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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 58 – The Winter Vacation and the Christmas Eve and the Doujin Activity [1]

 December. If you ask me what I’ve been doing, I’ve been made to help Yurino Subaru with her doujin activities, at the usual family restaurant.

 It seems that Subaru wanted participate in this year’s Winter Comic Market[1] war zone as a seller. However, she abandoned her BL game because it can’t be completed in time. Thus, she’s inevitably going to participate as a buyer. I don’t care about that at all, but I want to object when she requests that I also participate in the Comiket, so that she doesn’t forget to buy anything. Even in the other world, I was compelled to participate in the Comiket a number of times but, frankly, I’m not good with it. After all, one has to queue up for several hours in the morning, and the goods obtained are doujinshi that I hold absolutely no interest in, y’know? What benefit is there for me?
 However, unable to say something like “I refuse” to Subaru-nee-san, I look at the Comiket catalog with a marker in one hand, while receiving instructions from Subaru. Found it, circle.

“First of all, buy everything from this circle[2], ah, for the one there, just their new book is enough.”


 She bought a considerable amount during summer too, how much does she like BL, to be buying more in winter? It’s amazing how she still has things to buy after buying all that.
 I don’t hold much of an interest in manga and games. The manga and games I read or play are all recommended by Subaru. Therefore, I don’t have any manga or games that I especially like. In a way, I’m envious of her enthusiasm.

“Mako likes Silver Soul[3] too, right~. I’ll let you read it once it’s purchased~”

 The name of a comic I finally started reading recently, is brought up.
 Placed in the room of Mitsuki’s older brother, it’s a rather interesting story of a samurai running an Odd Jobs business. There are already several tens of volumes released so I suppose it’s long been in serialisation from the time I was in the other world.

“I don’t see Silver Soul in that way. I’m reading it because the story is interesting in the normal way.”

“Is that so. Well, it’s not like I have the hobby of forcing someone who doesn’t like BL to read it~. Help me out nonetheless, alright?”

 It’s extremely hard to think of Subaru, who even goes to the extent of humming as she opens the Comiket catalog, as a beauty.
 Well, I’m sure there are also many beauties who like BL, but a part of me wishes she’d somehow stop this habit of smirking while reading.

“I don’t really mind but… Can’t you just go with your usual doujin friends?”

“It will become a coupling war if it’s with my doujin friends so nah. Besides, Mako’s a guy and is stronger, right?”

“So I’m the baggage carrier.”

 Apparently the Comiket this time is on Christmas Eve. I don’t have any plans on Christmas Eve and I don’t really mind holding baggage but, somehow I don’t feel satisfied.

“But you don’t have to come if you have plans with Soutarou, Kaname or Prince and so on~”

 Subaru’s smirking. She smirks like this when she’s expecting BL-like developments. There may be a high probability I’ll be invited to a Christmas party by Soutarou and company but I’ll definitely not tell Subaru. No doubt it will end up as material for BL doujinshi.
 I’ve said it a number of times but I decided to have absolutely nothing to do with Bacon and  Lettuce-like things. To say nothing of BL developments where I’m the protagonist. I definitely won’t acknowledge those. Sheesh, Subaru’s saying whatever she wants because it’s not her business.
 Therefore, I’ve been thinking to not raise any developments where romantic events like Christmas have BL insinuations. However, the ikemens don’t understand even a particle of my suffering, or rather, they curtail my suffering as they advance, completely not reading the mood this time too.

“Mako-chan, Suba-chan! Attack, the neighbour’s lunchー!”

 The one hugging me from behind is undoubtedly the person named Fujisaki Kaname.
 Subaru swiftly put that catalog in her bag, giving her Yamato Nadeshiko“-ish” smile[4]. That speed is akin to the Red Comet’s.

“Oi, … you’re heavy.”

“We came in because we saw Mako-chan and company from outside. Right, Souta?”

 Kaname casually sits next to Subaru. Seeing that, Soutarou sits next to me too.
 This time, Kaname seems to have participated in the Taekwondo Club. I think the uniform on his shoulder is that of Taekwondo. I see, Kaname can even do Taekwondo. Can it be there’s no sports Kaname can’t do?

“Eh, un. Do you mind if we join you? We already sat down though.”

 It feels like Soutarou had Basketball Club. His jersey is his usual Basketball Club’s jersey.

“Sure. Well done with your clubs. It sure is tough, even going on rest days.”

 Done seeing the menu, Kaname raises his hand, calling the waiter who’s completely an acquaintance now.
 Kaname ordered hotcakes while Soutarou ordered a strawberry parfait.

“What were Mako-chan and Suba-chan talking about~?”

 I don’t know how to gloss things over so I silently send a gaze to Subaru.

“We’re hanging out together on Christmas Eve. So we were discussing where to go. Right, Makoto-kun?”

“… Y, yeah?! Well, yeah, that’s right.”

 This girl, she’s agitating Soutarou…!
 Glancing at Soutarou at the speed of light, he’s staring holes through me. Seriously? Ah, seriously? This may sound conceited but, is this the「Aren’t you spending Christmas Eve with me?」pattern?
 When I glare at Subaru, she’s smirking proudly. This is the face she makes when she’s aiming for BL developments. I know because I’ve seen it many, many times. This is undoubtedly the face Subaru makes when she’s expecting BL developments, sensei.

“I see…”

 Soutarou didn’t say a thing. He didn’t say a thing, but his expression seems to be complaining about something.
 Flop, his dog ears and the ends of his eyebrows droop and he cries “Kyun, kyun”. This depressing sensation is no joke. Honestly, I did think he’d make the expression of an abandoned puppy, but I didn’t think he’d make an expression so close to crying. Tremble tremble, his shoulders are quivering too.
 What have you done! I glare at Subaru with that feeling but she’s blushing while staring at us devouringly.
 By the way, even the Kaname next to her is grinning for some reason. This Kaname, he looks at us with such an expression at times, but what does he mean by that? Kaname, your expression is like that of an outsider but you totally aren’t an outsider, alright. Rather, you’re a main character among main characters.

“Soutarou, y’know, uh, I’m hanging out with Subaru on Christmas Eve but I’m free on other days. Let’s go play.”

“In that case, let’s go out on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year?”

“Ah, yeah. Of course I don’t… mind…”

 On top of randomly replying on the fly in order to sooth him, I readily consented to his plans.
 Although Soutarou was making an expression so close to tears just now, he has a full-faced grin on now, as though that was a lie. This sly puppy. Don’t tell me that the truth is, this depressed, abandoned puppy face was intentional?
 Scared, I’m no longer able to look at not just Subaru, but Kaname too.

“It’s a promise, then. Where shall we go on Christmas? Ah, come with us too, Kana.”

“Nah~ I’m fine~. Souta and Mako-chan should go~”

“Eh, but, you said you were free too, Kana. Let’s go together.”

 Grinning, Kaname waves his hand exaggeratedly.

“I’ll go with Suba-chan. It’s fine, it’s fine. You two go on with your date.”

“It ain’t a date. Kaname should just come.”

“There there, I’ve got things to do so~”

 While I’m slightly irritated at Kaname’s sing-song replies, even if I say anything further to these two, there’s no doubt they’ll just banter with me. That’s why I should just let them say what they want. People who clamour about BLBL will clamour no matter what I say.
 Moreover, the one I want to spend Christmas with, isn’t just Subaru or just Soutarou. After all, the same amount as I like Soutarou, I like Kaname too.

“It can’t be helped if you have things to do on Christmas but I want to hang out together during winter vacation. Although I like Soutarou, I also like Kaname very much after all.”

 Kaname’s eyes widen slightly as though in surprise. Then, he lightly bites his lip with an expression of suppressing laughter, and look down.

“As expected of an ikemen~. Or more like a Casanova~. As expected of the older brother of Izumino School 2nd years’ Madonna, Mitsuki-chan.”

“Casanova… who?”

“You’ve no self-awareness? Mako.”

 Which part of me is an Casanova? I don’t understand.
 For some reason, Kaname’s nodding deeply at Subaru’s sharp retort.

 Speaking of it, for some reason Mitsuki’s been raising nothing but her charm specs, becoming the 2nd years’ Madonna by now. I think Subaru said she could become the school’s Madonna if she raises her charm specs a little more, was it?
 As expected of mi dolce angel Mitsuki. It’s finally time that my Mitsuki becomes everyone’s Mitsuki. It’s lonely but Mitsuki is that cute after all, of course she’ll eventually be everyone’s Mitsuki. Presently, she’s close to becoming Takayanagi’s Mitsuki.

“Sheesh, Mako-chan, what are you doing, creating even more strife around you?~”

“Huh, strife?”

“I won’t participate in a war I know I’ll lose. No way I can win Prince or Souta after all~. Really, stop sowing seeds recklessly~…”

 Kaname combs his bangs up roughly. Although I’ve absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, for the time being, I’d like him to stop that insinuating smile.
 I can only quietly go to Comiket with Subaru on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas with Soutarou. Of course, whether I spend them with Subaru or Soutarou, I’ll enjoy it so much that there’s nothing to complain about. I’ll enjoy it but, I’ll enjoy it a lot but, I feel gloomy.
 However, looking at Soutarou who’s happy when he sees his parfait being carried over, I somehow feel that this is fine in this own. I’m thinking to enjoy the winter vacation, pretending I completely didn’t see things like BL or these two’s scheming and insinuating smiles, or BL.

“Are you going to the drink kiosk too, Mako?” (Kaname)

“Yeah. I am. I want to drink coffee peacefully.”

 To me, the winter vacation plans has already ended under compulsion. Thus I didn’t understand why Kaname said what he did at the end, and it seems that these final words were heavier than I had thought. 
 Following Soutarou who stood up to go to the drink kiosk, I stand up too.
 Thus I had no chance at all to know what kind of conversation the two were having after that.

 With his head still slightly down, Kaname let out a chuckle. As though induced, Subaru laughs silently too.

“It’s coming close to liking a troublesome person, right~. Mako’s dense~. Transcendingly so, at that.” (Subaru)

“I won’t like him, I won’t. No way I can beat those wild beasts after all. I’m the same as Suba-chan. The type that enjoys watching~” (Kaname)

 Kaname’s murmur will surely not reach the drink kiosk.

[1] a.k.a. Comiket, a doujinshi fair in Japan.
[2] A group of doujinshi artists.
[3] Original: 銀霊, a parody of Gintama. They both mean ‘silver soul’, but are written with different characters.
[4] Yamato Nadeshiko

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