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Chapter 3 – The Transfer Student and the Dad and the Mum (3)

“Hey, mum.”

It’s already about one week since that shocking huge development and my transfer. It was a succession of surprises.

First of all, regarding my body, there were this and that that were unacceptable. Although I’ve been able to avoid them directly, for a young maiden, there were a lot of exhausting events. Speaking of which, the men’s toilet and men’s locker room. Where would it be okay to look while changing? For now every time I change, I stare at Soutarou’s and Kaname’s face.

Also, the thing called a ‘boys’ school’s frolics was somewhat painful for me. Getting sprayed by the hose in the schoolyard while still wearing the school uniform, then doing something like pro-wrestling in the classroom’s corner was very tiring. However, I have to go along with it.

Because I am a high school boy.

But the only thing I was thankful for was the setting that Mitsuki’s and my parents are  overseas on a business trip. Father is a somewhat distinguished furniture importer and maker, while mother seems to be a housewife. Just thinking about returning home to the unfamiliar Sakurai family and my inability to interact with them, I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart.

Only the two of us, Mitsuki and I, were living in this so-so spacious detached house. But this Mitsuki, her cooking is poor to death. Perhaps it’s like what Subaru said, that the parameters or in other words, the specs are not enough. I think Mitsuki should first raise the specs for cooking.

Somehow one way or another, little by little I began to adapt. However, there were no progress nor regression in regards to me returning to the real world.

“Oi, Souta, are you ignoring me!”

“Eh, I’m the mum?”

“Obviously. If it’s Souta, Mako-chan and I, no matter how I think about it, Souta will be the mum, I will be the dad and Mako-chan will be the delinquent son right?”

Saturday, early afternoon. As proposed by Tsubaki Soutarou and Fujisaki Kaname, it became that we’re having my welcome party at a family restaurant.

For some reason, I spent most of this week with these two guys. I’m really glad I didn’t have to be lonely on the first day of school transfer because I was worried about whether, as a guy, I could get along with other guys.

“What do you mean I’m the delinquent son. The delinquent son should be you. Even now you are still getting Soutarou to show you his homework.”

“Isn’t that fine! Maths is my weak point.”

I lightly hit Kaname’s head which he propped on the table as he stirred with a jita jita.

“Mako-chan, it hurts! Mum, Makoto’s in his rebellious period!”

“If my father is someone like Kaname,  I’ll run away from home.”

I lowered my head towards the waitress who brought the chocolate parfait I asked for. I had a feeling she was laughing at our expense.

Holding on to the parfait spoon, first I took the chocolate then scooped the vanilla ice. A mouthful. The taste of vanilla spreaded in my mouth as I sunk my teeth in.. I completely ignored the noisy Kaname. Meanwhile, Soutarou was gallantly trying to calm him down.

“But, it’s that, isn’t it. I can see Soutarou as a mother.”


Soutarou looked at me as though he was shocked. Is it something so surprising? Soutarou is bright, kind and likes to look after others. He easily does the cooking and washes clothes in place of his working parents. He has also completely become a guardian-like figure for Kaname and I. I feel like his female power is much higher than other girls. For example, even more than Mitsuki or I, I feel that it’s more appropriate to call him mum.

“Oh, rather than mother, doesn’t he feels more like a bride?”


“Mako-chan is confessing to Soutarou?!”

How did it become like that. Why, Soutarou, did your cheeks turn red? Why, is a fuss being kicked up? It’s embarrassing how the people around us are staring this way.

“That’s not it. How did it become like that. It’s just, I feel that Soutarou is good at looking after others, he’s kind, and he even covers up for idiots like us casually. It’s that part of him that I felt was a little like a bride.”

“The way you deny it is suspicious?”

“Just shut up already, Kaname.”

I looked at Soutarou, my gaze saying ‘You too, say something’. However, he was looking at me with reddened cheeks. Oi oi, this is the world of an otome game right? Why are you blushing while looking at a man like me. Or is it that recently it’s normal for young men to blush while looking at other men? Perhaps I’m overreacting.

I felt uneasy enough that I was unable to taste the usually delicious chocolate parfait.

“By the way, are you participating in next week’s training camp?”

It seems like to Kaname, my agitation and Soutarou’s blushing was not such a big deal.

“Oh, next week’s training camp. I’ll be going. What about you, Mako?”

For Izumino Gakuen second year students, on the weekend of the third week of April, there is a 2-day 1-night stay in the school. For the time being, the reason is to enhance our heart that loves the school but it’s up to you whether you want to participate or not. Regardless of your participation, your test scores will not be affected at all. This is the kind of event it is. Despite being such an event, there are numerous participants. Seems like 90% of the students will participate in it.

“What should I do.”

To be honest, there is considerable resistance to be sleeping in the same room as guys. Even though I’m now male, the contents is still a respectable female.

That’s why if it’s an event where it’s okay to not participate, I want to proceed in a direction where I don’t participate in it. However, as though trying to cover my words, Kaname said, “Eh!” in a loud voice.

“You aren’t gonna participate?!”

“If it’s okay not to, I’m leaning towards not going.”

As though not believing my words, Kaname came biting.

“Hey, the wife should say something to her husband!”

“What do you mean by wife…… No, but, Mako you’re really not going to participate? Why?”

It seems along the way I became Soutarou’s husband. It’s becoming too troublesome to retort so I won’t say anything else. If I retort, Kaname would become even noisier.

Like an abandoned dog, with the ends of his eyebrows down, Soutarou looked at me with upturned eyes. Despite being taller than me, what is with him looking at me with upturned eyes. If he was a dog, his ears would probably be drooping and his tail would be standing. In fact, right now his ears are drooping and his tail is standing. I can see that.


“I want to go to the training camp with Makoto and Kana.”

Saying it in such a voice that showed he was downhearted from the bottom of his heart, as expected even my heart will break and my determination will sway.

“It’s borin’ without Mako-chan.”

“I’ll be bored too. I’ll come pick you up, so let’s go to the training camp together?”


Typical, Soutarou gazed at me with his head tilted upwards.

S…… Sly!! So sly!!

As expected of an otome game’s capturable character, to know his own special skill so well. This sly dog definitely knows he’s an ikemen. There’s no doubt that knowing that, he does this kind of thing to make me listen to his words.

“Okay…… I’ll go……”

“Yippeーe! Training camp with Mako-chan and Souta~”

Together with the rowdy Kaname and the cunning dog Soutarou, somehow I’ve reluctantly agreed to go to the training camp.

Becoming a high school student, planning for the training camp. I bet it’ll be fun for a normal high school student but for me who’s a guy on the outside and a girl in the inside, it’s an event like hell. To sleep while surrounded by blokes is too painful.

“Thank you, Mako.”

“Aaah…… I, too, am excited to go to the training camp with Kaname and Soutarou.”

“Un, I’m very excited too. Can’t next week come faster…”

Looking at Soutarou who laughed as though he’s having fun, I felt that perhaps this was the right choice. The remaining bad feelings disappeared.

“Since it’s been decided we’ll go to the training camp! It’s time to barge into Mako-chan’s house for dinner~”

“What are you saying, Kaname.”

“I was wondering if we’ll get to enjoy some of Sakurai imouto-chan’s home cooking.”

The words Kaname have been saying the whole day are so abrupt that I couldn’t follow.

Also, Mitsuki’s home-cooked food is not at a level that can be fed to others. Even now the task is left to me, who has mediocre cooking skills.

“Rest assured, you’re the only one I’ll never allow to eat Mitsuki’s home cooking.”

“Eh, hey, Mako-chan, aren’t you cold only towards me? Even though you’re so kind to Souta?”

“That’s because Kaname says strange things. Soutarou never says strange things and he’s kind, so I treat him kindly, that’s all.”

Soutarou smiled as though he’s troubled.

At this point, I still haven’t noticed. The matter of Soutarou and Kaname using one reason or another to barge into my house for dinner.

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