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Chapter 5 – The Natural Flag-raiser and the Saviour and the Prince (2)

“I didn’t expect that Mako would become a guy~!”

“I was surprised about that too.”

After parting from Soutarou, Kaname and Mitsuki, I forcibly brought Subaru, who was giving an unpleasant smile, to a family restaurant.

Subaru ordered a morning set and was eating her meal elegantly, but there’s no way that I would have an appetite. I didn’t sleep at all yesterday. I could only drink hot milk like a puppy.

I couldn’t put on contact lens because my eyes were swollen, so I’ve become a glasses guy ever since this morning. As I thought, even though I came to this world, my eyesight didn’t get better. Before changing my gender, please improve my eyesight first.

“So? Who are you planning to capture?”

“Nah, I won’t do such a thing. I became a guy, you know. Isn’t this the world of an otome game?”

As of now, the current me has reluctantly become male. I’m the brother of Mitsuki, who should be the one enjoying romance.

Until we can return, as an older brother, I plan to support my cute imouto’s love. However, it kind of hurts for another guy to take away the Mitsuki who calls out ‘Mako-chan Mako-chan’ while sticking to me.

“That’s fine, I’m also okay with BL.”

“No one asked, okay.”

Do something about this fujoshi who says such ridiculous things with a straight face!

As a student of the prestigious Atlas Academy, please don’t voice out the nasty things in your head.

I’ll definitely not enter into a romance with anyone. Well, it’s true that everyone is nice and there are times when I thought they were cool. However, I’m a guy. I don’t plan to stay in this world for long, and I want to support Mitsuki’s love story. And like I said, I’m a guy.

Moreover, I can be considered  a complete outsider regarding matters of otome games and boys’ love. It also isn’t too bad to remain rowdy with Soutarou and Kaname like how we’ve been so far.

“Rather than that, let’s think of a way to return to the original world.”

“Eh~, I still want to enjoy it more. The love of the main supporting character, Makoto.”

She looked at me with a pointless twinkle in her eyes, as though she was having fun. Even if you look at me like that, I’ll definitely not do something like participating in a romance, okay.

“Don’t speak such nonsense. Didn’t I already say I won’t have a romance with anyone?”

“Ehー, how disappointing.”

Although her regretful tone is kind of worrisome, I’ll let it go as long as she stops making pointless retorts.

“At any rate, how do we get back? This is a game you made, right? Any ideas?”

“I’ve no clue. I got a shock too when I became Yurino Tamaki’s imouto.”

I understand what Subaru is trying to say.

I, too, was confounded when I became Mitsuki’s older brother. As Subaru also came here unintentionally, she was definitely on the same boat. However, I want to return to the original world.

For that reason, I thought I had to get Subaru to think of a solution. Unfortunately, she didn’t know a way either.

“That’s right……”

Noticing my obvious dismay, Subaru folded her arms and, u~n, let out a groan before finally raising her voice like she recalled something.

“Won’t we be able to return if we head towards the ending? The story hasn’t advanced towards the ending yet.”


Having an inklinh that there’s a chance of returning to the previous world, my body leaned forward unconsciously.

Subaru cleared her throat triumphantly, raising a index finger beside her face.

“It’s fine as long as Mitsuki-chan is attached to the Prince.”

“I see, but who is this ‘Prince’ you’re referring to?”

“Gee. You didn’t listen to what I was saying at all, huh. It’s Kiritani Riku. He’s the glittering ikemen who’s a 2nd-year in Izumino Gakuen and in the same class as Mitsuki-chan. By the way, his attributes are straightforward and cool!”

If he’s in the same class as Mitsuki, that means he’s in the same class as me. But was such a guy in the same class? Nothing comes to mind.

“Kiritani, Riku ……?”

“It seems you haven’t met yet~. Kiritani Riku doesn’t attend school much.”

“Eh, despite being a Prince, he has the character of a delinquent?”

I can’t say I’m thrilled to have Mitsuki dating the Prince if he really is a hoodlum. Onii-chan won’t permit the cute Mitsuki to date a delinquent.

“Rather than a delinquent, he has a more absent-minded character.”

Even though he’s not a delinquent, just because he’s absent-minded, he won’t come to school? I don’t quite understand.

“Well, but if that Prince dates Mitsuki, I might be able to return. If so, I’ll work hard. I’ll cooperate so that Mizuki can head towards a happy ending with the Prince.”

Although I feel bad for Mitsuki, for my sake she has to go out with the Prince.

However, for the current plain-looking Mitsuki, it’s not at a level where anything will happen. It could be that if her specs are lacking, she might not even get to meet the Prince. It appears I have to raise her specs first of all.

“Before that happens, you must be careful not to capture any characters yourself, alright.”


“Mako’s very popular after all.”

I don’t understand what she’s saying. Ever since I met Subaru, was there ever a moment when I’m popular?

Even if 1 in a 100 chance I’m popular, I have no plans to capture anyone.

“You’re so noisy. I’m not popular.”

“Is that~so.”

Subaru had the eyes of an onlooker as she put on a creepy smile while draining the cup of hot milk which had become lukewarm.

I’ve no choice but to do it. I’ll become a more remarkable male high school student than the current me, becoming an ikemen onii-chan who supports Mitsuki’s love life. It’s that. I’ll become the siscon ikemen who often appears in the otome games Subaru makes!

“From now on, I’ll put all my efforts into becoming an onii-chan. And then, I’ll assist Mitsuki in pursuing her love.”

“Ohー. Mako-chan, so dashing! Kyaーkyaー”

“Thanks. …… I’ll be heading back then, Subaru.”

My sleepiness had far surpassed my limits long ago. I no longer have enough energy to keep up with Subaru who was unfathomably excited.

I stood up from my seat while trying to suppress the drowsiness which threatened to make my eyes close.

“I’ll send you home. Which direction is your house?”

“It’s just next to yours. It’s been arranged so that the Heroine-chan can easily bump into the capturable characters.”

How stringent, this Subaru. It’s good that she’s staying next door. I can immediately consult her if there’s any emergencies.

The sun was already high up in the sky by the time we paid and left. I probably won’t be able to fall asleep at night later if I sleep now. But at this moment I just want to go back home and relax. Though I’ll probably just fall asleep if I do that, I feel that that in itself is the right way to spend a Sunday.

“Oi, what are you staring atー?”

While paying no attention to Subaru’s love for BL, I rushed home.

As we approached a bustling street, I heard from the back alley the voice of a man who, no matter how you think about it, is up to no good.

“Why don’t you say something? Hey, isn’t that a mouth you have there?”

When I glanced towards the direction of the voice at the speed of light, there was a slender and beautiful youth who was being surrounded by a group of hooligan-looking high school boys.

The school uniform the youth was wearing seems kind of like Izumino Gakuen’s. We might get entangled in this matter if I look at them any longer, so I quickly diverted my eyes.

“Wasn’t really …… looking.”

Hearing the youth’s voice, I involuntarily came to a stop.

What a lovely voice. The moment it came out, a shiver went up my spine. It was a sweet voice I’d want to listen to all the time.

“Haーa? You, what are you looking at? Are you this guy’s friends?”

“Eh?! …… Ehhー……”

Because I kept staring at the youth, even I got involved.

What should I do. I am not particularly good at sports and of course I’ve never fought with high school boys before. I wonder what such a me should do so that I can rescue this youth and escape with him full-force?

“He’s not related. The one you have a beef with is me, right?”

The hoodlum grabbed the youth’s collar, who remained expressionless except for the increasing wrinkles between his eyebrows.

If I neglected this and returned home, the painful ache in my heart would be no joke. Besides, although he appears deadpan, that boy totally has a face that looks like he wants to be saved.

The delinquent high school boy walked leisurely towards the youth and seized his arm. The young man scowled at me with a pointed gaze. Isn’t it because you make this kind of expression that you get involved in strange things?

“Well, well, how about you stop there? This is a high-traffic area. The police might come if you start a disturbance here.”

“It has nothing to do with you, right.”

“It has nothing to do with me, but, since our eyes met…”

The delinquent high school boy caught hold of my collar.

Fortunately, because I was comparatively taller than him, it became that I was looking down at his face. Being glared at by someone smaller than me isn’t very frightening.

“Someone, please helppp!!”

I shouted at the top of my lungs.

If this were a BL game or something similar, I would be able to easily trash these hoodlums. But I’m actually a frail girl even though I look like this. I’ll be troubled if you were expecting something like that.

“KYAAA!! I’m being surrounded by suspicious peopleー!!”

Likewise, Subaru also let out a high-pitched scream.

The passerbys who heard our cries stopped in their tracks. The high school boys became fidgety and swiftly left the scene. Great. We should also leave before this escalates.

I walked while pulling the hand of the youth. When I turned my head after a few minutes of walking, the youth was staring at me with an expressionless face. Looking at him like this, he’s really a beauty. With that soft black hair, distinctively clear eyes, a light and delicate complexion, he resembles a girl. His height should be around 175cm. Slightly shorter than me.

“Why did you save me?”

“Eh, well…… . Perhaps because you looked like you wanted to be saved.”

“I didn’t make such a face.”

Seems like he’s a little odd. While thinking that all’s well now that he’s safe, I examined the youth. It’s slightly annoying but he has a good voice. He smells really nice too.

While wondering what perfume he had on, I noticed that blood was coming out from his cheek. Was this done by that chap just now? I stretched out my hand and touched the wound gently.

“You’re injured, here. Are you okay?”

“…… !”

His body trembled in surprise the instant I touched his cheek. His behaviour is like that of a stray cat.

This fellow doesn’t seem to have any serious injuries. Subaru and I are also safe. Now I can return home comfortably.

“Subaru, I’m leaving.”

“Wait. …… name.”

“Eh, me?”

The youth nodded.

“I’m Sakurai Makoto. I also attend Izumino Gakuen like you.”

“Sakurai Makoto…… I’m Kiritani. …… Kiritani Riku.”

“Eh?! Kiritani Riku?!”

Kiritani Riku, Kiritani Riku. Could he be the Prince from「 Heart-Throb Love Revolution 」?

Turning around towards Subaru, she was looking at me with a smile. This girl, she must have knew right from the start.

Just when I decided to support Mitsuki’s romance, I ended up meeting the Prince even before she does. I don’t need such a BL-like development!

Even though I’m reluctant, I raised some sort of flag with the Prince. It’s fine. It’s still okay.

It’s fine, right……. right…… ?

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