ICO – Volume 5 Illustrations

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10 Responses to ICO – Volume 5 Illustrations

  1. Albedo's Ahoge says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the spoiler illustrations! Are there some for the other volumes, and if so, could you please post them? 🙂

  3. habib says:

    Thanks for uploading! 😎

  4. Weabookun says:

    Many thanks for uploading the pictures!!! If it is possible, please add spoiler pictures for vol 2 to 4 as well. Also, for vol 1 and 2 picture, i can only access it while reading the novel but unable to find them in the illustration page?

  5. BlackElite says:

    A country has fallen…
    lol it’s the OP-est slime evarrr

  6. Weabookun says:

    It has been quite awhile, many thanks Ziru for fulfilling my needs for reads on this fantastic work, release has been monthly, curse you RL, but nonetheless

    • Weabookun says:

      Still releasing.

      For the finale, I am really hoping that the black hair child comes through to end the mayham… all good thing must come go an end.

  7. Notweeb Enuff says:

    Everything will be Daijōbu

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