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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 37 – The Quarrel and the Dog and the Wolf

 Although we came to Tachibana Station for the privately-owned cake shop that’s said to be hugely popular with girls――La Angela, Ichigo-chan have been doing nothing but glaring at the inside of the shop as he stands in front of it, completely refusing to enter. It’s already been like this for tens of minutes. Upon seeing Ichigo-chan, the girls leaving the shop set off quickly in a frightened manner.

 It’s like a wild dog slipping into a rabbit pen or a wolf wandering into a flock of sheep. Even though he’s tall and muscular like Soutarou, there’s something different about Ichigo-chan. Is it the ‘wildness’ he exudes? While Ichigo-chan is like a wild animal, Soutarou is more gentle and gives a sense of reassurance.

“Ain’t you entering, Ichigo-chan?”

“Stop callin’ me ‘Ichigo-chan’. Rather, there’s no way I can enter a place like this, right. So uncomfortable.”

 Certainly, the shop is filled with young females in their 10s, 20s and 30s. There’s no doubt that Ichigo-chan and I will stand out if we enter it. My facial features are on the delicate side so I may pass as a guy who likes sweets, but Ichigo-chan’s appearance is way too intense. While I don’t think it’s strange, at all, to munch on cakes with a stern face, one will probably stand out in a bad way if he glares at his surroundings so much.

“But the cakes here are amazingly good.”

 The strawberry shortcake I had when I came with Subaru before, the taste of its rich fresh cream along with the sweet-and-sour strawberry was excellent.

 My stomach is all ready for cakes, but won’t I have to give up on them if Ichigo-chan is unwilling to budge? If so, we can only go to the usual family restaurant or the ramen stall in front of the train station. Honestly though, I’m already starting to get sick of those two.

“Ah, Mako-chan!”

 Just as I was restless with thoughts of wanting to eat cake and was absent-mindedly staring at the end of Ichigo-chan’s gaze and his unwillingness to enter the shop, I heard an angel’s voice from behind.

 It’s the voice of the cutest girl in the world, Sakurai Mitsuki.


 Clad in a checkered pleated skirt with navy blue socks and a cream-coloured knitted vest, a tiny angel is approaching with a jog.

 I opened my arms, wanting to hug Mitsuki who’s emitting flowers and something sparkly as she runs.


“Sheesh, don’t hug me in a place like this.”

“Are you two always this lovey-dovey?”

 Adjacent to mi dolce angel Mitsuki is Hasumi with an astounded expression. It appears that they are on their way home from school together.

 Really, what a foolish question. My like for Mitsuki isn’t something new. There’s no way anyone wouldn’t like being hugged by such a cute girl. Even so, we aren’t being lovey-dovey. All in all, I’m just being doting.

“What are you doing all the way here, Mitsuki?”

“Nah, did you use to speak like this, Sakurai? Your voice and way of speaking are super sweet, y’know!”

 Of course I’ll speak gently when it comes to Mitsuki. After all, Mitsuki is my little sister.

 Still, why are Hasumi’s cheeks red? Was there anything that would cause her embarrassment in the happenings so far?

“There’s no club activities today so Yun-chan and I came to have cake together. Right, Yun-chan?”

“Yep, that’s right. Sakurai and your friend over there also came to have cake, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right, but we can’t quite manage to enter the shop because Ichigo-chan doesn’t want two guys to have cake together.”

 Ichigo-chan was looking in another direction with his usual sullen expression, not meeting anyone’s eyes, but he finally looked over here when he heard Hasumi and my words.

 Although Hasumi took a step back after being jolted by Ichigo-chan’s glaring, the amiable air-headed Mitsuki is all smiles as she lowers her head.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Makoto’s younger sister, Mitsuki. Please treat me kindly.”

“… Aa.”

“Ichigo-chan! You better greet my sister more gently, alright. Go on!”

 I hit the back of Ichigo-chan who was staring at Mitsuki with a pointed look.

 What will he do if he scares the adorable, adorable Mitsuki with such a look! I was concerned about that, but the absent-minded airhead Mitsuki wasn’t afraid even after being glared at, and even smiled cheerfully at Ichigo-chan.

 Even though Mitsuki’s smile was this cute, it didn’t seem to have worked on Ichigo-chan, who fell in love at first sight with Subaru. He has an unruffled expression now, but originally he should have fallen for this adorable Mitsuki, y’know.

“That hurts, idiot. I’m… Kaburagi, Kazutoki. A 2nd-year at Kuzuha Minami Technical High School.”

“Kaburagi-kun, please treat me kindly.”

“Y-yeah…. Aa, please… treat me kindly…”

 Perhaps it’s my imagination, but Ichigo-chan seems to be blushing as he looks at Mitsuki.

 Oh my. It appears there would be at least a slight reaction towards Mitsuki whom he originally should have fallen for.

 If so, if I push Mitsuki on and make him truly fall for her, Subaru will be happy, Ichigo-chan will be happy and having Mitsuki embark on the heroine’s story, I will also be happy. In that case, isn’t all well and good?!

“Ichigo-chan, my little sister is amazingly cute, right.”

“Hah? What are you sayin’.”

 I grab Mitsuki’s shoulders and push her towards Ichigo-chan.

 With an embarrassed and troubled expression, Ichigo-chan quickly averts his gaze.

“Stop it already. Kaburagi-kun is troubled.”

“I know right, you’re really an idiot, Sakurai.”

 I don’t have a hobby of getting thrills from the verbal abuse of two girls.

 I smoothly let their words wash off me as I grabbed Ichigo-chan’s arm and pulled him.

“At any rate, let’s enter the shop first. You wouldn’t mind if we’re grouped with the girls[1], right, Ichigo-chan?”

 The sweet smell of cakes is floating in abundance outside the shop, stimulating my appetite.

 My stomach is totally ready for cakes. Not meat dishes or ramen. It’s ready for La Angela’s strawberry shortcake.

 One more push and I can lead Ichigo-chan into the cake shop. Or so I thought, but two clearly delinquent-like high school boys are approaching from the front while giving out unpleasant laughter. They are wearing the same Kuzuha Minami Technical High School uniforms as Ichigo-chan.

 Kuzuha Minami Technical High School――a.k.a., Minami High.

 It consists of 5 departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Civil Engineering and Industrial Chemistry. Just like its name, it’s a school specialising in technical practices and aims to train talents to be the next generation in various areas of the industry.

 However, it’s well-known that a portion of the students exhibits bad behaviour.

“Ohーohー, how cheeky of ya to have a girlfriend when ya are just a spoiled brat from Izumino.”

“These girls are cute. You, what’s your name?”

“Don’t come near.”

 I hide Mitsuki and Hasumi behind me and take a step forward.

“Eh, we met ya da other day, rite.”

 A blond guy half a head shorter than me points towards me.

 The only one I know who speaks in such a brainless manner is Junya, but Junya is slightly cuter. At the very least, he doesn’t speak like he’s picking a fight like this when he talks to me. Most importantly, this guy isn’t Junya.

 Wondering where I met them, I scrutinise the two’s faces. However, I can’t find any acquaintances with such faces anywhere in my mind.

“C’mon, we met during the money extortion of an Izumino student around April, right?”

 I try searching for the data entry of ‘delinquents I met around April’.

 It’s just a maybe, but are they the delinquents who were picking a fight with Prince? I thought they were just minor characters but to think they’d make an reappearance? How surprising.

 I hit my hand and nod to show my understanding.

“Aa, from that time.”

“Right, right. Have you recalled? So do hand over one of them. This pink-haired girl is good. Pink hair is erotic, and such a baby-faced loli being erotic is exciting!”

“So true! It turns me on if she’s lewd with such a cute faceー”

 A vein throbs in my forehead. Aren’t you saying whatever you like about my cute Mitsuki, calling her things like erotic and lewd?

 I consider grabbing his collar and smashing him against the wall, but not only am I weak, my arms are also thin. This is the me who’s been called ‘delicate’ and ‘dainty’. It’s not a me who can win in a showdown against delinquent high school students.

 Clenching my fists, I somehow suppress my anger. I’m suppressing it, but… the two continue to say things like ‘small boobs are actually better’ or ‘it’s dangerous how her butt and thighs are full when her waist is so thin ’. I may agree with all of that, but it’s still infuriating because it seems like my cute little sister will be tainted when other people say those things.

 I try to endure it somehow for several minutes, but it’s impossible.

 I don’t mind if they want to speak ill or make a fool out of me, but I can’t stand it when they look down on Mitsuki.

 One of them stretches his hand in an attempt to grab Mitsuki’s arm. Mitsuki took several steps back in fear.

 I’m not a person who’ll stay quiet when someone makes a move on my little sister.

“D-don-don’t look at my Mitsuki with yeh filthy eyes!”

 I gave him a taste of a roundhouse kick containing strength from my entire body.

 A terrifying sound was heard as the roundhouse kick gave a critical strike to Delinquent No.1. Delinquent No.1, the youth who tried to grab Mitsuki’s arm, collapsed on the spot as he coughed and wheezed. I don’t think my kick was that strong though. I’m a girl after all[2]. Just kidding.

 Blanching, Delinquent Youth No.2 rushes towards Delinquent Youth No.1. He then glance at my face and click his tongue for show.

“What are you doing! You bean sprout!”

“Shut up! Don’t look at my Mitsuki with yeh shady eyes. Should I give you another kick, hm?”

 I shift my right foot back and take on a stance as though I’m about to kick.

 Even if it’s the delicate me, I have enough power to send this delinquent flying if I use strength from my entire body. Stamina is needed to send others flying, but I think I can handle one more kick.

“I don’t need a fugly like that anymore. Shuddap.”

“To be able to see Mitsuki as ‘fugly’, you sure are pitiful.”

“Shuddapー, shuddap, sisconー”

 After watching him give parting words typical of minor characters as he leaves in the direction of the train station, I turn to face Mitsuki again.

 Mitsuki looks up at me with a face of blank amazement and smiles cheerfully. Unbearably cute. She narrows her shoulders in embarrassment while fidgeting.

“Thanks for helping us, Mako-chan.”

“I’m your older brother you know, Mitsuki. Isn’t it natural that I help?”

 It’s my job to play the role of a siscon support character in an otome game.

 I’m aiming to be the kind of older brother character who often appears in otome games: “The favourability rating is currently like this!” or “I recommend dating at the amusement park next Sunday!”[3]

 Loving and supporting Mitsuki to the very end and devoting everything to her. I might have come to hate her if she thought it was natural, but I grew to like Mitsuki so much because she got more perplexed the more I doted on her.

“Sorry, but can you not get all lovey-dovey? Kaburagi-kun and I are so neglected that I might cry, y’know.”

“My bad. Are you alright too, Hasumi?

“Yup, pretty much. The target was Mitsuki after all~. Besides, I’m strong. They’ll have to watch out if they do something strange.”

 Hasumi gave an unyielding smile as she placed her hands on her hips.

 Hasumi is a tomboy and has a manly personality so she doesn’t like to behave like a girl. Although she isn’t that great at studying, she refuses to concede and is outstandingly athletic when it comes to sports.

 Still, even if that’s the case, it’s not possible for a girl to beat a boy who’s pass his puberty. I feel this all the more keenly now that I’ve become a boy. The physical strength that women and men have are on completely different levels. At worst, it may be difficult to match up if you’re unlike a robust female grappler.

“Even so, Hasumi is a girl.”

“――… Shut it, Sakurai. You should just continue going ‘Mitsuki~ Mitsuki~’!”

 Hasumi rambles on with a red face.

 You don’t have to be so angry that your face turns this red, right? Did I do something so infuriating? A girl’s heart sure is complicated, huh.

“Still, it’s not really the mood for cakes, huh. What do you think, Ichigo-chan?”

“I’m leaving.”

“Ehh! Wait up, Ichigo-chan!”

 I frantically chase after Ichigo-chan, who’s seriously walking briskly in the direction of his house.

 Mitsuki and Hasumi went to the cake shop as planned. Well, with that kind of environment, the number of male students who’ll enter La Angela is probably low, so I don’t have to worry. Besides, I can just go and fetch them if it seems like it’s getting too late.

 I grabbed Ichigo-chan’s arm and held him back in front of his apartment.

 There likely won’t arise another opportunity to hang out together if we bid farewell here. I must somehow get closer to him so that I can at least obtain his contact. If I don’t get along well with him, he won’t come to get along well with Mitsuki. Besides, he’ll continue liking Subaru at this rate.

“Heyy, don’t you want to eat my homemade food?”

“Your homemade food…?

“Yup! I was thinking of making meat and potato stew, nameko miso soup, chicken wings and simmered pork belly today.”

 From what I’ve heard from Subaru, all of these are food that Ichigo-chan likes.

 Come on. Bite the bait.

“Come over to my house. Actually, you should just stay over――…… eh, ah, Soutarou…?”


 Just as I’m desperately inviting Ichigo-chan to my house, by chance, my eyes meets with Soutarou who’s coming from the direction of the station.

 Soutarou’s gentle droopy eyes tremble slightly as he bites his lips faintly. For some reason, he appears extremely hurt.

 What is this strange atmosphere? As though I’m found to be unfaithful a complicated feeling surfaces in my heart. I believe it’s reflexive. This is bad.

“Soutarou, hang o—, wa—”

 Soutarou drops his gaze and faces his back towards me. He turns to walk in the direction of his house in a leisurely pace.

 I was able to push forward because they were delinquents I didn’t know. However, I’m unable to face him fearlessly precisely because he’s someone important to me.

 I don’t quite get it but I’m starting to feel like crying. The thought that  a day will come when Soutarou behaves like this towards me wouldn’t even occur in my wildest dream.

 The center of my heart quickly turned chilled. It chilled. Cold. It’s terribly cold. As though ice are pressing against my heart, the center of my chest is so cold that I can’t even breathe.

 Why won’t you say a thing, Soutarou?


[1] It’ll be less awkward if they enter this shop that’s chock-full of females when they have girls with them.
[2] Makoto uses ‘watashi’ here. She usually uses ‘ore’ after her transformation.
[3] These support characters in otome games aids the heroine in getting the guy(s), usually by dropping useful hints.

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