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Chapter 45 – The Summer Break and the School Camp and the Revision [3]

“How about staying at my place then? Let’s have a study session.”

 I sip the usual coffee at the usual family restaurant with Subaru.
 Despite it all, the creator Subaru is the most reliable with regards to the capturable characters in Heart-Throb Love Revolution.
 I’m currently in the midst of telling Subaru the frightening rotten[1] experiences that truly happened to me, in exchange for her giving advice on the game progression. What’s so enjoyable about hearing the rotten happenings staring me? How mystifying.
 What’s so enjoyable about me getting kabedon’d by Prince and hijidon’d by Ichigo-chan? I felt nothing but annoyance and fear y’know.

 This time, I made such a noble sacrifice to consult her regarding the matter of Mitsuki’s academics not improving at all, but that was her answer to this. How did it come to that? I unconsciously made a confused face.

“Subaru’s place?”

“Yeah. I’m smart you know? I’m a student of Private Atlas Academy after all.”

 Subaru may have spoken half-jokingly but she really is smart. Even in the real world, she’s a little prodigy who’s among the top 5 of the grade. She has both looks and smarts. Only, the inside is regrettably a fujoshi. This is a case of the heavens not bestowing a person two gifts.
 It appears that such a Subaru is ranked among the top 10 even in a famous mission school like Private Atlas Academy.
 I see. Subaru and Mitsuki are good friends. Besides, Subaru’s very smart. Even Mitsuki’s Academic specs may rise if Subaru helps with her studies.

“Aa, I’m leaving it to you then. Do help Mitsuki with her studies.”

“Sure. Come over today then. Besides, Onii-chan will be there too. Isn’t it simply perfect to increase Mitsuki-chan and Yurino Tamaki’s encounter rate?”


 Nonetheless, I’m pretty thankful that we can hold a study session at Yurino-sensei and the original Subaru’s house.
 The issue of Mitsuki lacking academically is already beyond my control. In the first place, the issue may be that I, the one teaching her, is lacking academically. Still, this Mitsuki is way too weak in maths and the sciences.

“But y’know what? Take care because overdoing the ‘affair play’ may result in not being able to fall the original target. You’re aiming for Prince’s route right?”

“I see. Well, I’ve no intention of having Mitsuki capture anyone except Prince. After all, it’s kind of pitiful to turn Hasumi into a rival and sensei’s difficulty level seems high. If I’m to consider someone other than Prince, Takayanagi may be a good choice.”

 Trying to capture Soutarou and Kaname may cause Mitsuki and Hasumi to be rivals, Yurino’s difficulty level seems high, she has too few connections with Ikuto and it’s kinda too late, while Junya’s out of the question. At this point, I’m thinking of aiming for either Takayanagi, whose favourability rating seems high right now, or Prince’s legitimate route.

“Hm~m. Then, who is Mako set on?”

“Huh? Me?”

“Is it Soutarou as expected? Or JunJun?”

 I’m super concerned about the words ‘Soutarou as expected’. What do you mean by ‘as expected’?
 Soutarou’s cute and I like him but that ‘like’ is merely as a friend. On the other hand, Junya’s impossible. Even when I was female, the chances of developing romantic feelings towards that is, without exception, zero. In fact, it’s an absolute zero.

“No one.”

 I spoke coldly but Subaru is smirking for some reason. What a waste of her good looks.

 The evening that day. It’s decided that Mitsuki will stay over at Subaru’s place. Although Subaru told me to stay over too, the current me is somehow or other male. Considering that having high school students of opposite genders stay over or going to stay over isn’t exactly exalted, I rejected the offer.
 It’s fine for Subaru as she knows I’m originally female. However, everyone else thinks I’m born male. It’ll be troublesome if weird suspicions arise.
 Subaru’s house is right next to ours. It appears that Mitsuki, having good relations with Subaru, had went over and hung out several times.

“Staying over at Suba-chan’s, huh~. Mako-chan should just stay over too.”

“I’m good. I’ll just take part in the study session.”

“That’s right. That’s the focal huh. I need to work hard too.”

 Mitsuki, who does a tiny fist pump, is really, really cute.
 As expected of my 155cm angel. Pink bob hair and eyes with large irises. Despite being petite, her thighs and butt are plump and her skin is fair. Her tight waist is strangely erotic. The child from my family is truly cute. I can’t believe such a cute girl is my little sister.
 Pressing the intercom, I hear Subaru’s voice and the door opens immediately. It’s the Subaru I’ve had tea with just now.

“Heya. Come on in.”

 Subaru stands at the entranceway with an unusually rough attire consisting of t-shirt and shorts. Her long, black hair are tied in twin tails. It’s as expected of Subaru to look pretty despite being in such rough attire.
 Mitsuki’s also clad in a white lace dress and a cardigan. Super cute. Her cuteness doesn’t lose out even against the impactful beauty, Subaru.

“I’m here to play, Suba-chan~”

“Mitsuki, you didn’t come to play. You’re here to study, right?”

“Oh right. I’m here to study, Suba-chan.”

 She lifts the tote bag containing study materials up to her eye level.

“There, there. We can just study casually. Here, come in.”

“Don’t spoil Mitsuki, Subaru.”

“What’s the one who spoils her most saying!”

 I don’t spoil Mitsuki or anything like that y’know.
 I raise her specs pretty seriously and it’s precisely because I’m not spoiling her that I’m making her study. It’s just that I act a little siscon-ish.
 Yurino-sensei’s sitting on the sofa of the living room. He’s lounging around in home clothes while watching the television. I’ve only known the Yurino-sensei in school so it feels slightly odd to see a different him.

“Onii-chan, Mako and Mitsuki-chan have come.”

“Welcome. Do study hard, Makoto-kun and Mitsuki-san~”

 Yurino-sensei probably took a bath; he appears even younger than usual and is strangely erotic. He’s so erotic that I feel shivers down my spine. Is it because he has glasses on? Glasses can entirely change a person’s atmosphere after all.

“Yurino-sensei! I will be intruding.”

 Mitsuki squares her shoulders nervously.

“Don’t be so nervous, Mitsuki-san. Because I’m just your friend’s onii-chan right now.”

 Sensei smiles wryly at such a Mitsuki.
 We sit at the 4-person dining table in the living room. Come to think of it, I never asked Subaru about this in-depth but what is the configuration of her family in this world? I wonder what her father and mother are doing. Are they stationed away from home due to work like the Sakurais?
 Subaru and Mitsuki sit side-by-side while I’m across them. Mitsuki begins to revise her supplementary lessons as Subaru and I open our summer break homework.

“Mako-chan, there’s something I don’t understand already…”

“Eh, which part?”

“Here. Question 4.”

 There should be a limit to being bad at maths and sciences, right.
 I lean forward and read the problem. This problem was one done during the supplementary lesson.

“Ah, that’s—”

 I try to explain to her the way Yurino-sensei taught me. However, my explanation may have been hard to understand as Mitsuki tilts her head lightly. I was originally bad at maths and sciences too so that may be why I couldn’t explain it well.

“Let me see. I’ll explain if you don’t mind. I’m not wearing a lab coat now but I’m still a Biology teacher you know~”

“Eh, but. It’s sensei’s rest day.”

 Mitsuki immediately tenses up when Yurino-sensei approaches, sitting ramrod straight.
 Subaru laughs throatily, going “Kekeke” as she languidly spins her pen.

“It’s fine, Mitsuki-chan. Let onii-chan explain it~. He can probably teach you much better than Mako. He’s still considered a teacher even though he’s the way he is.”

“Hey, Subaru. What do you mean by ‘still considered’. I’m a full-fledged teacher.”

“Sorrryy, bro.”

 Again, it feels odd to hear Yurino-sensei speak casually.
 So sensei looks like this and speaks like this in front of Subaru. Compared to his usual palpable, languid way of speaking, I think his current way of speaking is much better. But this figure probably appears only in front of his sibling, Subaru, or after he’s captured. The question is whether it’s okay for the Sakurai siblings, whose favourability rating with him is zilch, to see this.
 Come to think of it, I think Subaru mentioned that Yurino Tamaki’s rival character is his younger sister, Subaru. What does Subaru think about that? When we were first transported to this world, she said it’s impossible to have a romance with Tamaki, but I wonder if her feelings changed in these few months.
 If I tell Subaru this, she’ll probably roar with laughter, going: “What are you sayin’!” though.

“So, Mitsuki-san, which part do you not understand?”

“Ah, erm…”

 When I glance at Subaru, she’s smirking as she looks at the two.
 This expression is the “Awesome, score!” smile she has when she manages to make an otome game CG appear as per her expectation.
 That’s right, isn’t it. I feel relieved. I might have overthought it. Staying too long in the otome game world may have poisoned me. Despite all this, I won’t be tied down by matters of love right?

“That is correct. Mitsuki-san sure learns fast~”

“Hehehe, maybe it’s thanks to Mako-chan teaching me everyday. It seems that everything Mako-chan taught me till now clicks perfectly after sensei’s explanation. It’s really easy to understand.”

“Next is the question over here. How is it?”

 Sensei points at the problem as he stands beside Mitsuki.
 Mitsuki’s different from how she was just now, and is happily solving the problem. Occasionally, she’ll raise her head and ask sensei questions. Sensei also looks pleased as he looks at Mitsuki solving questions happily.

 Is Mitsuki on Yurino Tamaki’s route?
 Personally, I recommend Prince’s route though. But that’s largely because I’ve an ulterior motive; it’s the route I think has the highest probability of returning me to the real world.

“Makoto-kun? Is there something you don’t understand?”

 Raising my gaze at the gentle voice, my eyes meet with Yurino-sensei’s.
 He who goes ”Nn?”, smiling as he tilts his head ever so slightly is, just a little, really just a little, similar to Subaru.

“Ah, nah… I’m fine.”

 Snap, the lead of my mechanical pencil breaks as I used too much strength.
 I might have gotten tense. Because I sensed too much of Subaru in Yurino-sensei.

 Sensei and Subaru are not related by blood. Even then, in that unexpected moment, he exuded a somewhat similar atmosphere.
 For example, the gentle curve of his mouth when he laughs or his habit of gasping a little when he laughs. For example, his nostalgic scent like that of fragrant olives[2] that I sometimes catch.

 Maybe I’m similar to Mitsuki too? Am I similar to Mitsuki?
 If so, I may be, just a little, happy.

[1] Fujoshi/fudanshi = lit. rotten women/men. So ‘rotten’ experiences are…
[2] It’s a type of flower. Osmanthus fragrans.

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