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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 38 – Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Creation Data ・ Vol. 2

 I ―― Yurino Subaru, was thinking this way.

 I wonder what are Makoto’s favourability ratings like at this point? I’ll be able to see the favourability rating as numbers if this is the game, but this world is somehow reality so I don’t know the numerical values of the characters’ favourability ratings. One way or another, I’ve no choice but to discern the characters’ favourability towards Mako through their actions.
 Nonetheless, I am the author of this story. I am the birth mother of the capturable characters of Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Revolution. I am more or less able to grasp the favourability rating from their responses.
 It’s exceedingly important to know the current favourability ratings. Once I know the ratings, I would be able to know what events will occur depending on the actions Mako makes.
 While Mako said something like having absolutely no intention of entering a romantic relationship, I don’t plan to spend my days of crossing into another world idly.
 It doesn’t matter even if you’re the heroine’s older brother. I’m addicted to the BL starring Mako. I’ll raise events even if you are unwilling, alright.

 To that effect, let’s go through the favourability ratings so far.

 First of all, the ones who clearly fell for Mako are Prince and Junya.
 The tactics of these two are to zealously draw closer to Mako. The type that zealously approaches even as Mako feels perplexed. There’s absolutely no hesitance; the type that says: so what if we’re both males? These two totally like Mako. They’ve utterly fallen in love, huh. They’ve smoothly and surely crossed the border of ‘friendship’.
 These two appear to be putting their all so that the other will not steal a march on him. Nah, that’s not it. Other people don’t matter; I will make Mako like me ――perhaps this thought alone is enough to stir them into action.

 While Soutarou also likes Mako, he still has some hesitance.
 Although he likes Mako, he has uncertainties like the two of them being males and them being friends. This is precisely the epitome of BL between high school boys. The confusion one feels due to the incomplete feelings that has yet to bud into homosexuality, priceless.
 I like Mako and want to monopolise him; make him only mine and no one else’s… but having thought till this point, this feeling isn’t friendship. Just like how I like Mako, I want Mako to come to like me too. However, the position of a close friend who gets along the best feels too comfortable. Unable to move forward and yet unable to retreat… I want to hold his hands and kiss him, but I can’t. I can go for five bowls of rice with these complicated feelings alone.
 MakoSou, or perhaps SouMako sure falls within the mainstream couplings between high school boys.

 Yes yes. One can’t forget about Kaname in that group of three good friends.
 At this point, Kaname probably doesn’t like Mako in the romantic sense. I believe he truly likes Mako as a friend.
 Moreover, Kaname should have noticed that Soutarou likes Mako even before Soutarou himself did. Kaname is Soutarou’s childhood friend since elementary school. Even if he starts to like Mako romantically in the future, he’ll definitely not let Mako or Soutarou find out. Because he’s a kid who’ll continue to keep it hidden, keep it hidden, swallow it and endure.
 That’s why, if Mako chooses Kaname, I’d like if she gently enfolds him who always holds back and endure.

 Chika-chan of the Takayanagis has this uninvolved feeling, huh. He doesn’t hate Mako and does like him but he truly treats him as just an underclassman. He may even be thinking of him as ‘that pitiable Sakurai-kun who Junjun clings on’. In terms of Takayanagi’s favourability rating, Mitsuki’s might be higher than Mako’s.
 As for the coupling, personality-wise, Takayanagi Yasuchika x Sakurai Makoto ――it’s ChikaMako, huh. But physically it might be MakoChika, maybe. Receiving the tense, younger seme with magnanimity. The older one is uke! This is Subaru-san’s ironclad rule! However, Junjun is delicious even as seme so I feel somewhat torn.

 The remaining male characters are Yurino Tamaki, Yukinoshita Ikuto, Umeda Daichi and Kaburagi Kazutoki but…
 These people have yet to interact with Mako much. As expected, even I’m unable to discern their favourability rating. Let’s look forward to the events that’ll happen from now on. Especially Ichigo-chan!
 Subaru-san wants to see the territorial dispute between the dog familyー! I want to see SouMakoIchigoー!

 That’s right! The fujoshi or perhaps even fudanshi may have realised: my greatest anticipation at this moment is dog family x Mako. You can call it the about 180cm carnivorous-type coupling.
 Just imagining the doggy Soutarou hugging Mako from behind and the wolf Ichigo-chan hugging Mako from in front is enough to feed me for a week. Actually, my mouth waters just imagining the direct confrontation between the wolf and the cunning doggy with his upturned eyes, who try to overtake each other at the slightest chance. Really, bother Mako more!
 Nonetheless, the conflict between the dog family still seems far off. I wonder why did Ichigo-chan say something like liking me? If he was to like someone who was there at that time, I’d prefer if he likes Mako rather than me.

 Still, Mako is the older brother of an otome game heroine. Mako seems to think that it’ll be fine because he’s the “older brother” of the heroine, I believe he should’ve been cautioned because he’s the older brother of the “heroine”.
 Somehow or other, he’s related to the heroine by blood so there’s no doubt that, in this world, he’s emitting an aura that makes others fall for him easily. Mako won’t know how even his small actions may make others like him after all.

 Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Love Revolution ――abbrev. LoveRevo holds great promise even in the future. My, crossing into another world sure is good, isn’t it.


* * * * *


Yukinoshita Ikuto 雪下郁人 / ゆきのした いくと

166cm / 54kg / Blood Type AB

First-year in Private Atlas Academy’s High School division. English special accelerated class. Ikkun.

Black hair that may appear violet under light. A slanted kappa hairstyle that extends from his ears till below his chin with fringe like the letter ‘M’.

According to Makoto, his eyes are ‘dead’. The type of character who’ll be troubling when he’s dere.

A refreshing and earnest good youth but there seems to be something hidden in that smile of this template schemer.

Likes interesting things. Also likes poking fun. Gets lively when he tricks people.


Yukinoshita Madoka 雪下まどか / ゆきのしたまどか

159cm / 44kg / Blood Type A

Touka University’s Faculty of Literature, Philosophy Department. Second-year. 20 years old. Ikuto’s older sister.

The rival character in place for Takayanagi and Narahashi.

Long and wavy honey-coloured hair. A slender beauty with a fair complexion.

Continuously admitted into and discharged from the hospital due to a chronic disease. Although she appears like a template disagreeable ojou-sama on a high horse, she’s frank at her root.

Childhood friends with Takayanagi and Narahashi. The society regards her as Takayanagi’s fiancee but they’ve not been officially engaged.

Likes Junya as a good friend. Loves Takayanagi as a person of the opposite gender.

She’s currently on good terms with Mitsuki. It seems the two hang out together from time to time.

* * * * *


Hasumi Yuiko 蓮見結子 / はすみ ゆいこ

162cm / 50kg / Blood Type B

Year 2 Class A. Belongs to the Female Basketball Club. Yun-chan.

She was the rival character in place for Soutarou and Kaname, but as their routes weren’t thread on, she is currently Mitsuki’s friend.

Short hair that was dyed brown. A beauty with clear features including a pair of  large eyes and defined eyelashes.

With her enlivening tomboyish and manly personality, she holds an elder sister-like position to Mitsuki.

Faintly likes Makoto…?


Umeda Daichi 梅田大地 / うめだ だいち

178cm / 66kg / Blood Type A

Third-year student. Secretary in the Student Council and a member of the Basketball Club.

With regards to Dokidoki Renai Kakumei, he’s a background character. A background character who seems like he doesn’t have a name. Of course, he’s not a capturable character.

Other than his black and stiff unruly hair and thick eyebrows, he has a common face that doesn’t possess any peculiarity.

According to Makoto, he gives out a pointlessly refreshing aura. Is always smiling.

* * * * *


Kaburagi Kazutoki 蕪木一期 / かぶらぎ かずとき

188cm / 80kg / Blood Type A

Second-year at Kuzuha Minami Technical High School. Ichigo-chan. Fell in love with Subaru at first sight.

Red hair with fringe that’s swept back and hair at the sides protrudes out like the legs of a crab. Or so it was like, but at the moment it’s very short black hair with slightly reddish streaks.

Well-chiselled facial features like a Greek sculpture paired with sharp sanpakugan. Muscular.

Appearance is clearly that of a delinquent high school student. One of the high school boys who were picking a fight with Prince.

A completely cool boy. However, the way he expresses romantic feelings is around an elementary school boy’s level. Carnivorous type. Siberian husky or perhaps Japanese Wolf.


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