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Chapter 4 – The Natural Flag-raiser and the Saviour and the Prince (1)

“Mako-chan’s cooking, it was insanely delicious! See you tomorrow!”

In the end, Kaname and Soutarou barged into my house for dinner yesterday. Even when I told them to go back home, Kaname remained with a smile on his face. I made curry rice with what’s left in the fridge, showing some hospitality.

Because Kaname continued to maintain the excitement one would have on the night of a field trip, last night we couldn’t sleep a wink. It’s troubling if he’s this tense for the training camp next week. I may be a man on the outside, but as the inside is a youthful maiden, I want to have enough sleep. Lack of sleep is bad for the skin. Talking about what’s bad for the skin even though my face is that of a man’s, I must have been a little disgusting just now.

“I’m sorry for coming over to stay suddenly. Am I bothering you?”

“Even if I say you’re a bother, you’ll still come, right.”

As though trying to entreat me, the ends of Soutarou’s eyebrows lowered and he looked at me with upturned eyes. Really sly. This reminds me of him at the family restaurant yesterday.

With an uneasy expression, Soutarou tilted his head. I suppose this is a habit of Soutarou’s. Whenever Soutarou hears words of denial from others and feels scared, he’ll make this face. I feel that somehow or other I’ve grasped his personality.

“That’s not it, because Makoto is very nice…… even if you’re unwilling, I thought that you won’t hate it.”

“Don’t be concerned over strange things. I’m not as good-natured as Soutarou. If I really don’t like it, I’d have already said it.”

Soutarou’s already large eyes grew wider by a size as though he was shocked by my words.

Whether is it Soutarou or is it Kaname, I’ve already come to think of them without any ill feelings. In fact, I’d say they’re very likable. I hope that we’ll get along even better from now on.

“I had fun too. A lot.”

It’s been a long time since I behaved like an idiot, merrymaking without any concerns.

I really had fun.

Arriving in a completely unfamiliar otome game and for some reason turning into a guy, I’ve been feeling very anxious. I certainly can’t tell these two about this feeling. And they won’t understand even if I do tell them.

Even so, I’m filled with nothing but gratitude for these two these few days. I’ve had so much fun that I was able to forget my anxiety. Although Kaname, Soutarou and I have only met for a few days, I can already feel a friendship forming with them.

Hearing me say that I enjoyed myself, Soutarou’s face was full of smiles as though flowers were blooming.

Oh, as expected of an otome game’s capturable character. It’s possible for flowers to fly in the background. If this was a game screen, it would be the appearance of a CG.

“Thank goodness…… Can I, stay over at Mako’s house, again? Of course, together with Kana.”

“Ah. If it’s once in a while.”

“Un! I’m glad. Mako.”

Suddenly, Soutarou hugged me.

As expected, even if it’s me, being embraced by a guy taller than me by about 5cm will make me lose my stability. I wonder what would be the right action to take now? For the time being, I’ll just put my arms that didn’t know where to go, around Soutarou’s body. Un? This is also strange. Two guys embracing each other feels rather stifling.

“Let go already. It’s embarrassing for two guys to be hugging in front of the house.”

“Only Mako-chan and Souta, that’s unfair. Me too, me tooー!”

“Oi, didn’t you hear me? Let go.”

In addition to the Soutarou and I who were hugging, even Kaname joined in. Somehow the situation has evolved and became even more confusing. With the current circumstances being three high school boys sticking to each other, I already have no idea what I should do.

Even though it’s April, sticking together feels hot. What’s going on in the heads of these guys?

“Mako-chan…… and, Fujisaki-kun and Tsubaki-kun?”

Hearing a female voice, my shoulder reflexively trembled.

No matter how I think about it, and how much I don’t want to think, this voice definitely belongs to my cute imouto, Mitsuki.

“Mi-Mitsuki….. This is…”

I must say something, otherwise she might think her onii-chan is a homo. It’s a misunderstanding. Wait a moment, is the me who’s embracing guys a homo? Since the contents is female. But on the outside, the family register states that I’m male. If I really date a male, would I become a homosexual? Eh, I really don’t know.

While worrying endlessly, what entered my ears was the voice of that girl who I’ve been calling for help for in the depths of my heart.

“Eh, …… Mako? Are you really Mako?”

“Eh…… Subaru?!”

Next to Mitsuki stood an intense beauty with long black hair who looked astonished. Who is it, it is her, Subaru-sama.

“Mako, eh, male? Eh?? Mako is Mitsuki-chan’s onii-chan?! No way!”

For some reason, her shocked expression quickly became a face full of smiles. However, I personally cannot bring myself to smile at all.

“It’s true. I have a mountain load of things to ask you, Subaru.”

“No way~, it’s really Mako, you became an onii-chan…… Moreover, you’re already friends with Kaname and Soutarou.”

Kaname and Soutarou finally let go of me.

“Makoto’s friend?”

“Un, well, something like that.”

“Nice to meet you~, I’m Makoto’s girlfriend! My name is Yurino Subaru.”

While spouting outrageous words, Subaru put her index finger on her cheek. She gave such a bright smile that you could almost hear an “ehe” sound effect, as she inclined her head. It’s a different cunning pose from Soutarou’s.

Really, Subaru, this powerful beauty. She’s become quite a sight to behold.

The dumbfounded Mitsuki and Kaname abandoned Soutarou and approached Subaru and I.

But just now, what did Subaru say her name was? Yurino? Yurino Subaru? Yurino, this surname, I’ve heard of it before. Yurino Tamaki, isn’t it sensei’s surname?

“Could it be, Subaru is Yurino-sensei’s……”

“Oh, you’ve done well to notice. I, ever since coming here, have become Yurino Tamaki’s imouto. By the way I study at the private Atlas Academy, pleased to meet you~”

Atlas Academy is a prestigious mission-based institute situated beside Izumino Gakuen.

I would have never expected Subaru would be in a place like that. However, it’s very encouraging to find that Subaru is also here. After all, Subaru is the writer of this game. Even if she doesn’t have a way to return, she’ll play a key role when we try to find a way back.

“By the way, is Mako on the Soutarou route? Or the Kaname route?”


“Because, your relationship is so goodー.”

The contents of what was whispered in my ears were so unexpected, that I got a shock.

What do you mean ‘Soutarou route’ and ‘Kaname route’. I am, to the end, the heroine Mitsuki’s onii-chan, and a supporting character. I have absolutely, completely no intention of capturing anyone.

“Mako-chan, is that cute girl your girlfriend?”

“Nope, she’s not. We’re just friends.”

If Subaru’s my girlfriend, it’d be unbearably troublesome.

Even if by chance I end up having to live as a guy in this world for the rest of my life, feelings of love will never surface between Subaru and I. Absolutely.

“Is that so. Nice to meet you, I am Fujisaki Kaname. Pleased to meet you. The big guy over here is Tsubaki Soutarou. C’mon, Souta, greeting, greeting!”

“Ah, nice to meet you. I am Tsubaki.”

“Un, nice to meet you. I’m Yurino Subaru. I am Yurino Tamaki’s sister and Makoto’s friend.”

Subaru gave such a splendid smile of a beauty without any trace of her otaku and fujoshi side, that even I felt slightly fearful.

Transforming her true face into a lovely one can be said to be her special skill. Ever since I arrived here, I’ve keenly come to feel this. Beauties are born with silver spoons in their mouths[1], someone came up with this wise saying.

However, Soutarou, isn’t your expression kind of stiff? Although a smile is a smile, the usual dog-like feeling isn’t there. Normally, when Soutarou smiles, his ears and tail will spring up like a golden retriever’s, but they aren’t appearing now. Is it my imagination that he seems kind of downhearted?

“Are you okay, Soutarou? Are you feeling unwell somewhere?”

“Eh, no, I’m fine.”

For an instant, Soutarou’s face became red, then he shook his head left and right, with enough momentum to create a humming sound.

Could he be having a fever? He didn’t sleep at all yesterday. His physical condition might have deteriorated.

“Don’t push yourself. You can act spoiled once in a while. Or could it be, I’m that unreliable?”

“Ah, eh, no such thing! Mako is dependable. But I’m really okay. Thanks, Mako.”

What happened, why is Soutarou acting so panicky? It’s really strange.

When he coincidentally looked at Subaru for some reason his face turned red, his thumb pricked up and he thrusted his hand directly at me. What’s the meaning of this? I didn’t do anything to deserve a good job sign.

On one side, Kaname shrugged while giving a wry smile. Were you such a character? It’s precisely now that you should say something and liven up the atmosphere. This is getting uncomfortable, what should I do?

“So Mako-chan and Subaru-chan were friends~”

I was slightly perplexed by the baffling situation, but I unconsciously let out a smile towards the happy-go-lucky Mitsuki who spun our conversation up until now a complete 180 degrees.


――…… Soutarou who for some reason had misgivings about the fact that Makoto might have a girlfriend, and Kaname who noticed that tried to follow up somehow, and Makoto who didn’t notice but was pleased to have found the key to leave the otome game. And Subaru who perceived all their hearts’ movements. And the heroine Mitsuki who noticed nothing but drove at full speed on the highway anyway.

The tripartite confusion and happiness and the various feelings that were added into the mix…… how will the story continue?

Makato is still unaware. That the focus of this story, is none other than her.


[1] Original – 美人は生涯に1億円得をする: Being a beauty, in one’s lifetime can obtain 100 million yen.

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