DDFYM – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Feng Man Lou

Bai Yun Chun and the others did not tell Sima You Yue and the others that Qin Ming had come to demand for them. There was also nobody who wanted them to leave the area as they were afraid that Sima You Yue and the others would be caught by Qin Ming’s people once they went out.

When Qin Ming went back, he told Xi Yue Xi about how Bai Yun Chun was unwilling to hand those people over. He even added a few drops of oil to the fire, saying things like how the other party did not care about the royal family at all, angering her so much that she slapped and table and shouted, declaring that she would run the Sandgulls to the ground.

“Princess, that Bai Yun Chun is an expert at the level of Spirit Paragon. If we don’t take care of him first I think that it won’t be an easy task to touch the Sandgull army.” Qin Wan understood her father’s thoughts and hurried to say because she knew that he was going to use this opportunity to attack them.

“No wonder he’s so daring!” Xi Yue Xi gave an icy laugh, “Men.”

“Here!” Two soldiers entered and asked Xi Yue Xi, “What orders does Princess have?”

“The two of you head back and tell Mother, the Imperial Concubine, to send two Spirit Paragons over!” Xi Yue Xi ordered.

“Yes, Princess.”

The two of them retreated and directly headed to the teleportation array.

Qin Wan and Qin Ming exchanged a glance with their mouths breaking out into slight smiles.

“Princess, Captain; according to our news, the Sandgulls have received a mission of extreme importance to them. It seems that Bai Yun Chun is planning to head there himself. Perhaps, we will be able to get rid of him while he is outside. At that time, the men of Sandgull hail Princess as the leader?” Someone gave an idea.

“Oh? Go and check out where Bai Yun Chun will go.” Xi Yue Xi said.

“Yes, Princess.”

Five days later, Sima You Yue was cultivating in the house and she planned to visit Little Tu in two days to unblock his last three meridians and head to the capital to take the teleportation array to the Central Wu Kingdom.

Suddenly, a noise was heard from the outside and even Bai Yun Qi’s voice was heard, so she stopped cultivating and opened the door to go out.

Inside the house, Fatty Qu and the others were currently speaking to Bai Yun Qi about something and Bai Yun Qi’s condition didn’t look too good as he was covered with wounds.

She was extremely shocked and said, “What happened?”

“You Yue, you said the last time that you were an alchemist and also a doctor, right?” Bai Yun Qi ran over and grabbed her hands.

“Mm. Are you injured? Let me see.” Sima You Yue said.

“Really? That’s great! You Yue, quick, save my father!” Bai Yun Qi said as he ran and pulled Sima You Yue towards the house he lived in with Bai Yun Chun and the others.

Wei Zi Qi and the others exchanged glances before going along with them.

Sima You Yue and the others came to the house and saw that many people were around it. When they saw them, unkindness surfaced on some of their faces, causing her to feel rather confused.

“All of you get out of the way!” Bai Yun Qi shouted at those people because he was blocked and unable to get close to the room.

“Young Master, why did you bring them here? The Captain ended up this way because of them!” Someone said with extreme dissatisfaction.

Wei Zi Qi and the others halted in their footsteps. He was injured because of them? How did that come about?

“All of you get lost!” Bai Yun Qi shouted.

However, the few of them continued to block the way.

“Let them enter!” Sun Ran Ran said from inside the house.

Her voice was not loud, however, it controlled every single person there, causing them to subconsciously form a path.

“You Yue, quickly.” Bai Yun Qi pulled her into the house and came in front of a room.

“Madam.” Sima You Yue saw Sun Ran Ran’s pale face that appeared to have been dealt a great psychological attack.

“Come in.” Sun Ran Ran nodded her head at her, opened the door and entered.

Sima You Yue followed her in, and smelt a heavy stench of blood before she even stepped inside.

Bai Yun Chun lay on the bed. He was exhaling deeply but inhaling only a little.

“The alchemist and the doctor have said that there’s no more hope for him. Yun Qi said that you know medical arts, and insisted on letting you have a go.” Sun Ran Ran’s voice trembled slightly.

Sima You Yue had no idea how Bai Yun Chun would suddenly be inflicted with such a serious wound and said, “Let me first take a look at uncle’s condition.”

After she said this, she went to the bed and observed him generally first before taking out a pill for him to eat.

“Reversion Pill!” An alchemist who was standing beside Sima You Yue called out in surprise when he saw Sima You Yue take out the pill.

Sun Ran Ran was quite surprised when she heard about the Reversion pill because it was a fifth ranked pill. It was the best pill in terms of recovery. As long as one had but one breath left in them, they would definitely not teeter over the edge of death. Furthermore, there were very few who knew how to refine it. She never thought that Sima You Yue would be able to take out this kind of pill so casually.

Sima You Yue glanced at that alchemist wordlessly and continued to check Bi Yun Qi’s condition.

“You Yue, how’s my father?” Bai Yun Qi asked.

Sima You Yue inspected Bai Yun Chun’s condition. This was already worse than terrible. She said, “The situation is really bad. Don’t disturb me for now.”

Sun Ran Ran noticed how Sima You Yue was acting. It was as if ‘he’ still had a way to save Bai Yun Chun. She quickly stepped forward and pulled Bai Yun Chun, indicating to him not to speak.

Sima You Yue produced a fireball and completely burnt away Bai Yun Chun’s clothes. Then, she took out a thread and stitched his stomach and head using a few tens of needles. After that, she watched as he slowly began to heal under the effects of the Reversion Pill.

“You Yue?” Bai Yun Qi controlled himself and remained completely silent when she was stitching and only asked when he saw her stand up.

Everyone in the house looked at her and waited for her verdict.

“Aside from those few wounds on his body, uncle’s inner organs have all been torn. All his meridians have been broken. Unless he completely changes his body, even if we save his life, he can only spend his future days lying on this bed.” Sima You Yue said.

Sun Ran Ran’s body was as she had been electrocuted and she stumbled backwards. Bai Yun Qi quickly rushed up to catch her.

“Mother! How are you?”

Sun Ran Ran shook her head and strived to recover her wits, saying, “At least his life is preserved…”

Although she thought this way, two streams of tears still flowed.

“You Yue, do those needles have to continue on this way?” Bai Yun Qi asked.

“I’m using those needles to temporarily hold on to his meridians in order to prevent them from shrinking.” Sima You Yue said, “As for his internal injuries, we can only wait for the Reversion Pill to restore that.”

“Thank you.” Sun Ran Ran said.

The doctor and alchemist had initially said they had no way to help him. She never expected that ‘he’ would actually be able to preserve his life. This was a little easier for them to accept.

“You Yue, is my father really unable to recover from his broken meridians?” Bai Yun Qi asked as he was still unable to accept that his own father would turn into a waste that would only be able to lay on the bed just like that.

“I already just it just now. Unless he completely changes his body, he will only be able to spend his entire life on this bed.” Sima You Yue said definitively.

“Madam, Young Master, the Captain has received such grievous injuries that it is already something that is incredibly difficult for him to have been able to keep his life.” A doctor in the house said.

“What do you mean incredibly difficult? All of you get lost! Useless things!” Bai Yun Qi shouted in anger when he heard what the doctor said.

“You all better go outside.” Sun Ran Ran steadied herself and said to Bai Yun Qi, “Yun Qi, send them out.”

“Yes, Mother.” Bai Yun Qi was not very willing but still listened to what she said and sent them outside when he saw her acting this way.

In a short moment, only Sima You Yue and Sun Ran Ran remained in the house.

Sun Ran Ran looked at ‘him’ and said, “I’m guessing that you had not finished what you wanted to say?”

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