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Chapter 14 – The Student Council and the Solicitation and the Frightened Rabbit (3)

“Lovely bunny-chan.”


School’s over and while I was packing up my belongings, the hentai Student Council Present Narahashi called out to me from outside the class.

About 3 of his buttons were unfastened, and his necktie was tied pretty miserably. The sweater he had on was unexpectedly black in colour, causing me to think he’s more well-behaved than yesterday. That is, until I noticed that there were rabbit ears on the sweater.

I’ll be forgiving if it was a cute girl who called me but to be called that by a guy, especially this hentai Student Council President, makes me want to hit someone.

Ah, I apologise for the opinion just now that contains too much of my personal feelings.

“What’s with that guy.”

The one whose mood was ruined by Narahashi was the Prince.

He had on a face more serious than usual. I couldn’t even smile at his absolute zero voice.

“Where are youー bunny-chan? Bunny-chan?”

Fortunately he hasn’t found me yet. Alright, I’ll use this opportunity and sneakily leave the classroom. I’m going home.

Soutarou who has a larger physique than me has already left for Basketball Club and Kaname who’s perceptive went to help out the Lacrosse Club. That guy, to even know how to play a rather uncommon sport like Lacrosse, he’s too omnipotent.

Carrying my enamel bag, I crouched down and stealthily leave the classroom. The Prince looked at me with a face that says, “What on earth are you doing”. But he probably realised something. Since he maintained his silence.

“Ah, Mitsuki-chan.”


“Ehehe, I found you.”

Reflexively standing up after hearing Narahashi’s words, I saw that Mitsuki was nowhere to be found.

Come to think of it, Mitsuki had already left the classroom for club activities inspection[2].

I was deceived. I was completely deceived. Because it was crucial, I said it twice.

Narahashi approached me step by step. I couldn’t hide my cheeks that were cramping with fear.

“Makoto? You’re acquainted with this hentai?

“Rather than acquaintances……”

“Rather than acquaintances, we’re more like engaged? Ehehe.”

Narahashi immediately tried to give me a hug but thanks to the Prince standing before me, I somehow evaded it.

Like a parent cat trying to protect his child, the Prince’s fur stood up as he tried to intimidate Narahashi. He may appear like a fearless lion or a leopard in others’ eyes, but all I can see is a cute cat.

“Do not approach Makoto.”

“Ah, it’s the Prince. I see why they call you ‘Prince’. You’re totally ikemen. But I’m sorry~, as expected, bunny-chan and Mitsuki-chan are more my type.”

Narahashi gently touched the Prince’s cheek. Without even a twitch, the Prince glared at him with a straight face.

“No one gives a damn about your taste. Makoto is frightened so go over there.”

“Bunny-chan is just nervous to see me. Right?”

“Makoto, stay behind me.”

Prompted by his words, I immediately hid behind the Prince but because he was shorter than me, not much is being hidden. Despite that, the Prince felt unmistakably reliable.

In an attempt to hide me, the Prince lifted his right hand protectively while staring fixedly at Narahashi.

Narahashi tilted his head to the right while smirking. He observed the Prince’s intimidation as though the Prince was a child causing mischief.

Glancing around the classroom, I noticed the classmates who’re still here are all eying us.

Well, rather than us, they’re eying the Prince and Narahashi. Instead of a futsumen[1] like me, they’re looking over at the extremely ikemen Prince and Narahashi.

“Bunny-chan, come over here?”

“Don’t approach us. Go away. Makoto will get tainted.”

“I want to taint him~. Ehehe.”

Disgusting! Really disgusting!

The me whose mood worsened grabbed onto the Prince’s clothes.

Incidentally, the Prince was wearing a deep blue vest over his dress shirt. I’m sorry if your vest gets stretched since I’m holding onto it quite tightly.

“Makoto, it’ll be fine. I’m with you.”

“Kiritani~! The current Kiritani is very reliable!”

The Prince turned and looked at me. His face was, as one would expect, expressionless, but it appears very reliable.

As expected of the one called ‘Prince’. So it wasn’t only his face that’s like a Prince. I’m sorry for not realising earlier.

“He~y, bunny-chan,  I’ll get jealous if you flirt with the Prince so much, you know?”

“We aren’t flirting and I’m feeling awful from the bottom of my heart so please kindly leave right now, President.”

“Haha, you’re harsh as usual. Well, that’s where you’re cutest, ne~”

I was slightly moved by the Narahashi whose heart was so sturdy that even my sharp words couldn’t pierce it.

The majority understood that trouble will arise if they get involved with us and left the room. However, a minority of the girls who wanted to watch Narahashi and the Prince in this strained atmosphere remained.

Occasionally a few “Narahashi-kaichou’s so cool!” entered my ears but those people have eyes but cannot see. After all, they say love is blind.

“Ahaha, even if you look at me so menacingly, it’s not like I’ll eat him up at once~. But at this rate we can’t even converse, huhー”

“No problem. I have no intention of conversing with you.”

“Gee, how cold.”

While going “good grief”, Narahashi shrugged. Having been astounded by Narahashi, my mood was the worst.

“You’re done talking, right. Then let’s go home, Makoto.”

The Prince held onto my arm and pulled me out of the class.

As we emerged at the corridor, Narahashi languidly raised his arm and grasped my left arm while smiling frivolously.

“Wait a momentー. Hey, bunny-chan. If you listen to me till the end, I can promise not to approach bunny-chan or Mitsuki-chan anymore?”

“…… for real?”

“Let us two play hide-and-seek. I’ll be the demon[3] while bunny-chan hides. It’s bunny-chan’s loss if you get caught by me. If you manage to escape, it’s your win. The loser must listen to the winner. How was it? Simple, right?”

It is simple but I don’t get the point.

“Makoto, you don’t have to listen to this guy’s words.”

“I don’t mind even if we don’t play hide-and-seek. In exchange, I’ll get along well with Mitsuki-chan.”


To take Mitsuki as a hostage, as expected Narahashi is the worst.

I’ve been thinking of him as just a disgusting hentai, but from this very moment I’ve started to hate him from the depths of my heart.

I glared at him with all my might.

I can’t let the cute Mitsuki get close to the nasty Narahashi. Even if I have to become a shield, I’ll protect Mitsuki. After all, the Prince is Mitsuki’s only prince.

“I understand. It’s fine as long as we do it, right?”

“Ehehe, you’re so understanding~. The time limit is precisely 60 minutes. The range is within the school building. Is that okay?”


I’ll absolutely, absolutely not lose.

Since the promise is that Narahashi will, on no account, ever approach Mitsuki and I again.

“Then, I’ll wait here for 3 minutes so go hide, okay~”

Waving his hand, Narahashi entered the 2-A classroom.

After ascertaining that, I turned to face the Prince.

“You can go back first, Kiritani.”

“It’s alright. I’ll wait.”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll definitely not lose. Thanks for today, alright.”

The Prince looked like he had something to add but I ignored that and sprinted at full speed through the corridor.

I thought while running.

Where should I hide?

It never crossed my mind that I’d play hide-and-seek at my age.

Considering the years he’s been enrolled in this school, he should be more familiar with the school building and obviously at an advantage. Nevertheless I’m safe as long as I elude him for 60 minutes. I’ll find a hiding place where I can conceal myself discreetly, and wait for time to pass.

Mitsuki’s and my futures are riding on this, I definitely can’t let him find me no matter what.

[1] Futsumen – lit. normal men. Opposite of ikemen. Normal/common average-looking men.
[2] Observing the clubs so she has an idea of which to join. New students or transfer students tend to do this.
[3] Catcher


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