uninjured but if she were in the Demonic Being’s reach, she probably wouldn’t be living anymore.
In front of the girls stood a bloodstained man.
The things that was once golden armor and helmet were already full of holes and of no use.
His sword was broken, and he looked like he already had no fighting strength left.
Even so, he was standing.
「……I, I, won’t fall……In front of women, never.」
Rem shouted.
「Just, stop already, Emil! Why are you going so far to fight!? You’re going to die!」
「……Protect women……I…….Absolutely……That’s what, I swore.」
「Ha haa! Oi oi, so yer still not gonna fall!? Seriously, you Humans, really are obstinate! Just die already!!」
It was a giant Demonic Being that possessed a head like that of a lizard.
It had a torn robe entwined on the lower half of its body. It was something white but it looked like it was dyed dark red. Most likely, with people’s blood.
Its exposed skin was covered with scales that had a luster like that of obsidian.
It brandished its fist that was about the size of a person’s head.
It mercilessly struck at Emil who was on the verge of death.

「《Air Shoot》」

Diablo’s magic sent the Demonic Being flying back.
As if a squall had blown in, it separated the opponent to a distance where his fists wouldn’t reach.
「Whoa oa oa……!?」
For now, they were separated by about ten-something meters.
Slowly, Diablo approached Rem’s group.
「Hmph……It’s hard to say that I made it in time but……You’re alive, right, Rem?」
Her eyes opened wide.
Celes also made a face that looked like she couldn’t believe it.
Shera rushed over. With a lot of energy, she embraced Rem.
「Uwahn! Rem! I’m so glad you’re alive!」
「……Are you an idiot, Shera! Why are you coming out in front of a Demonic Being!?」
「I, I mean, I was really worried!」
「……Even if you say that……There’s no need for you to jump into danger as well, right!?」
Diablo gently placed his hand on Emil’s shoulder, who was in a terrible state to the point that it was miraculous that he could even stand.
「Oi, youngster, you’re alive, right?」
「Uugh……I will……protect women.」
「Umu, you certainly did protect Rem and Celes. I shall acknowledge that fight……O Warrior, you should rest for a while. The rest has been taken up by this Diablo.」
Maybe because those words had reached him, Emil tumbled down starting with the knees.
Diablo took out an HP Recovery Potion from the item pouch on his waist.
When he looked at Rem, she was still embraced by Shera and looked like she couldn’t move.
He held it out to Celes.
「Use it. Even if he doesn’t drink it, there should be an effect if you just pour it on his head.」
「Could it be, you……Are you going to fight with the Demonic Being? In order to protect us?」
「Ah, no, that’s……I am just giving a suitable punishment to the insolent fool that attacked my base. Don’t make a misunderstanding.」
「It seems that you, called yourself a Demon King, didn’t you?」
「Nn? Hmph, what about it? Are you saying that you don’t want to rely on a Demon King’s power at this point?」
「That’s not it……So there are some good Demon Kings. Please forgive me for doubting you. Please, I’m begging you. Please save Rem-san——no, the world.」
Celes silently lowered her head.
Since this was the first time he had been asked a favor like this, he was perplexed in his mind.
Diablo turned his back towards the girls.
「Even without you saying that, this Demonic Being, has angered me.」
He squared off against the enemy.

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