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Chapter 44 – The Summer Break and the School Camp and the Revision [2]

“Understood. With this, I’ll be able to teach Mitsuki.”

“Do tell Mitsuki-san to come personally next time. That she can’t rely entirely on Makoto-kun.”

I laugh a little at sensei as he expresses his anger in an old-fashioned way, by raising a finger above his head.
Seeing as I only needed him to leisurely explain things for less than an hour, my Academic specs is evidently increasing. Although the specs I want to raise isn’t Academics but Athletics, life is such that things don’t go the way you want even if it’s the world of a game.

“I’ll be sure to pass that on to Mitsuki. Thank you very much, sensei.”

“Not at all, not at all~. It’s my pleasure if the Sakurai siblings’ grades improve thanks to this. Please do raise the average score of my class~.”

“… I’ll work hard to answer to your expectations.”

I believe Yurino-sensei is a genius of casually pressuring others.
I think I already worked plenty hard to raise the average score this term. Even though I didn’t do as well as Prince, ranking in the 80s shows that I’m one of those who worked pretty hard. However, it’ll be better if Mitsuki improves her grades more in order to increase the characters’ favourability ratings.

“Well then, sensei will head off to supervise his club activities~”

“Aa, all the best. I’ll take a look at sensei’s high jump next time.”

“I’m no longer in Track-and-Field, you know? My waist will be done in. Goodness, I’ve gotten pretty old after all.”

He put into words the stereotypical phrases.
His eyes are too sad for him to be joking. Somehow, they even seem like they’re about to shed tears.
I must say something. My lips slightly open with that thought but I can’t say a thing. I’m much too immature to convey anything to him.

The ends of sensei’s brows suddenly dip.
Large, round eyes and silky black hair. The corners of his mouth are raised, giving the impression that he’s always smiling. Incredibly baby-faced, one may even think he’s a fellow student. Yet he appears incredibly adult at times like this. Sensei is a man who’s much, much more adult than me. Which is kind of surprising though.

“Um, sensei—”

“I may be like this but I used to be super athletic, you know~”

Yurino-sensei is the adviser for the Track-and-Field club. Apparently sensei was in Track-and-Field during his school days and had entered a prefecture-level tournament for his 100 metres dash and high jump. Looks are really deceiving.
Like a small animal, sensei starts stuffing milk buns into his lab coat’s pocket. Thus I gather my belongings and leave the science lab.

I wonder if, in the past, something happened to sensei in Track-and-Field.
It’s commonplace that capturable characters with aloof personalities like his, carries trauma from their pasts, huh. Let’s make sure to not get too involved with such matters.

Still, what should I do after this? Working on the summer break homework at the library is good. Going to the pool and taking a look at Mitsuki in her swimsuit sounds good too. Or should I just go home directly?

“AH!! Mako!”

A voice so loud that it tears apart the silent space, calls for me to stop. There’s no doubt it’s Soutarou.
Looking towards the direction of the voice, I see the refreshing puppy Soutarou clad in the Basketball Club’s shirt and half-pants. Similarly, Hasumi is heading over here too. In Soutarou’s case, he’s sprinting at full might.

“Ah, Soutarou… and, Hasumi. Club activities?”

“MAKO! Why are you here? What happened? Are you leaving already? Have you had lunch?”

“Sakurai will be troubled if you ask so many questions, right, Tsubaki?”

Hasumi, who arrives later, gives Soutarou a sidelong glance in a dumbfounded manner.

“Ah, my bad. I was just so happy.”

Although Soutarou laughed bashfully, his momentum remains uninterrupted as he closes in to my immediate range.
Sure enough, there’s invisible dog ears on his head and a fluffy tail behind him. In addition, I seem to hear “Yip, yip” cries.
Hasumi appears sincerely dumbfounded as she looks at Soutarou. Is that how Hasumi acts towards someone she likes? I don’t think that’s how she acts towards someone she kinda likes but is that my imagination? Or is she in love with Kaname in the current route?

“I came just to ask sensei questions. I was thinking of going to the library to get some homework done. Are you having lunch now, Soutarou and Hasumi?”

“That’s right. If you’re fine with it, why don’t you join us for lunch, Mako?”

“No, … but—”

According to the creator, Subaru, Hasumi is the rival character for Soutarou and Kaname’s routes. It seems that her favourability rating towards Mitsuki will vary should Mitsuki like one of them.
No matter how you look at the current Hasumi, she doesn’t really appear to like Soutarou and Kaname. Does this mean that Mitsuki has yet to enter either of their routes? Moreover, it seems that she currently has the highest favourability rating with Takayanagi.

Even then, can I really intrude on them?
For a moment, my gaze wanders in hesitation. However it may not be of concern to Hasumi at all, for she looks at me with a nonchalant expression.

“Come if you’re free. Did you bring a boxed lunch?”

“Well, I am free and I did bring a boxed lunch. This. Mitsuki made it.”

I take out Mitsuki’s handmade boxed lunch from my bag and show her.
It’s a lunch box wrapped in a blue gingham checkered napkin. By the way, Mitsuki uses a pink gingham checkered napkin. We’re using matching napkins and lunch boxes. It’s kind of embarrassing but I’m on cloud nine. Isn’t it the best to complement the adorable Mitsuki?

“Mitsuki did? As expected. Mitsuki’s great at cooking after all. Moreover, she has a huge brocon.”

“Having a brocon is unrelated, right.”

“Nope. It’s incredible how much you like Mitsuki but it’s equally dangerous how much Mitsuki likes you, Sakurai. You two are so lovey-dovey that you should just marry each other.”

Certainly, I like Mitsuki a lot. I like the cute, bright, kind and always shining Mitsuki a lot. This may be conceited of me but I don’t think Mitsuki hates me. That’s why we get along well. I admit that I’ve a siscon.

Thus, I ended up intruding on Soutarou and Hasumi’s lunch time.
The three of us went to the roof. It was relatively cool under the shade; it was a place better than my expectations.
In addition, the weather is good today. The blue sky continues endlessly and white clouds extend across the blue. Looking at that, I unconsciously narrow my eyes from the blinding sun. The sun is high up in the sky.
Differing from the two wearing short-sleeves and shorts, the indoor-type me is clad in sweltering attire: a long-sleeved dress shirt of which sleeves have been rolled up, along with the slacks of my school uniform.
I’m not that fond of short-sleeved dress shirts and neither am I that fond of the school polo shirt that we’re allowed to wear only in summer. Or so my excuse goes. I single-mindedly wore a long-sleeved dress shirt in an stubborn imitation as I find guys who have their dress shirt sleeves rolled up moe. Not just high school boys, but don’t you think the contrast of rolled-up dress shirt sleeves and rustic wristwatches is moe? Yes, isn’t that moe? Is that so? What a great pity.

“Ugh, I’m gonna get sunburned.”

“So even Hasumi worries about things like sunburns.”

“Shut up, Sakurai.”

She got angry. A girl’s heart is complicated and strange.

Leaning against the wall, I open the lunch box Mitsuki made.
Today’s lunch is omelette rice. The lunch box is filled to the brim with omelette rice while potato salad and broccoli are packed at the side. The potasala is from yesterday’s dinner. In a small tupperware, there’s almond tofu with watermelon that have been carved into star shapes.
Thinking that Mitsuki, who made mini chemical weapons at the beginning, can prepare boxed lunches like this now makes big brother deeply moved.

“Wow, that looks delicious. Mine’s just bread from the school store.”

“Sakurai-san’s good at cooking, huh.”

Hasumi’s having a sweet bun and coffee milk from the school store. Soutarou’s having a handmade boxed lunch.

“Hasumi and Soutarou, do you have club activities throughout summer break?”

“Yup, we generally have club activities on weekdays.”

“I see. So you won’t really go out to have fun during summer break.”

The Basketball Club’s having club activities throughout summer break, Kaname’s likely to be in great demand and, as typical of otome games, the Student Council’s surely busy too. The only one free is probably Prince. However, it’s improbable that Mitsuki and Prince will go on a date if I leave them to their own devices.
I was thinking I could skillfully invite them on a double date but it may be more difficult than I expected.
Soutarou may have misunderstood something as he sees me all depressed. He peeks at my face and speaks while crying “kyun, kyun~”. Puppy Soutarou has descended again.

“I’ll definitely, definitely come running if Mako invites me! If you want, after club activities ends today is fine too! Ah, oh right, should we go to the sea next Sunday? You know how the internet went nuts over the lifting of the ban on Blue Cave?”

“Blue Cave? The one at Capri Island, Italy?[1]”

Speaking of ‘Blue Cave’, the cave at Capri Island, South Italy, is the only place that comes to mind.
Now that he mentions it though, I think there’s been some ruckus about Blue Cave the past few days.

“I don’t really get it either but it’s apparently really pretty. Shall we go?”

“Hmm… Want to come along, Hasumi? I’ll invite Mitsuki too.”

“Ehh, me?!”

For some reason, Hasumi grows immensely flustered and is blushing.

“Nah, you don’t have to force yourself if you don’t want to get sunburned.”

“I’m going!! I’m going too!”

I was thinking to invite Subaru is Hasumi doesn’t want to come but it’s my turn to be flustered when she gives an athirst reply.
So she likes Soutarou after all? If so, I’d better not mesh Mitsuki and Soutarou together too much.
In that case, it’ll be Mitsuki, Hasumi, Soutarou and I. That won’t do. If Hasumi and Soutarou couple up, a surreal situation of ‘what did the Sakurai siblings go there for’ will unfold.
As I thought, perhaps I should invite Prince for Mitsuki’s sake. If I also invite Kaname at the same time, I don’t have to worry about being alone. Besides, Kaname reads the atmosphere to some degree so things will be easier on me.

“I just have to invite Riku and Kaname next. So looking forward to it!”

I was unexpectedly able to guarantee a date.
This is the occasion to showcase your girl power, Mitsuki! With my erewhile part-time pay, I should start off by getting Mitsuki a swimsuit according to Prince’s preference. I should be able to find out Prince’s preferences by asking Subaru.
Next, I’ll get her to prepare a boxed lunch, making good use of her housework specs. There’s nothing to worry about this. Mitsuki’s boxed lunches are currently tastier than the run-of-the-mill delicatessen.

All that remains is to properly lead Prince and Mitsuki on the day itself, to ensure that things go well.
I’m getting kinda excited! Now that it’s been decided, I must first have Mitsuki clear her Biology supplementary lessons!

[1] Blue Grotto of Capri Island. They probably aren’t going all the way to Italy, Makoto brought it up because that’s more famous and was the only one he thought of. They’re probably going to the one in Okinawa, Japan: Blue Cave.

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