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Chapter 43 – The Summer Break and the School Camp and the Revision [1]

 For the end-of-term exams, I secured the 82nd place. 82 out of 240 is a pretty good spot, right? It’s like being above the average and below the above. Contemporary and Classical Japanese was fine, but Mathematics was a no-go. Speaking of this 82nd position, you can say that it’s a result of having some leeway at studies despite not having much for sports.
 As the 169th place, Mitsuki didn’t do too bad grades-wise. However, it’s a questionable result in terms of favourability rating. If the grades are below average, it’s not good for raising the favourability ratings of the capture targets. Tsk, those are some big words when you guys didn’t score that well either. Especially you.
 By the way, Prince is 20th, Soutarou is 125th and Kaname is 177th. According to the rumours, Takayanagi ranks within the top 10 and Junya maintains his spot among the supplementary lessons takers.

“Mako-chan sure is smart~!”

 We’re having Mitsuki’s homemade water dumplings for dinner today. They steep well in the sauce and taste great.

“Mitsuki worked hard too, right? You ranked highly for the humanities subjects.”

“I need to attend supplementary lessons for Biology so I’ve to attend school even during summer break. There’s also the training camp for the Swimming Club… I may be busier during summer break instead, huh.”

 What’s an otome game heroine doing with such an attitude! In my heart, I pep up Mitsuki, who’s saying such easygoing things.
 The crucial summer break isn’t to be wasted doing something so pointless. True, interacting with Yurino-sensei at the Biology supplementary lessons is good, and so is raising Takayanagi’s favourability rating during the Swimming Club’s training club. However, the one you’re supposed to be capturing is Prince, right?

 I’ve thought about it. What I should do for the remaining 8 months in this otome game world.
 This is no time for me to be popular in this world. Mitsuki being popular and pampered is everything in this world. At some point, I’ll have Mitsuki walk towards a happy future with Prince. Subsequently, I’ll head towards my own happy ending that entails returning to reality. That’s the happiest conclusion. The best way in which no one will be sad.

“There’s the summer festival, fireworks display and opening of the beachgoing season in summer, y’know? There’s also night parades and haunted houses that you can’t find in amusement parks. Big brother wants to enjoy the summer break with Mitsuki. That’s why, please at least clear the supplementary lessons soon.”

 Tests will be held everyday during the supplementary lessons in summer break. If you’re able to pass them, you’ll be freed from subsequent lessons.
 Thus, I’ll have Mitsuki attend the lessons only once and clear the tests in one go.
 The month of August is crowded with heart-throbbing love events. Participating in the events raises 5 times more favourability rating than normal dates. What are you going to participate in if not these?

“Un! I want to hang out with Mako-chan too. I also have plans with Yun-chan. So, if possible, I want to be freed from supplementary lessons soon too… but, I’m an idiot…”

“Mitsuki isn’t an idiot. You can do it if you try.”

“I wonder. Can I really?”

 This is neither a joke nor flattery. Mitsuki really is a girl who can do it if she tries.
 Mitsuki is the protagonist of an otome game. As long as she has the will, anything can go well.

“I’ll teach you. Work hard with big brother, yeah?”

“Mako-chan! Thank you. Mako-chan truly is reliable.”

 Mitsuki grins. Smiling as she emits mysterious sparkles, she’s probably an angel. As expected of someone with a high Charm level.

 I’m the older brother of the heroine, Mitsuki.
 I’ll neither capture nor date anyone. My existence is solely to cheer for Mitsuki’s romance.
 The issue now is how to spend the forthcoming summer break. If I don’t interfere with her, Mitsuki will probably spend it on the lessons, her club activities and with Yun-chan, a.k.a. Hasumi Yuiko. Hasumi should be in love with Soutarou so I suppose she may invite Mitsuki on double dates. However, that alone won’t do. Prince’s favourability rating needs to be raised in a more dependable manner.
 There’s tons of things big brother has to do.

 … Or so I thought.

“Ehehe… I ended up with more supplementary tests.”

 It’s been less than a week since summer break started, and it’s the 3rd time she’s taken the supplementary tests. Mitsuki hasn’t even been able to obtain half of the marks needed to pass.
 If the lessons don’t end, I can’t put together the plans for summer break. Mitsuki’s cute. Even if she’s not good at studies, she’s cute. Still. STILL! She can’t capture Prince with just cuteness. The only one she has the possibility of capturing now is Junya, who emphasizes Charm. However, of all people, Junya’s a no-go.

 As Mitsuki has Swimming Club activities after the lessons, she directly heads to her club.
 Things can’t get started if Mitsuki continue to fail the tests. Thinking that I should teach Mitsuki, I head towards Yurino-sensei, who teaches Biology. My objective is, of course, to revise the supplementary tests.
 I’ll do the revision in place of Mitsuki who’s busy with club activities and isn’t too motivated about the tests. It may sound strange but a supporting character providing support and an older brother helping his sister out shouldn’t be strange.

 Barely anyone walks by the corridors in summer break. I only pass by one person as I walk from Class 2-A to the science lab.

“Is Yurino-sensei in?”

“No, he isn’t~. Sensei is having a break.”

“So you are in.”

 I approach Yurino-sensei, who’s drinking tea in a corner of the science lab.
 Sensei is chewing the super-popular goat milk bread from the school store. He’s even heating up cans of coffee in a beaker with water, using the bunsen burner. Though, considering the heating capability of the bunsen burner, I don’t think the coffee will warm up much.

“I see you found me~. Do you want a cream bread~?”

“Sensei, how many cream bread do you have?”

“I’ve 5 today~. It seems that goat milk was used in this goat milk bread[1] and it’s extremely rare. Goodness, only 30 pieces! I couldn’t stop myself from splurging. Would you like one too, Makoto-kun?”

 The school store only sells 30 of these milk bread that uses goat milk in them.
 Normally, a terrifying battle will unfold whenever it’s lunch time. However, it’s summer break now so you can easily acquire this rare bread without participating in the terrifying battle.
 Truth be told, I’ve never eaten it before either. However, it doesn’t matter because I don’t particularly like goats or milk bread and therefore don’t have much interest in it.

“I will be fine because I have the boxed lunch my younger sister made.”

“A boxed lunch made by Mitsuki-san? That’s nice. After all, Mitsuki’s grades for home economics, music and arts are top class for her year~. It seems promising~.”

“That is right; she is skilled at cooking. Yet, in exchange, it is as though she is inept at studies.”

 I think you pretty much understand by now but Mitsuki isn’t really the type who can study. Her specs in Academics is decisively lacking. You can say it’s due to me being awful at raising the parameters. It’s partly my fault that Mitsuki’s specs are lacking.

“Studies isn’t everything~. Of course, as a teacher, I need her to take supplementary lessons and pass the test in order to raise credits. However, I think that talents outside of studies are also splendid. Mitsuki-san’s very cheerful, interacts with everyone in a kind manner and is buoyant. Moreover, she’s skilled at cooking and has a gift for the arts. She also has lots of friends. Only, it’ll be nice if she studies a little harder.”

 Sensei chews the cream bread. The palm-sized bread is eaten in 3, 4 bites. Bubbles start appearing around the coffee that’s boiling over the bunsen burner. Sensei extinguishes the bunsen burner and offers me one of the three cans.
 It states that the coffee is super sweet. The taste is too intense for someone who likes slightly sweet things like me.

 Yurino Tamaki-sensei may be absent-minded and air-headed but he firmly looks at what he should be seeing.
 He may not appear so due to his baby-faced appearance and airy way of speaking, but he’s a lot more mature than a mere high school student like me. He also properly considers a number of matters.

“Academic-wise, I will teach her. Mitsuki will surely grow in the future. She will become a much more charming lady.”

“That’s true, if it’s her, then surely. Makoto-kun will also grow further in the future. You’ll become a much more charming and wonderful gentleman, won’t you~”

“Me? I am different from Mitsuki.”

 Mitsuki’s the heroine of this story, but it’s different for me.
 Naturally, I’m not the hero and neither am I a capturable character. At most, I’m a sub-character. So that the heroine’s romance goes well, so that the heroine can obtain happiness, it’s my job to provide support. That’s why I won’t display any talent that stands out more than necessary.
 In the first place, I may not possess such a thing though.

“Is that so~? I see both Makoto-kun and Mitsuki-san as buds of talent, you know. Buds that will blossom from now on. You will surely begin to grow more wonderful. I can tell.”

 After finishing 3 milk bread, sensei sips his sweet, sweet coffee.
 Milk bread and sweet coffee. Just the sight of them seems to sear my throat and chest.

“Well then. My meal’s over. You’ve a question for sensei, right? Please go on.”

“Ah, yes. About the supplementary lesson today…”

“Makoto-kun really is studious~”

 I hate studying but for the sake of raising Mitsuki’s Academic specs, there’s no helping it.

 Let’s quickly end the lessons and let Mitsuki spend a splendid and meaningful summer break.
 For that to happen, she has to first ‘capture’ the Biology lessons.
 In order to show the efforts of a supporting character, I roll up my sleeves[2].

[1] Not just goat milk favoured but actual goat milk is used in it.
[2] Probably in a figurative way. Prepare to get to work.

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