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Chapter 15 – The Hide-and-Seek and the Darkness and the First Love (1)

The current time is 17 hours 15 minutes. The ‘Hide-and-Seek of Hell’ will terminate at 18:10 but just in case I’ll stay hidden till around 18:30 hours.

It’s been 5 minutes since commencement so he’s probably already searching for me now. If so, it’s better if I distance myself as much as possible from the classroom.

The 2nd school building’s the furthest from the classroom. It’s settled, I’ll head for the 2nd school building.

I’ll have to pass through the passageway on the second floor to access the 2nd school building.

Now that I’ve decided, it’s time to dash to the best of my ability towards the 2nd school building.

“It’s probably better not to move around too much, huh……”

It’s better to lessen my movements since I might bump into him somewhere.

I think it’s best to hide with bated breath in the storeroom-like place at the first floor, by the window so there’s no issue even if I’m found. Although it’s quite hard to be stealthy with my current considerably large physique, but I’ll make myself small as much as possible and be silent.

I headed towards the 2nd school building via the connecting passageway. I skipped the last 3 steps of the stairs as I descended and dove into the storeroom near the stairway. There was a window in the storeroom despite being beside the stairway.

This narrow space about the size of 8 tatami mats, was packed full of teaching materials. There was an unused organ by the window side.

I didn’t want to touch it since it was so dusty, but in case the worst scenario happens, I climbed on the organ and rested against the window that was above it. Even if Narahashi comes in, I should be able to escape him in about 10 minutes if I jump off from the window.

Through the window I could hear voices of students engaged in club activities. The voices could be heard probably because the 2nd school building was situated near the gymnasium and pool.

“Maybe I should join a club……”

Mitsuki also mentioned that she wanted to join a club, maybe I should join the same one to protect her from strange guys. But I’ve no idea which club to join and I also don’t know which clubs she’s been attached to up until now.

I’m not particularly good at sports, and there’ll be a tall hurdle since I’m joining in my 2nd year.

From the window, I can see that the Swimming Club are having club activities now.

My eyesight is poor so I can’t see very clearly but, isn’t that, Takayanagi?

Clad in a gym uniform, he seemed to be giving instructions while holding cleaning tools. It seems the Swimming Club is going to cleaning the pool.

In regards to the season, I think it’s too early[1], but perhaps they planned to clean it bit by bit, starting from today.

I spotted the uniform-clad figure of a girl nearby.

“Huh…… is that Mitsuki?”

This pink-coloured bob hair was undoubtedly Mitsuki’s.

Although I couldn’t see her expression, she appears to be happily talking to Tayakanagi.

Is Mitsuki going to enter the Swimming Club? Onii-chan will worry a lot if Mitsuki who’s so cute and has a good figure exposes her swimsuit-clad appearance. But I won’t stop her if she really wants to join.

Besides, the Prince isn’t involved in any club activities and it’s also impossible to expect him to enter a club just to enjoy club activities with her. Perhaps her sports and similar parameters will raise by joining the Swimming Club.

It’s okay if I, her onii-chan, protects her if some idiot tries to start something strange.

Looking at my watch, it’s 17:30 now. There’s about 30 minutes left.

I should have brought my phone along. This boredom is so hard to bear. I felt unduly sleepy as there was PE during 6th period today.

Ah, I’m dozing off. My eyelids feel heavy even though I shouldn’t fall asleep.

Just a while. Just a while, I’ll close my eyes. I’ll close my eyes for just 5 minutes……

The sleepy darkness quickly engulfed me as I came up with an excuse, sending me deep into the land of dreams.

I wonder how long I dozed off for. It might be because I slept in a strange position, or because I slept above the organ, I woke up with a crick in my neck. I woke up to a pain in my waist and shoulder.

“Ouch……! Now….. now, what time is it?!”

“It’s 19:45ー”

“No way, the school’s closed[2]……”

Izumino Gakuen completely closes down at 19:15. Apparently, at 19:00 the clubs are still active but by 19:15 they have to change and leave. And 30 minutes after that, all signs of students disappear.

But if it’s 19:45, the sensei might still be here. They might notice us if I knock on the door.

My thoughts stopped there. Who answered my question, just now?

I vaguely understood that there was someone else here. This voice and this way of speaking, it’s without a doubt that hentai, the worst Student Council President whom I hate a lot.

“…… Narahashi……”


A low voice that shocked even me came out.

Narahashi tilted his head with that Cheshire Cat-like smile of his. Even though when Soutarou does this it seems cunningly kawaii, it just pisses me off when this guy does it.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“It’s because bunny-chan slept so peacefully. Your sleeping face was also cute. Almost like an angel’s.”

His superficial words annoyed me deeply.

I seriously hate you, Narahashi.

This guy doesn’t like me. This guy doesn’t like anyone. This guy doesn’t love anyone.

Shallowly saying superficial words of love, you’re probably just scared of being alone.

The only one, you like or love, is yourself.

Don’t put on such a fake smile.
Don’t say that you like even though you don’t.
Don’t cling to things you don’t even like and cause trouble.

I wasn’t born to fill the gap in your heart, and neither do I possess what you need to fill the gap in your heart.

“That’s why, from the depths of my heart I hate you. I hate you a lot, Narahashi.”

Narahashi’s smile was destroyed for the first time by my heartfelt words.

I wonder what his twitching cheeks were trying to express.

“Eh…… bunny-chan…… I don’t understand what you’re trying to say……”

I saw a black rabbit jacket lying on my lap when I averted my gaze from the bewildered Narahashi.

Narahashi was probably the one who placed this on me. His scent was faintly lingering on it. It smelled like punk spicy and sweet cologne.

The Prince’s smell calms me down but Narahashi’s was an uncomfortable smell that sets one fidgeting or makes one’s heart throb.

“You know, I love bunny-chan a lot and I also love Mitsuki-chan a lot? Of course, I love the other girls too. But even though you’re bunny-chan, I can’t say I’m impressed to hear such things from you.”

Narahashi who regained his usual self held my arm and pulled me down from the organ.

The numbness that came from sleeping in a weird position spread to my entire body and I lost my balance because he suddenly pulled me. My back became nailed to the bare concrete floor.


“Bunny-chan, I won’t go easy on you today.”

He straddled my waist and held my arms down above my head. When I tried to move, I realised that his strength was beyond my expectation and resistance was futile.

No, that’s not it. It’s because he pushed me down with such a sorrowful face that I found it hard to resist. I’m a guy now after all. If I seriously resist I probably can take him down if it’s just him alone.

My necktie was removed and the buttons on my shirt were completely unfastened. This guy, such practised movements.

Even though I was originally female, as expected I still felt embarrassed when my upper body, lit by the fluorescent light, was seen.

Narahashi’s hand smoothly stroked my flank. It was ticklish.

“Hey, you…… will Narahashi-kaichou be satisfied if you have sex with me? You’ll be satisfied if you sleep with me once?”

“That’s right? As long as bunny-chan does ecchi things with me, kiss me and say you like me, it’s fine.”

His voice clearly sounded hollow.

Even though he tried very hard to give his usual Cheshire Cat smile, he failed big time. His allure-filled ikemen face became unattractive.

“That so. Then, I shall say it. Like you. I like you.”

Saying ‘I like you’, having sex and kissing. Are you satisfied with this?

I’ll yield my body to Narahashi just once. Even though I had some anticipation about my first time with a guy, I’d have never imagined that I’ll sleep with another male while still in this male body.

But if with this he’ll stop getting involved with Mitsuki and I, I can’t be bothered anymore. He can do as he likes.

I stopped resisting completely and let the strength leave my body. And then I immediately stared straight at Narahashi.

Narahashi’s facial expression was warped. It seemed like he fell into despair. Grasping the nape of my neck, he brought his lips so close to mine that they almost touched.

“…… why, did you …… *sniff*, say…… such a thing……”

“…… Eh?”

At that moment, I realised.
He’s crying. Narahashi’s crying.

Drop by drop, Narahashi’s tears fell onto my cheeks.

“Isn’t it fine to just be quiet and sleep with me? Why did you expressly dredge out the things I didn’t want others to see? Incomprehensible…… I hate you too. I hate you a lot.”


The half-naked me who’s prone on the ground. The sobbing Narahashi who’s straddled on my waist.

I’ve had enough. Isn’t this a ridiculous scene?

And for some reason I’m being told that I’m hated. Being hated by Narahashi and no longer having him following me around is a cause for celebration.

It’ll be good if I can go, “Hai, sayonara” and leave but that won’t do, huh. The me who’s like a horse being ridden on can’t escape even if I want to.

For now I’ll start by trying to sooth the crying Narahashi and coax him to get off me.

[1] The swimming pool is usually not in operation during winter and cold seasons. Pool cleaning is typically done before swimming activities commence when the cold seasons are over.
[2] Gekou Jikoku 下校時刻. Usually when the school closes, rooms and gates are locked up and the electricity shut down.

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