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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 52 – Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Doujin Making

 I ―― Yurino Subaru, was thinking this way.

 I stopped myself from making doujin[1] recently but that might have been an extremely wasteful thing to do.
 Why did I restrain myself when there’s a doujin subject so close to me? Writing a novel about the BL between high school boys while watching the BL between high school boys, up close. Isn’t that most wonderful?
 However, I’m a student of Private Atlas Academy, a former girls’ school. With a considerable number of girls assembled, there’ll be at least 1 or 2 fujoshi making doujin. The love for BL transcends even dimensions. Yes, no female would hate homos after all.
 I built a doujin coterie with those fujoshi comrades and began making doujin. The subject is naturally, Sakurai Makoto. Of course, I didn’t tell my doujin comrades that I’m making Mako my subject, but I’m writing original novels with ‘Mako & Soutarou’, ‘Mako & Prince’ and so on as my subjects. Won’t it be a good idea to turn that into a storyline, a manga, a doujin game, or a mini-anime in Smiles Douga[2]? As for voices, I can commission voice actors online.

 Yes, dreams can unfurl infinitely, can’t they?
 Although it’s yet unknown who Mako will fall for, and whether he’ll even fall for anyone in the first place, I’ve the freedom of expression to engage in flights of fancy and put them to words, don’t I? Right? Isn’t that so?
 Previously, I tried imagining while retaining their high school student status but the setting of them continuing to date after becoming working adults sounds good too. With the setting of working adults, I can imagine new situations such as cohabitation or workplace romance and so on.
 The situations between high school boys are stimulating but so are those between working adults. How delicious.

 If it’s a situation between high school boys, it has to be Soutarou x Mako ――SouMako fits perfectly. Yet, it’s precisely because they fit the romance between high school boys that one may wonder: What would they be like as working adults? Bringing in a new type of thrill.
 Reversely, what would sensei, Yurino Tamaki, be like as a high school student? It may be interesting to ponder on that too. As the author, I’m the only one who knows how Yurino Tamaki was like in his school days. In high school and in university, he was set to have been in the Track-and-Field Club.
 Isn’t it extremely fun to imagine situations that are normally impossible?

 However, there’s BL in the flesh right next to me so I should ponder within the setting of high school students, I suppose.
 What were the true BL events Mako told me recently, again? The incident of Ichigo-chan staying over, the incident with Soutarou in the boys’ changing room, there were many events. My stomach’s full with just Ichigo x Makoto ――IchiMako and SouMako.
 Speaking of which, Prince tried to kiss Mako around the Sports Festival, didn’t he?
 Doesn’t imagining in that direction seem like a good idea?


* * * * *

 Prince a.k.a. Kiritani Riku was undoubtedly a beautiful youth.
 Glossy black hair slightly tidied with hair gel and distinct double eyelids. Anyone who saw his well-arranged facial features like that of a bisque doll would evaluate him as a peerlessly beautiful youth. His slender waist, fitting that pretty face, and his long limbs were like a model’s.
 That charming countenance was so famous that he had a fan club not only in Izumino School but also in Private Atlas Academy. Every one step he took, he’ll be flirted with and every two steps he took, someone would ask to take his photo.
 On top of that, he was smart and athletic. Kiritani Riku was so much of a prince-sama that no one could find fault with him.

 However, he had just one flaw. Although a beauty, he was always expressionless and uncommunicative so he didn’t have anyone he could let his guard down around.

 The sole, irreplaceable existence that such a Prince gained, was an ordinary transfer student.
 He ――Sakurai Makoto, transferred to Year 2 Class A in April. He was saved by Makoto when he got entangled with delinquents. It was after that that Riku fell in love with Makoto.

 Countless times, Riku repeatedly enticed Makoto and finally became an existence that could be called his ‘lover’.

“Makoto, thanks for, the bath.”

“Un?! Ah, yeah!”

 Riku stayed over at Makoto’s house that day.
 He witnessed Makoto being kissed by the Student Council president, Junya, when he was helping the Student Council with preparations for the Sports Festival.
 Riku was astonishingly angry. He was awfully angry.
 Just as Makoto anguished over how to soothe his anger, Riku, who’d entered the bath, returned before he knew it.

 Right out of the bath, Prince sat beside Makoto. The creaking of the bed resounded throughout the quiet room.
 Makoto’s fingertips, disoriented due to nervousness, came into contact with Riku’s fingertips. Makoto’s fingers reflexively fled in surprise but Riku’s fingertips chased after Makoto’s resolutely and captured them.


“What’s wrong, Kiritani. Interlocking fingers. Are you a spoiled kid or what~?”

 Even as Makoto spoke frivolously, he peeked into Riku’s face as though to gauge his mood.
 Makoto leaned above Riku and hugged him tightly, stroking his head. While Riku turned his face to the other side sullenly, his cheeks reddened nonetheless so it appeared that he was pleased to be hugged by Makoto.

“I won’t be deceived, … even if you do this.”

“Don’t be jelly already, Riku.”

“But, Makoto, kissed that idiot.”

 Still expressionless, his brows wrinkled faintly and a watery film formed in his large eyes. Sniff, his nose sounded as he held Makoto’s clothes tightly.
 Sure enough, the thin Riku felt small. Makoto wondered why he was so thin even though their heights didn’t differ much.

“More than me, Riku’s constantly confessed to and is super popular, right?”

“…? I’m, not popular at all.”

 Honestly confused, Riku tilted his head.

“After all, I’m taciturn. Even for friends, Makoto’s my first. It’s unfair that Makoto’s liked by Soutarou, Kaname, the idiot president and even Hasumi. I only have Makoto.”

 Squeeze, Riku clung to Makoto’s body. A seemingly sweet, seemingly nostalgic fragrance like that of sweet flowers or fruit came from Riku. Makoto loved this fragrance a lot. Riku’s voice too.
 Slightly unlike his androgynous looks, Riku’s voice is manly and moderately low. A nasal tenor that resounded sweetly.

 Makoto hugged Riku back. He buried his nose under the back of Riku’s ear, where his smell was the strongest, and inhaled the fragrance.

“I’m the same, I only have Riku. I only have Riku so Riku absolutely mustn’t go to someone else.”

“… Nn. Then, Makoto, me too… Kiss me too.”

“Eh, ho-ho-ho, hold on!”

 Riku cornered Makoto to the end of the room, driving him towards the wall like a certain time before. This time, it wasn’t a wall but a bookshelf. The spines of the bumpy books pressed against his back. As though telling him to go towards Riku.
 Thinking to stop the approaching Riku, he caught hold of his arms.

“I like you, Makoto. I’ll only like Makoto my entire life.”

 Not smiling, with his usual lack of expression, he said so distinctly. It felt strangely earnest when Riku declared that with a serious look.
 The tension left me[3] at Prince’s words and I burst out laughing. Subconsciously, the strength in the hands I held Prince’s arms with, diminished.

“I see I see, I got it. I got it so calm down, alright?”

 At that moment, Riku placed his hand beside Makoto’s head. The bookshelf shook slightly from the impact.


 Riku’s right hand was next to Makoto’s head and his left seized Makoto’s shoulder.
 Aah, as expected, Riku smells nice. It was a sweet scent that made one absent-minded. As Makoto was occupied with Riku’s smell, the approaching face became close enough to kiss.
 Makoto closed his eyes slowly. He could feel Riku’s hot breath on his lips.

 Even though Prince a.k.a. Kiritani Riku had such a sparkly face and was so popular, he had zilch romantic experience. Even though he’d been confessed to so much and even had fan clubs, Riku never liked anyone in that way before.
 With the sole exception, of Sakurai Makoto.

 Riku’s lips trembled.
 Having gotten impatient with the lips that hadn’t touched, Makoto slowly opened his eyes. Riku’s blushing with an expression of being on the verge of tears.
 Cute. Makoto bit his lip lightly before stroking his cheeks.


 He called his name softly. With that, Riku’s shoulders quiver like a cat that had just been picked up.

“Riku, why are you getting shy at this point. After pushing me towards the wall?”

“‘Cos, … ‘cos, … I don’t know how much distance should be kept during a kiss. I do want to kiss Makoto though.”

“Haha, seriously. Geez, Riku, you’re super cute.”

 Tug, I held Riku’s cheek and pulled it towards me.
 Landing kisses from the tip of his nose to his cheek and earlobe, I place my lips against the corner of his mouth and, finally, I let our lips meet gently. Riku’s lips were moist and shockingly soft.
 Absorbed, Makoto rubbed his lips against Riku’s. Bump bump, the bookshelf shook. The books hitting his back hurt. However, to Makoto, kissing with Riku was much more unbearable.

 That calm, reticent, expressionless and aloof Prince. The flower beyond one’s reach.――The Prince who was called all that, became misty-eyed, interlocked his fingers and was absorbed in hugging, only in front of Makoto.
 Makoto shivered from a strange sense of supremacy and of sweet conquest. How incredibly cute. How incredibly precious.

“Mako…, I like, Mako, to.”

“Me too… I also like Riku a lot. I love you.”

“I’m happy. Makoto…, same here, I like you too…”

 Then, they


* * * * *

“Oi, the rotting[4] thing over there.”

“What is it, I was at a good part.”

“I was listening to you obediently but you spoke non-stop about disgusting things between Prince and I! We didn’t do anything of the sort that day okay!”

 By the way, ‘that day’ refers to the day before the Sports Festival, when the Prince stopped me. The day when I was bookshelf don-ed[5].
 I say this again but nothing of that sort happened between Prince and I that day. There wasn’t any bacon-lettuce[6] incidents. Absolutely not. This is important so I’m saying it once more. Absolutely not.

 Although the pouting Subaru is a transcending beauty as usual, the things she does aren’t cute at all.
 She seems to be writing a doujinshi with Prince and I as the motif. Moreover, it appears that she’s going to sell it in the Winter Doujinshi Market.
 That’s troubling. Extremely troubling. I definitely won’t be able to bear with such a shame play.

 I won’t be able to bear it. However, Subaru probably won’t quit making doujin.
 At the very least, from now on, let’s definitely, definitely not do anything that seems like it’d belong to Subaru’s delusions. Let’s not.

[1] Doujinshi
[2] Reference to Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video site.
[3] *shrugs* Author jumps between third and first person.
[4] Fujoshi is literally ‘rotten woman’.
[5] Bookshelf version of kabedon, typically translated as ‘wall slam’. This happened in chapter 30.
[6] Slang for BL.

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