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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 59 – The Winter Vacation and the Christmas Eve and the Doujin Activity [2]

 December 24th, 06:45AM. In front of the International Exhibition Center[1].
 We woke up at 5 in the morning to get on the long distance train and came to the Comic Market venue.

“Uwah… The crowd is insane as usual. Rather, so there’s a Tokyo in this world. Moreover, it’s near Tachibana City.”

 The front of International Exhibition Center is jammed with people.
 As expected of the Comic Market. As expected of Japan’s greatest doujinshi sale venue. Quite a number of people have come to buy doujinshi despite it being Christmas Eve.
 But we have to wait in this cold for 3 hours until the opening time, huh… I participated in Comiket for about 2~3 times in the past and at each of those times, I received the torture of just waiting in the hot or cold for 3 or 4 hours. This time, too, I must endure somehow, to labour for Subaru-nee-san. This is also for the sake of getting support to return to the real world. Alright, endure it, Sakurai Makoto!

“Tachibana City is in Japan after all.”

“Well, that’s true.”

 It’s been 3 hours since then. Despite finally being able to enter, I’m already completely exhausted. However, Subaru is terribly lively. Surrounded by things she likes, she seems to be enjoying herself a lot.
 Such a shiny smile is expected of a bishoujo. How comely.

“Well then, it’s the circle here for Mako! I’ll be attacking the other side! Let’s go now~”


 Even as I come close to dying, I receive the catalog from Subaru and leave for the war front.
 Because if I sit here and forget to buy something or something is sold out and I can’t buy it, I’ll seriously get slaughtered by Subaru. Speaking of the Subaru when a BL-related land mine is stepped on, just being a beauty gives her absurd intensity.
 I raise my heavy waist and look at the catalog. Affirming the several circle names that had been circled with a red pen, while looking at the map, I march into the war fronts where there are designated doujinshi I have to obtain.

“Eh, Makoto-san. What are you doing in a place like this?”

“Ah, UEH?! Eh, Ikuto-kun?”

 Turning around to the familiar voice, there’s Ikuto with his usual fishy smile.
 As I didn’t expect a Heartthrob Love Revolution capturable character to be in a place like this, I was so unsettled that I almost fell. Don’t tell me Ikuto is a fudanshi? Don’t tell me Ikuto came to buy doujinshi too?
 No, more importantly, what should I do if it spreads to everyone that I went to Comiket to buy doujinshi, moreover BL doujinshi? Well, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t, if I’m thought to be a fudanshi. But, but.
 And so on. While I get worked up, Ikuto takes a step closer with a chuckle.

“Nee-san said she wanted to buy doujinshi from a history circle or a pure literature circle so I followed her here. Nee-san can’t even ride a train properly so I was worried.”

“Ah, I see. That’s true. Such normal circles participate in Comiket too…”

 Although the name Comiket gives the image of selling only those kind of 2D doujinshi, that’s not so. They sell normal, serious and stiff-like pure literature doujinshi and whatnot too.
 I didn’t think Madoka was so active that she’d expressly participate in Comiket but hearing that she’s aiming for pure literature, I’m convinced.

“I don’t really come to places like this so I don’t really understand though. What genre of books do they sell in this area?”

“EH?! Ah, I don’t really understand either. Um, I came to accompany a friend.”

 No matter how one thinks about it, it’s unthinkable that Ikuto has immunity towards BL. Rather, with his looks and outer appearance, one would be surprised if he has the personality of a fudanshi.
 Therefore, “This is the BL corner. BL is the abbrievation of Boys’ Love and the books in this area depict the aha~n, ufu~n romance between boys~” Can I say that? Nah, I can’t.

“Where did your friend go?”

“She immediately left me to buy doujinshi. Even asking me to run errands.”

 Sighing, I open the catalog Subaru handed over some time ago. Ikuto peeks from beside me.

“Ah, BL, is it? She sure is buying a lot. I can help if you don’t mind.”

“Eh, Ikuto-kun, you know BL?”

 I thought he’d be terribly turned off if shown such a thing but Ikuto calmly accepted this dangerous goods.
 BL aside, I thought Ikuto was a race that hasn’t even seen or touched manga and games.

“Atlas has a lot of female students so these appear occasionally. Moreover, isn’t BL a relatively open genre these days? I don’t particularly like or dislike it though.”

 Private Atlas Academy was formerly a girls’ school and I hear that currently, more than half are female students.
 With tens or hundreds of girls, I suppose it’s not strange for there to be 1 or 2 open fujoshi in a class. Also, bookstores recently have BL corners and BL manga appear in internet advertisement, Ikuto may have seen them before.
 However, it was slightly unexpected because somehow Ikuto has a fastidious image.

“I see, I’m glad Ikuto-kun isn’t bad with BL. In that case, can you help me? Subaru will get mad if I missed buying something.”

“Of course. First is…”

 Ikuto’s large eyes narrow, a thin smile appearing on that face.
 Receiving Subaru’s handmade Comiket venue map from me, he stares at it seriously. His pale, long and thin finger traces the shopping route with the highest efficiency.

“I think we should go left from this circle. Let’s go at once.”

“Yeah. Sorry, getting Ikuto-kun involved.”

“It’s fine. I don’t have a book I want so I’m free.”

 We advance to the front before being swept away by the crowd. Ikuto’s a size smaller than me so he’s being swept away by the people walking against us.
 On top of that, I don’t know what started on that side but a large group of girls suddenly head there and the two of us got swept along.
 Did a famous cosplayer appear in the area where cosplay is allowed? Or did a famous circle finally start to sell doujinshi? Whatever the case, it’s troubling if we get swept away by the crowd and brought to an unrelated place.

“Careful. This way.”

 I pull Ikuto’s arm. It’s quite a delicate arm. Perhaps I’m used to touching the arms of the muscular Soutarou or the slender but invincible at sports Kaname, this feels even more slender and undependable. Ikuto must be a literature boy who doesn’t have much of a taste for sports. Besides, just looking at him gives such a feeling.

“Thank you very much.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m excessively tall after all. Situations like this are when it should be put to use.”

 The height that used to be only average for girls, easily exceeds the boys’ average after I came here. In fact, in this space where only girls are gathering, I’m a head taller.

“How nice that Makoto-san is tall.”

“If it’s height, Ikuto-kun can still grow.”

“I wonder. My parents are short. Makoto-san’s tall and slender but solid. I’m envious. If I’m more… more reliable”

 Ikuto’s face approaches my chest.
 With a voice like he’s sighing, he says.

“I like you. I like Makoto-san.”


 Diverted in the crowd, the slightly high voice for a boy reaches my ears.
 Ikuto’s head is hung and his expression can’t be seen. Because it was so abrupt, I couldn’t understand the meaning of his words. Over and above the understanding of BL doujinshi, could it be, is it right to say that the person himself is someone from that side? No, hang on. My friendship with Ikuto is close to nil. A friend, that’s the appropriate level. Despite that, of all things, “like”? No way, no way, no way.
 He’s hugging me within a crowd. I can’t move because his face is buried in my chest. His ‘like’ is that. The kind you feel towards an older brother. It is, right? It must be.

“Yeah, I like Ikuto-kun too~. We’re friends after all.”

 So that he wouldn’t take offense, I smile while hitting his shoulder several times and reply casually.
 Fuu, Ikuto laughs with an exhale, before laughing loudly as though he can’t endure anymore.

“Just as I thought, Makoto-san is a selfish and cruel person.”

 The Ikuto who raises his face from my chest looks at me with muddy, dark and deep eyes like those of a dead fish.
 His usual smile vanished completely from his face. Expressionlessly, with a cynical smile, he glares at me.

“Preaching in a manner to make incorrect things correct, was that how you stole Yasuchika-san from nee-san? Pretending you don’t know anything, … what a sly person.”

“Wh, at… Ikuto-kun, I don’t understa”

“Wasn’t it Makoto-san who preached to nee-san and made her give up on Yasuchika-san? While arrogantly telling others to do things properly, you wooed an unspecified number of people and evade by saying “It’s got nothing to do with me, I only like them as friends~” I really think you’re the worst.”

 Ikuto looks at me with cold eyes. What’s he saying suddenly? I grow unsettled while thinking so. With twitching cheeks, I make a smile to the best of my abilities. Why a serious development suddenly? Why’s he angry at me suddenly? I don’t get it, y’know.
 In other words. Ikuto’s in a siscon mood and is dissatisfied that things aren’t going well between Madoka and Takayanagi. He thinks I’m the cause. Madoka and Mitsuki are good friends so he can’t speak aggressively to Mitsuki. That’s why he vented on me his anger that things aren’t going well between Madoka and Takayanagi――…… How great it will be, if that was all.
 Because Ikuto’s words weren’t just sudden and cruel. There truly were things that came to mind.

“I hate that part of Makoto-san. I hate the you who pretends to soothe others, while thinking the world of yourself.”

“Why, … this all of a sudden?”

“It’s not sudden. I’ve always thought so. I just happened to have an opportunity to tell you.”

 Still grabbing onto Ikuto’s arm, my cheeks twitch.

 I didn’t want to be a “Don’t fight over me” type of conceited reverse harem heroine. Even though I was satisfied with being a manly and cool type of background character, when did I start acting in a manner that made others think that of me?
 I’m going back in 3 months anyhow. That’s why no matter how much good will you show me, I won’t like anyone. I can’t like anyone. If I come to like someone and our feelings are mutual, I’ll hurt that precious someone――… With that in mind, I… I endured. However. I guess I wasn’t thinking of anyone’s feelings.
 No wonder I degraded into the conceited reverse harem heroine I absolutely didn’t want to be.

“Thank you.”

“… Huh?”

“Thanks for letting me realise.”

 Suddenly being told I’m hated, it’s a lie if I say I wasn’t hurt. Coming in contact with someone else’s hatred really makes me want to cry.
 However, when I think that if I remain like this I’ll unconsciously hurt a precious someone, I think that makes me want to cry more.

 I might have casually said the worst things. This is the problem with having too low skills in romance.
 I must face everyone even more directly in the coming 3 months, huh.

[1] In Tokyo.

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