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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 63 – The Winter Vacation and Christmas and the Imposed Love Activities [3]

 Well then, I, Sakurai Makoto, have on this occasion become lovers with Tsubaki Soutarou. An outright BL development.
 My first lover. I didn’t expect to have a lover in my 2nd year of high school. Not to mention marriage, I thought I was part of a race that won’t have a lover in its entire life. Born as an unpopular woman, I thought I’d live and die as one. Life sure is full of surprises, huh?

“Makoo? I’ll leave the change of clothes here.”

“Ah, un.”

 Hearing a voice from the dressing area, I unconsciously hid even though he shouldn’t be able to see me.
 Sure enough, now that we’re lovers, things may be moving too fast to stay over (heart) at Soutarou’s house. Isn’t it kinda dangerous to be alone together in this empty house? It may be late of me to say this after entering the bath but, I probs have too little sense of danger.
 It’s not impossible that I’ll suddenly be introduced to the society atop the bed. Approaching with that fluffy demeanor and releasing glitters behind him, CHOMP! ――…… I may lose my maiden virginity or male virginity. That’s the kind of person Tsubaki Soutarou is. Probably.
 This sounds gossipy but, I wonder which am I? What if, it’s just a ‘what if’ but if it really comes to the society atop the bed, am I the so-called seme or am I the uke? Just imagining the scene of sexual intercourse makes me feel like vomiting, but it’s not impossible for us to have that kind of relationship along the way.
 Most BL genre manga have sexual intercourse. Some even have those scenes at the start, spanning about 5 pages. So much so that if this was a BL manga, the story development is too slow.

 Although there’s a mountain load of things to ponder about, I’ll get dizzy if I stay in the bath any longer. Thinking it’s time I got up, I leave the bathtub.
 This is a moment I’m most unable to grow accustomed to. No matter how one looks at this body, I’m a man. It doesn’t have what it should, and has what it shouldn’t. I may have to return to reality when this body turns back into a woman’s.
 I change into the clothes Soutarou prepared. Although our heights are similar, our builds aren’t so the clothes are saggy. I’m moved at how it looks like a boyfriend shirt.

 When I return to the living room, Soutarou is preparing a cake. I almost forgot due to the many shocking and huge developments but, come to think of it, it’s Christmas today.
 Sitting at the sofa, I watch Soutarou divide the cake.

“Can you eat fresh cream?”

“Un. I don’t have a preference. Did you bake that, Soutarou?”

“With my younger sister, yesterday. I thought it came out pretty well.”

 The cake Soutarou prepared is a simple whole cake with strawberries on top.
 Although it’s losing its handmade, oval shape, you can feel the human touch from it.

“Wow, it looks yummy. Thanks for the food.”

 I push a fork into the divided cake. The sweetness is moderate and it’s very yummy.
 It appears that Soutarou’s even going to make coffee. Is this what service that leaves nothing to be desired means?

 Bathing in an atmosphere with such warm happiness, it feels stupid of me to think about the society atop the bed, seme or uke. 
 It’s nice just quietly staying together like this. That’s right. Sorry, Soutarou, for having weird suspicions. Even if I called him a panda or clione, he’s fundamentally a doggy. Also, an otome game character won’t abruptly perpetrate vulgar things, right? It’s the otome game characters who give dreams to girls, you know? Soutarou’s tentatively a girl’s ideal. He won’t, abruptly, right?



 Soutarou who should’ve been quietly eating cake next to me, is leaning against my shoulder.
 He gently grasps my hand and entangles our fingers, placing a kiss on my cheek. Sniff sniff,  he rubs the tip of his nose behind my ear, as though to sniff the scent there.

“Uooi, don’t betray me all of a sudden!”


 This atmosphere is that of an unpleasant pattern. Licking his lips with a slightly exposed, bright red tongue, he’s looking at me with strangely sensual eyes. This is probably that. The atmosphere where he wants to do something or the other with me. Soutarou has the expression of a male animal. Return my hope up till now!

“Mako, has the same smell as me…”

“Duh, I used the bath at your house.”

“I like you so much, Mako.”

 I, who’ve been claiming to be the go-with-the-flow type, is already about to go with the flow. 
 Although I sometimes feel betrayed, I end up forgiving Soutarou because he’s cute. Is this the so-called ‘the one in love is weak’?
 5 times more glitter than usual are appearing in the background. Ridiculously cool, so cute. This is my boyfriend? Girlfriend? Anyone would be surprised, deprived, suffice[1] to hear that.
 Unable to bear this this ‘Let’s kiss~’ atmosphere, I travel to the world of delusions and watch from afar. I’m amazed at the couples of the world who can bear such an embarrassing atmosphere and even kiss or whatnot.

“Me too.”

“Me too?”

 I meant that I like him too, but Soutarou acts like none the wiser and tries to make me say “like”. It’s no good that Soutarou’s more lively at times like this.
 The obvious dog ears protruding from his head and the tail at his back are shaking with expectation. His eyes and background are shining brightly, waiting for my “like”. Although I think like and love doesn’t have to be said again and again, it’s evidently different for him.
 Like a dog asked to wait, his tail shakes left and right as he looks at me desirously. He’s looking at me with eyes that shine with so much expectation, I feel like I must say it.

“Me too, well, kinda.”

“Kinda? You only kinda have feelings for me…?”

 Soutarou’s shoulders drop in despondency, the ends of his brows lower and tears amass in his eyes.

“No, um. It’s nothing to cry over, right?”

“The person I like told me ‘kinda’… It’s natural to feel sad.” 

 Although he’s hanging his head with a face on the verge of tears now, he peeps at my expression now and then.
 ‘Is he about to give in?’ ‘Is he?’ He’s probably waiting for that. Just a few months ago, even though he’s two-faced, he wouldn’t show it so openly. When did he become so 100% cunning like this?

“Don’t make such a pathetic face. I’m easily shy. I can’t simply say I like you and whatnot, the way you can.”

“Even though we kissed just now?”

 His face forcefully approaches mine. In the end, he uses his upper body to try and push me down.
 Don’t tell me this guy is trying to be intimate with me on the sofa? I did think Soutarou moves fast, but I didn’t think we’d be intimate so soon after becoming a couple.

“Wait wait wait, Soutarou, hang on! I think this is too fast for us. Besides, I heard it really hurts and is dangerous for the one taking it in. I’m not prepared so this is really, really impossible!”

“I can be the one taking it in~”

 Being smiled at so cheerfully, I don’t know what I should do.
 This is a first, a Soutarou whom I can’t get words through to this extent.

“That’s not the problem! Heart-throb Love Revolution is R15 so bed scenes are FORBIDDEN!”

“Heart-throb Love Revolution…? What’s, that, Mako?”

 Soutarou is firmly in a mount position on my stomach. To put things simply, the order from the bottom is the sofa, me, Soutarou, the state of a hamburger.

“There, calm down, we can come to an understanding through discussion.”


“Wait, I say! …Woh?!”

 Soutarou licked the kiss mark Ichigo-chan placed just now. I feel embarrassed, and at the same time, my waist gradually grows ticklish, severely making me feel like wanting to die. A strange sensation I didn’t feel when Ichigo-chan sucked my nape.
 I push Soutarou away with all my might and escape from under him. The current him is no good. My words can’t get through. Although it’s not like escaping will do any good, what will I do if a mishap occurs like this? Won’t the Heart-throb Love Revolution for good kids turn into a densely BL adult game? 
 The best plan is to escape through the entranceway. I’ll contact him once his head is clear. Or, so I planned, but I’m caught before reaching the entranceway.
 My arm is grabbed and I’m pressed against the wall. Forcibly kissed before I can even complain.

“Mako, why did you run? It’s turning me on even more.”

“You’re scary, idiot! Where did my cute Soutarou go!”

“I haven’t changed from before. If something changed, it’s just me liking Mako more every second. If something is changing, it’s because I like Mako too much.”

 Although my chastity is facing a crisis, Soutarou’s words were so direct that I was almost moved.
 After all, I’m partial to Mitsuki, partial to Soutarou, partial to Bakumatsu Shishi Girls’ Katsura Koharu. I’m weak to the cunning and cute.

“Even though I like you so much, I steadily lose confidence because you’re like this. Is it a lie that you like me, Mako? Did you go out with me out of pity?”

“Of course not! I, too, … I like Soutarou too. I think you’re super cute.”

“Really? You really like me?”

 Although his face is located higher than mine, why does it look like an upturned gaze?
 This expression of a reprimanded dog gauging my mood, is unbearably cute.

“Yeah, I like you. I’m not nice enough to go out with someone out of pity. I’m going out with you because I like you, Soutarou.”

“I like Mako too…”

“Yeah, … it’s obvious from your attitude.”

 Soutarou clings onto me with a miserable expression. Smiling wryly at that, I strongly return the hug out of happiness.

“My heart squeezes when I look at Mako sometimes, and there are times I can’t endure even though I know Mako will hate me if I do that. I like Mako, if I like Mako more from now on, I may do something Mako is really against.”

“Your love is so heavy. But that’s good.”

 Not knowing what to do about these feelings, that makes two of us.
 Things won’t go as per the scenario like in otome games or BL games. Although that’s irritating and difficult, well, it’s not bad to experience life once or twice.

“Soutarouuu, my feet are cold. Carry me to to sofa.”

“Un, have more cake. Ah, right.”

“What is it?”

 Soutarou carries me and kisses the tip of my nose.
 What’s with him, is he a kissing demon?

“Merry Christmas, Mako.”

“Yeah, Merry Christmas.”

 I let spill a smile at the voice so sweet you could add a heart icon at the end of the words.
 This is probably the fault of having something like the magic of Christmas being cast on me, but I hope my words sound sweet to Soutarou too.

[1] Pun. Surprised (odoroki), peach tree (momo no ki), Japanese pepper tree (sanshō no ki).

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