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Chapter 41 – The Kiss and the Dog and the Wolf [3]

 When I woke up in the morning, for some reason, Ichigo-chan was hugging me.
 This situation wasn’t unforeseeable… actually, it’s par for the course but it’s still shocking. Is this normal behaviour for high school boys? ――I’ve had enough of this question. It isn’t normal. As expected, even I’ve come to know that.
 Stretching my arm, I turn off the alarm of my brilliant clock. I push the forehead of Ichigo-chan who buried his face in my chest in an attempt to tear him away but he’s clinging tightly and wouldn’t let go.

 I reach for my glasses but my hand miss it by just a bit. Thankfully, my eyesight on both eyes are 0.3. Well, it’s not like I can’t see a thing so I give up trying to grab the glasses.
 Straining my eyes at the clock, I see that it’s 10am. I should’ve set the alarm at 9am. However, it may have gotten this late as a result of me repeatedly snoozing it.
 It’s about time I must start preparing and wait for Soutarou. Therefore, I’ve to smack Ichigo-chan awake and hope that he’ll leave.

“Ichigo-chan, Ichigo-chan.”

 As though in complaint, furrows form between Ichigo-chan’s brows as he stirs. Really, even Ichigo-chan looks this innocent and high school student-like when he’s asleep.
 I’m sorry to do this when he’s sleeping peacefully but I grab Ichigo-chan’s shoulder and shake him. However, he simply forms furrows between his brows in complaint and growls in an indistinct voice reminiscent of a sleeper’s breath.

 Goodness, won’t Soutarou arrive if he doesn’t wake up soon? I try to imagine the worst-case scenario that will occur if I leave him be.
 Soutarou is on his way. In place of me who can’t move, Mitsuki receives Soutarou. Mitsuki guides Soutarou to my room. It’s the scenario where Mitsuki and Soutarou witness that Ichigo-chan and I are hugging each other. Too terrifying.
 It’s a situation where I can’t make up a good excuse. While it’s not like I must’ve a good excuse for this, I somehow have a feeling that Soutarou will, well, be saddened.

“Wake up, Ichigo-chan.”

“Ain’t it a rest day today. A little more…”

 I’m being hugged even more tightly. There’s absolutely no signs of him waking up. I shake his shoulder again. Yet, sure enough, he merely stirs.
 If so, I should’ve set the appointment with Soutarou slightly later. I didn’t expect that Ichigo-chan will be this bad at getting up.

“Yeah, still, please go home and sleep. Didn’t I say yesterday that I’ve something on?”

“Don’t wanna.”

 So much so that one wouldn’t think he was sleep-groaning just a moment ago, he starts snickering with his eyes wide open. He stops hugging me, rests his elbow on the bed and smirks, looking at me.
 What’s with him. Was he groaning to make things difficult for me? It appears that Ichigo-chan enjoys making things difficult for me.

 It feels like I’m about to snap but I endure it. It’s futile even if one scolds people like this harshly.

“Ichigo-chan, sit there.”


 The obedient Ichigo-chan gets up and sits in seiza on the bed. Meanwhile, I sit cross-legged in front of him.

“I must reconcile with Soutarou. Do you understand?”


 Ichigo-chan nods.

“Then, for the time being, please go home.”

“Let’s kiss then.”

“How did it come to that.”

 What are you saying with that serious expression. I feel slightly dizzy at not having gotten my point across. Pressing the area between my brows, I hang my head.

“Show me your underwear then. Underwear.”

 I think we’d the same conversation yesterday.
 Why does he want to kiss me, sheesh. Also, why does he want to see my underwear! Is it fun for a guy to see another guy’s underwear? My underwear is surely similar to what Ichigo-chan’s wearing, y’know.
 I give a deep, deep sigh and tap Ichigo-chan’s cheek.

“I’m not showing it.”

“Why? Ain’t it fine since we’re both guys?”

 Ichigo-chan flails his arms as though he’s throwing a tantrum.
 Is there any idiot who’ll show you after being asked to “Show me, show me!” so assertively? I totally don’t mind if it’s seen normally. Still, sure enough, I’m resistant to showing it to someone who wants to see.
 In the first place, my current outer appearance may be a guy but I’m female on the inside. This may sound disturbing but there’s no way I can say “Sure, go ahead” when I’m asked by a guy to show my underwear.



 When I try to get down from the bed and am in a tall kneeling position, my sweatpants are pulled from my waist and are cleanly peeled off. Naturally, my underwear is completely visible.

“Ahh, what, the color sure is boring. I thought you were wearing pink or something.”

 Well, sorry for being boring. Even back when I’m female, I never preferred pink or red underwear.
 What underwear colour is conventional for high school boys to wear? Do they wear red, gold, etc.? Soutarou’s boxers were orange, so are warm-coloured ones popular? Rather, what kind of underwear does Ichigo-chan want me to wear? In this way, various emotions surged up but for the time being, I pull my sweatpants up.
 As I ponder on how to convey this irremediable anger, of all things, Ichigo-chan eagle-grips my butt. And then, squeeze squeeze, he starts massaging it. I’m so stunned that I can’t even scream.

“Your butt is small, huh. And you have a narrow waist.”

“Ahh, whatever you say, whatever you say.”

 After all, this guy will just find it amusing if I pointlessly resist him. Let’s not specifically resist him and let him do what he wants.

 Still, I’d have liked to be told that I’ve a narrow waist when I was female. At that time, while I wasn’t particularly chubby, I wasn’t skinny either. Since I’ve been transported here and became a guy, I think several amendments were made. After all, with Mitsuki being so cute, slender and attractive, and in addition to this world being an otome game, all the dreams and hopes will be dashed if I, the older brother, is a fugly giant that’s unbearable for the eyes.
 Besides, the “older brothers” in otome games these days are also capturable targets and the older and younger brothers in the otome games Subaru make are all sparkly ikemen. I’m sorry that only the ‘older brother’ of Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Revolution isn’t an ikemen. At the end of the day, even if you look at me in a favourable light, I’m barely an Average Joe.
 Since I turned into a guy with great lengths, it would’ve been nice if my face was also revised. If I’m an ikemen, I’ll still be treated like one[1] even if I squeeze a guy’s butt like this, huh. It is often said that humans are judged 90% by their outer appearance.

 Even though my heart is in a critical ORZ condition, Ichigo-chan stops massaging my butt and cheerfully starts changing. What a seriously ‘my pace’ guy.

“Makoto should get changed soon too. Ain’t ya meeting dat guy?”

“It’s exactly as you say, but it’s super annoying to be told that by you.”

 Without a shred of shyness, Ichigo-chan changes directly before me.
 There’s no helping it so for the time being, I put on my black-rimmed glasses and start changing. Ichigo-chan changes into the school uniform he’d been wearing while I start changing into random casual clothing. I’m only going to have tea with Soutarou so jeans, t-shirt and jacket will do, I suppose. If it’s a shopping date with Mitsuki, I’ll put in some fighting spirit and choose an ikemen older brother style though.
 Having finished changing, Ichigo-chan returns to sitting on the floor cushion and begins to read the manga about searching for the Grand Treasure of One Piece.

“Ichigo-chan, aren’t you leaving?”

“Naw. Why?”

 You don’t have to speak with such a sincerely perplexed tone. You’re making me feel that I’m the one who’s mistaken instead.

“Why… because I’m meeting Soutarou.”

“I’ll meet Soutarou too then.”

“Huh? Why would you?”

 Why is there a need for Soutarou and Ichigo-chan to meet? There shouldn’t have been any relation between Soutarou and Ichigo-chan.
 In addition, I want to talk to Soutarou alone. Besides, Ichigo-chan will definitely be a hindrance if he’s there.

 While I’m pondering on how to convey that such that he’ll understand, the intercom sounded. It’s slightly passed 11pm. It’s undoubtedly Soutarou who’s come.

“Is it okay to not go?”

“… I’m going though.”

“Should I go then?”

 His lips curl into a smirk. Ichigo-chan is definitely enjoying this situation.
 Although I’ve absolutely no idea how to explain this situation to Soutarou, I can’t possibly continue to ignore the intercom.
 Somehow, I’m starting to feel like crying. There’s so many signs of carnage that I feel like vomiting. I’ll probably feel even more like vomiting from now on though.

 I raise my extremely heavy hips[2] and slowly walk to the entrance.
 Aahh, how should I explain this situation? Is it necessary to explain in the first place? Can I settle it with “My friend came over~”? Yeah, it should be able to settle. After all, we’re friends. Both Soutarou and I, and Ichigo-chan and I, are friends. It shouldn’t be strange at all to tell a friend that another friend stayed over. It shouldn’t be but I’ve an inkling that things won’t go so smoothly.
 Whichever the case, it feels like it’s going to become something exceptionally troublesome.

“My bad, I kept you waiting. Welcome.”

“Nope, I’m sorry for the abruptness.”


 Opening the door, I see Soutarou standing there bashfully.
 Having been treated coldly by Soutarou these two days, this smile of his is engaging. Up till now, I’ve thought nothing of Soutarou’s smile, yet right now, this instance, it’s a smile like an angel’s. As expected, Soutarou is an ikemen, huh. How extremely wonderful.

“Somehow, it feels like it’s been a long time. That we’ve spoken like this.”

“It sure does. So, I, uhm—”

 The moment I open my mouth to apologise for what happened the other day, someone hugs me from behind.

“Makoto, you’re takin’ too long to come back.”

 With an arm wrapped around my neck, he places his chin on my head.
 Soutarou’s eyes widen in surprise as he looks at Ichigo-chan who should be overhead.

“… Go away. I’m talking to Soutarou now.”

“I was talking to Makoto too. He’s the one who wedged himself in.”

 I jab his side with my elbow to push him off but he clings even more tightly to me and wouldn’t leave.
 Let’s ignore Ichigo-chan already. Having decided that, I face Soutarou again. It’s kind of surreal to talk with Ichigo-chan still clinging to me but it’s not the time to be saying that.
 I’m sorry about the other day, ――the moment I open my mouth to say that, Soutarou pulls my arm. However, the brawny Ichigo-chan is hugging me from behind. The impact from being pulled was merely enough to make me wonder if my arm is going to tear off; my body didn’t move an inch.

“Stop hugging Mako.”

 Soutarou grips my hand tightly and glares at Ichigo-chan.

“Ah? Makoto ain’t yours, man.”

“He may not be mine but he’s not yours either, right. Moreover, Mako doesn’t like being hugged by you.”

 Zap zap, sparks scatter overhead.
 As expected of this set of two tall and muscular people. They sure are intense, aren’t they, I think as though it’s someone else’s business as I gaze into the distance.
 I foresaw that Soutarou won’t be happy if Ichigo-chan appears but I didn’t think that he’d start a fight.

 I wonder what I should do.
 If this is an otome game, I can choose from around 3 choices, which is great. However, in this situation where it’s not a game, the choices are endless. Moreover, I can’t even redo if I fail.
 Well then, what shall I do?


[1] How ikemens are treated more favourably compared to non-ikemens, even if they did the exact same thing. Eg. More easily forgivable when they commit some wrong.
[2] Not literally… kinda like heavy-hearted.

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