DDFYM – Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: Crimson Flame Awakens

Sima You Yue raised her head and saw a faint silhouette standing in front of her.


The figure smiled faintly at Sima You Yue before it immediately disappeared in the air.

“That was… Soul Imprint!” Bei Gong Tang said in shock.

“What is a Soul Imprint?” Fatty Qu asked.

“That is something that allows a divine levelled expert to bring out a part of his soul and place it on someone else. At that time, when the person encounters a life threatening situation, that soul imprint will react and attack on its own.” Bei Gong Tang explained.

“Sima You Yue was able to come out of the hurricane because Master Feng’s soul imprint rescued her?” Wei Zi Qi guessed.

Sima You Yue sensed around for a bit and felt that the silhouette that Feng Zhi Xing had placed in her mind previously had grown much fainter. It must be because it had just been used up.

Thinking about the care that Feng Zhi Xing had towards her, Sima You Yue felt warmth rise up in her heart.

The Sacred Beast looked at Sima You Yue with confusion. He never thought that a divine ranked expert would actually leave behind his soul imprint in her body. He smiled and said “Even if you have a soul imprint, it saved you only once. However, the soul imprint can’t be used too quickly after that. I’ll see what else you can do!”

After speaking, he flipped over his left hand. Following his movement, Sima You Yue felt as if a mountain had landed on her body, pressing her down so hard all the bones in her body were creaking.

“How does it feel to be pressured by a mountain?” The Sacred Beast smiled and asked, looking extremely satisfied to see her in such a state.

“Master, let us come out!” Thousand Resonance and Little Roc said through their contractual connection.

“The opponent is an Sacred Beast. You, you all are divine beasts. If you come out, his pressure will be extremely forceful on you. Why would I let you all out…”

Because she could not contact the Spirit Pagoda, everyone inside could not see Sima You Yue’s condition. However, they could feel that she had sustained very serious injuries and her life was in danger.

“Sob Sob, it’s all my fault. If not for what i said, we would not have provoked the Sacred Beast. Yue Yue would not be injured, then.” Little Roar cried out in the Spirit Pagoda.

“I just to exert a little bit more pressure and your life will be forfeit.” The Sacred Beast said when he saw Sima You Yue prostrate on the ground with all her bones shattered. Her clothes had been soaked through with sweat and her face was pale white, however, she didn’t make a sound. If you looked closely, you could see she had been biting her own lip long ago and had bitten into it long ago. Fresh blood was pouring out of it.

He didn’t know why, but seeing Sima You Yue so stubborn made him a bit uncomfortable and he lost interest in toying with her. He said, “Let’s end it…”

He even tried to exert a bit more pressure. However, he realised that a kind of power was coming out from Sima You Yue’s body, fighting against him. He increased his strength but was pushed back, causing him to retreat by more than a few tens of metres.


The formless mountain was lifted, as a power even more terrifying than the Sacred Beast’s emanated from Sima You Yue’s body.

The Sacred Beast was standing firm as he felt that pressure, then he suddenly lost all control and his entire body ended up on the ground.

It was as if he suddenly could not fight back. What kind of pressure was this!

“What kind of bird is this?”

When the Sacred Beast was pressured, the pressure he was exerting on Wei Zi Qi and the others disappeared and the five of them regained their freedom again.

Bei Gong Tang quickly got up from the ground and ran beside Sima You Yue. Seeing her entire body spread out on the ground, her heart hurt so much that her eyes turned red.


The Sacred Beast was pressured and called loudly to Sima You Yue. His wings continued to flap as he wanted to fight against the pressure and stand up.

“A really great four-eyed bird, even my master feels moved!” A voice sounded from inside Sima You Yue’s body.

“Who. Are. You?” The Sacred Beast beat his wings twice as his pair of eyes glared maliciously at Sima You Yue.

A golden ray of light flashed as an ugly egg came out from Sima You yue’s body and flew over directly, smashing the ultra beast maliciously.


The four-eyed bird’s large body was smashed away by an egg.

Fatty Qu and the others watched the change in scenario with eyes open wide. Then initially thought that the egg would be smashed, but they never expected this to happen instead.

The four-eyed bird egg was completely frozen in shock when he saw the egg, Crimson Flame. He didn’t resist even a little bit even when he was beaten. He was completely different from just now.

“Never thought that the Sacred Beast’s original form was a four-eyed bird. No wonder he did not ruthlessly slaughter everyone when he was at Three Springs City.” Wei Zi Qi said.

The ancient books recorded that the four-eyed bird was a kind of fowl whose cry was similar to a phoenix. It was very righteous and would assist mankind in fending off wolves and other predators. It was a kind of righteous spirit beast.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they encountered him and encountered other birds instead, Three Springs City would not have been able to escape.

“What is this egg?” Bai Yun Qi was even more curious about Crimson Flame’s status. However, no matter how he looked, it was just an ugly egg. He could not tell what its identity was at all.

Ouyang Fei looked at Wei Zi Qi. He was a Beast Tamer master and was more well versed in Spirit Beasts than he was.

Wei Zi Qi shook his head. He was unable to tell what species that spirit beast that egg belonged to either.

Crimson Flame beat the four-eyed bird a few more times. Each time, they heard an extremely heavy pounding sound. However, the four-eyed bird did not react at all.

After he had beaten him enough, Crimson Flame returned to Sima You Yue’s side again. Seeing her current state, he looked extremely dissatisfied.

“You, move away.” Crimson Flame said to Bei Gong Tang.

Bei Gong Tang did not know what Crimson Flame wanted to do, however, since he was Sima You Yue’s spirit beast, he would definitely not harm her. As such, she stood up and moved away.

Crimson Flame made as if to pounce on Sima You Yue, but disappeared the moment he landed on her. After that, her body suddenly emitted flames, enveloping her entire body.

When the four-eyed bird saw that flame, he started to tremble even more.

Bei Gong Tang and the others could not stand the heat and retreated far back before continuing to monitor her condition.

“The temperature of that flame is really high!” Fatty Qu continued to sweat as he continued to wipe it away.

“This should be the flame that suppressed the Sacred Beast.” Ouyang Fei said.

“The rank of this flame is definitely really high. How else would that Sacred Beast be so afraid.” Wei Zi Qi said when he saw the four-eyed bird tremble.

“I say, do you all know what it is? Don’t ignore my question!” Bai Yun Qi said again when he saw that he hadn’t received any answer for his question.

The four of them shook their heads simultaneously, saying, “We didn’t know that Sima You Yue had contracted this beast as well. This is our first time seeing it.”

“What is that flame that is enveloping Sima You Yue doing? All the bones on her body are broken. We have to take her quickly to heal up!” Fatty Qu looked anxiously at the person who was currently enveloped in flames.

“I think he should be healing You Yue.” Bei Gong Tang guessed.

“I think so as well.” Bai Yun Qi said, “Since we are unable to go close to that flame, we can only wait here.”

Everyone had sustained injuries just now, so they could only sit down to recover.

They never expected that they would have to wait three days. Three days later, that flame slowly became fainter. It seemed as if it was going to extinguish soon.

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